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Thank you for selecting SPT Automatic Ice Maker!
To ensure the proper operation of this ice maker, please read the
instruction manual carefully before use and keep it in a safe place.
Electrical Requirements
Control Panel
Ice Storage & Sounds
·Do not connect or disconnect the electric plug with wet hands.
·Never clean the ice maker with ammable uids. These fumes can create a re hazard or explosion.
Do not store gasoline or other ammable vapors/liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
·Always turn unit off and disconnect power and water line before servicing.
·Replace all panels after servicing or maintenance.
·Do not attempt to repair or replace any part of the ice maker unless specically recommended by
the manufacturer. All other servicing should be referred to a qualied technician.
·Have two or more people to move and install this ice maker. Failure to do so may result in injury.
·Never install or operate the unit in an enclosed area, such as a closed cabinet. Choose a wellventilated area with temperatures between 50°F to 100°F. The unit MUST be installed in an area
protected from the elements, e.g., wind, rain, water spray or drips.
·Do not locate next to ovens, grills or other sources of high heat.
·The ice maker must be installed with all electrical, water and drain connections in accordance with
state and local codes.
·Do not kink or pinch the power supply cord between the ice maker and cabinet.
·The unit must be leveled in order to work properly.
·Make certain the pipes are not pinched or kinked or damaged during installation.
·Check for leaks after water line connection.
·Never allow children to operate, play with or crawl inside the ice maker.
·Although the unit has been tested at the factory, due to long-term transit and storage, the rst batches
of cubes must be discarded.
·Never turn the water supply tap off when the ice maker is working.
·Never tile the ice maker more than 45 degrees
·Be sure supplied water pressure is between 14.7-117 psi.
·If the ice maker has not been used for a long time, clean thoroughly before use. Follow instructions
provided for cleaning and sanitizing. Do not leave any solution inside the unit after cleaning.
·The plug must be accessible after installation.
·Do not use this appliance for other than its intended purpose.
·Do not touch the evaporator by hand when unit is operating.
·This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
/instruction concerning the use of this appliance by person responsible for their safety.
·Connect to a potable water supply only.
·If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a service agent or similarly
qualied person in order to avoid a hazard.
1. Power Switch
2. Display Panel
3. Ice Maker Door
4. Shelf
5. Water Reservoir
6. Ice Full Sensor
7. Ice Storage Cabinet
8. Power Cord
Squeeze Hose Clamp
9. Water Inlet
10. Drain Spout
11. Drain Outlet
12. Foot
Electrical Requirements
Read all safety precautions listed at the beginning of this manual. It is
recommended to use a dedicated circuit for this ice maker. Do not use
receptacles that can be turned off by a switch or pull chain.
The ice maker is equipped with a 3-prong grounding plug. To minimize
possible shock hazard, the cord must be plugged into a mating 3-pronged
and grounding-type wall receptacle. Do not cut or remove the ground prong.
If a mating wall receptacle is not available, it is the responsibility of the
customer to have a properly grounded 3-prong wall receptacle installed by
a certied electrician.
Before connecting power, please allow unit to stand upright for at least 24
hours to allow the refrigerant to settle.
• Remove all packaging materials: protective lm, shipping tape, glue, etc.
• Remove the Ice scoop, water inlet tube, and water drainage pipe from the
storage cabinet.
• The unit should be located on a rm and level surface that can support
the ice maker’s total weight with water/ice.
• This unit is designed for free-standing application, allowing you to install
the unit anywhere provided the requirements for clearance, water and
electrical are met.
• This unit must be placed in a well ventilated area with temperature between
50°F and 100°F, with at least 7 inches of space around the back and
sides for proper air circulation.
• Do not place unit next to ovens, grills or other high heat sources.
• Position the unit so that power and water supply is accessible.
• If necessary, adjust the leveling legs. Efciency of the ice maker can be
reduced if unit is unevenly located.
• Not all the necessary hardware is PROVIDED for water inlet installation
(as the plumbing xtures at the installation point may differ). So it is
necessary to hire a professional plumber to complete the installation.
• For unit’s longevity, use of ltered or puried water is required; or
unit must be cleaned once every other week with citric acid to remove
mineral build up.
