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Oven Cleaning Quick Reference Guide
AquaLift™ Technology is an innovative cleaning solution that is activated with heat and water to release baked-on spills from the oven interior in less than 1 hour.
This new cleaning technology is a low-heat, odor-free alternative to traditional self-cleaning options.
REMOVE all racks and
accessories from the oven
cavity and wipe excess soil.
Use the scraper to remove
additional easily-removed
POUR 2 cups (16 oz) of
distilled or filtered water onto
the bottom of the empty oven
and close the oven door.
IMPORTANT: Do not use
cleansers, chemicals or other
additives with the water.
PRESS CLEAN then press
Cleaning action loosens
baked-on residue from the
oven bottom.
Allow 40 minutes for cleaning and cool down. Some
condensation will form on the
window. When the cleaning
cycle is complete, a beep
will sound. Press CANCEL
to end.
REMOVE the residual water
and loosened soils with a
sponge or soft dry cloth
immediately after the cycle is
Remove remaining soils with
a non-scratch scrubbing
sponge or plastic scraper.
Additional cleaning cycles
may be run to help remove
stubborn soils.
CLEAN the oven door and
walls to avoid baked-on soil.
Refer to the User Instructions
for additional information.
IMPORTANT: The use of
chemicals, including
abrasives and commercial
oven cleaners, or metal
scouring pads may damage
the oven interior.
Use regularly to clean oven spills
For additional information, refer to the User Instructions.
For assistance with AquaLift™ Technology, call 1-877-258-0808, or visit our website at
Helpful Tips
Cleaning Your Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Oven Preheat Time
Clean your cooktop after each use with ceramic glass cooktop cleaner and apply with
approved cooktop cleaning pads. Scrape off sugary spills while the cooktop is still warm.
You may want to wear oven mitts while cleaning the cooktop.
Remove stubborn stains with Cooktop Cleaner, Scraper and Cleaning Pads available in
the Cooktop Care Kit (not included).
Do not allow spills and stains to remain on the cooktop over night. Do not clean with
steel wool, abrasive powder cleaners, chlorine bleach, rust remover, or ammonia as they
will damage the glass. Razor scraper edges will not scratch the glass when used properly
at a 45 degree angle to the surface.
The standard time necessary to preheat your oven to 350° (177°C) is 10 to 15 minutes.
Factors that have an impact on preheat times are: room temperature, starting oven
temperature, and the number of oven racks. Unused oven racks can be removed prior to
preheating your oven to reduce the preheat time.
Cooktop Glass
AquaLift™ Technology Cleaning
The surface cooking area will glow red when an element is on. It may cycle on and off to
maintain the selected heat level. Portions of the element may cycle on and off at different
times on some elements. This is normal.
The Warm Zone element area will not glow red when cycling on.
Some condensation will form on the oven window during
the cleaning cycle. This condensation will evaporate within
30 minutes.
During the AquaLiftTM Technology cleaning cycle, some
steam will come out of the bottom of the console. This is
normal and part of the cleaning cycle.
Make sure that the oven is level to ensure water is evenly distributed on the bottom of the
oven cavity. Adjust the leveling feet as instructed in the Installation Instructions.
Remove heavy spills before starting the cleaning cycle. Heavily soiled ovens may require
a second cleaning cycle.
For assistance with AquaLift™ Technology, call 1-877-258-0808, or visit our website at
Oven Odor
There may be some odors the first few times you use your range. This will go away after
the oven is used a few times. To eliminate these odors, it is recommended that you run
the Bake cycle at 400°F (204°C) for 30 minutes prior to cooking for the first time.
During convection cooking, the bake, broil and convection elements cycle on and off in
intervals to maintain the oven temperature, while the fan circulates the hot air.
If the oven door is opened during convection cooking, the fan will turn off immediately. It
will come back on when the oven door is closed.
For additional information, refer to the User Instructions.
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