1. Install the Squeeze Hose Clamp to one
end of the Water Drainage Pipe.
2. Connect the end with the clamp to the
Drain Outlet located at the rear of the ice
ice maker. Be sure the clamp is rmly
over the drain hose and drain spout
connection (refer to image on right).
3. Attach the other end to drain receptacle.
4. Connect one end of the Water Inlet Tube to your water source. Connect
the other end to the Water Inlet located at the rear of the unit.
This appliance features an Auto-Clean function: Each time the ice maker is
powered on, the unit will go through a self-inspection/auto-clean process
which lasts 5 to 10 minutes. During this process the water is cycled through
and indicators (Run + Fault + Water Low) will ash.
When using your ice maker for the rst time (or after a period of inactivity), it
is suggested to discard the rst four batches of ice to ensure machine is
thoroughly clean.
1. Connect the ice maker to a grounded outlet.
2. Press the Power switch to the ON position (I). The switch light illuminates
and unit goes through the auto-clean/self-inspection process. Then the ice
making process will begin.
• As soon as the ice storage cabinet is full the ICE FULL indicator on the
display panel will illuminate and ice maker will stop automatically. Ice
production resumes once ice has been removed from the cabinet.
• If water supply is insufcient, the WATER LOW indicator will illuminate
and ice maker will stop operation. Check water supply.
• If any error or failure occurs, the FAULT indicator will illuminate and ice
production stops. Please refer to Troubleshooting page.
• Switch off the ice maker and disconnect from power supply when not in use.
• If unit powered off for any reason, please wait at least 3-5 minutes before
powering it back on. This is to protect the compressor.
The ice maker will automatically shut off when the ice storage cabinet is full.
The ice storage cabinet is insulated but not refrigerated.
Your new icemaker may make sounds that are not familiar to you. Most of
these sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the oor or wall can make the
sounds seem louder than they actually are. The following describes the
possible sounds you may expect to hear:
· The high efciency compressor makes a pulsating or high-pitched sound.
· Water running from the evaporator to the water bin makes a splashing sound.
· At the end of each cycle, you may hear a gurgling sound due to refrigerant
owing in the unit.
· Sound of air being forced over the condenser by the condenser fan.
· During the harvest cycle, you may hear ice cubes falling into the bin.
Periodic cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure efciency, performance
and extend unit’s life span.
· Always power off and disconnect power supply before cleaning.
· Never use solvent-based cleaning agents, which may leave harmful residues.
· DO NOT wash the main unit, instead wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
· Dry the interior and exterior with a soft cloth.
· Check the connectors of the water inlet and outlet tubes regularly for leaks.
1. Sanitizing solution - 10:1 ratio of water to vinegar or lemon juice.
2. Wipe the interior, including evaporator rods, with the solution.
3. Remove the water inlet hose and use the same solution to clean the hose.
4. Reinstall inlet hose and run the ice maker, discard the rst two batches.
And then drain residue water via drain spout (Part 10 at Page 2)
If the ice has a strange taste.
If the ice has developed an unappealing taste or there is musty odor in the
unit, clean the interior following steps above. Soak the inlet hose in hot water
with couple tablespoons of baking soda for couple hours. Drain the solution,
rinse thoroughly and reinstall. Run the ice maker and discard the rst two
batches of ice.
If the ice maker will not be used for an extended period of time, disconnect
power, drain water from the reservoir via the drain spout (Part 10 at Page 2)
and dry the interior with a clean soft cloth. Disconnect water hoses, rinse
and allow to air dry.
Note: Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.
Note: Never unplug the unit by pulling on the cord.
If the unit appears to be malfunctioning, please wait for the unit to stop automatically. The issue may be solved by referring to the
table below. However, do not open to check or repair the unit unless instructed to do so.
· The RUN light does not come on when unit is powered on. It is on when the compressor is running.
· The ice maker has a self-checking feature. Any fault will be displayed in the display panel with different lights ashing.
No power
(no indicator lights)
· Unit is unplugged
· Power supply is interrupted
· Supplied power voltage is incorrect
· Plug in the ice maker
· Check power supply
· Contact qualied electrician
The Switch light is on
but unit does not run
· Supplied power voltage is incorrect
· PCB damaged
· Contact qualied electrician
· Contact Sunpentown
Ice Full indicator
light is on
· Ice basket is full
· Ambient temperature is below 42°F
· Remove ice cubes from the basket
· Restart unit once ambient temperature is
above 43°F
(Run + Fault + Water Low)
indicators ashing
· Unit just powered on and is going
through the auto-clean/self-inspection
· This is normal process. Please allow 5 to
10 minutes and unit will automatically
begin making ice.
(Fault + Ice Full)
indicators ashing
· Ice Full Sensor is faulty
· Contact Sunpentown
Fault indicator ashing
· Condenser sensor is faulty
· Contact Sunpentown
(Ice Full + Water Low)
indicators ashing or
the Fault indicator
ashes rapidly
· Refrigerant leak
· Faulty compressor
· Ambient temperature is below 42°F
or above 109°F
· Contact Sunpentown
· Contact Sunpentown
· Restart unit once ambient temperature
is within the working temperature range
· Contact Sunpentown
· Contact Sunpentown
(Fault + Ice Full + Water Low) · Faulty HALL sensor
indicators ash slowly
· Faulty paddle motor
· Water tray blocked by ice cubes
· Broken water tray
· Faulty ice motor
· Faulty micro-switches
· Remove the ice cubes
· Contact Sunpentown
· Contact Sunpentown
· Contact Sunpentown
Unit stops 2 minutes
after powering on. The
Water Low indicator
· Insufcient water supply
· Water inlet valve damaged or not
properly connected
· Faulty water level sensor
· Check water supply
· Check valve
· Contact Sunpentown
Water Low indicator
is on steady
· Unit is without water supply for more
than 24 hours
· Stop the machine and restart once water
supply is ready.
Ice cubes are stuck to
the water box
· Faulty electric valves
· Some ice remain in the water box
· Contact Sunpentown
· Stop the machine and remove the cubes
No ice making - no light
· Faulty electric valve
· Compressor not running
· Contact Sunpentown
· Contact Sunpentown
Ice cube sizes are
not uniform
· Low refrigerant
· Contact Sunpentown
Unit goes through ice
making process but no
ice made or ice cubes
are very thin and small
· Room temperature or water may be
too hot
· Please keep unit away from direct
sunlight or sources of heat.
· Use colder water or allow the unit to
run a few more batches
Fault indicator flashes
twice approx. every
3 seconds
· Compressor is overheated
· Unit will resume ice making once
the compressor cools down.
· Need to improve the ventilation
Fault indicator ashes
Ice making
13.5W x 20.5D x 23.88H
16W x 22D x 26.88H
16W x 22D x 26.88H
Ice Storage
Unit Dimension
* Tested under the following conditions: ambient temperature 77°F and water temperature 50°F.
The actual quantity of ice produced in a 24-hour period may vary with room and water conditions.
Your Guarantee
If this product is found to be faulty as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within one year from
date of purchase, it will be repaired free of charge.
This guarantee is subject to the following terms:
 Sunpentown must be notied of the fault.
Proof of purchase must be presented to Sunpentown's nominated representative.
 The warranty will be void if the product if modied, misused or repaired by an unauthorized person.
 The warranty after repair will not be extended beyond the original one-year period.
 All replacement parts will be new or reconditioned.
 Parts, which are replaced, become the property of Sunpentown.
 The warranty applies for the use of the product in the USA only.
 Warranty does not include freight charges.
 Damage due to installation error, product abuse and/or misuse.
 Incidental or consequential damage caused by possible defects with this product.
 Labor cost incurred for the installation and/or removal of a possible defective unit.
 Damage to product caused by improper power supply voltage, accident, re, oods or acts of nature.
 Failure of product resulting from unauthorized modications to the product.
 Improper installation or failure to perform the necessary maintenance.
 Normal wear and tear on parts or replacement of parts designed to be replaced.
 Damage to personal property from use of product.
 Replacement or repair of household fuses, circuit breakers, wiring or plumbing.
This GUARANTEE is in addition to your Statutory Rights
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