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Liebherr HWGB3300 Specifications Sheet
HWgb 3300
Fully Integrated Wine Cabinet
Fully Integrated Wine Cabinet
The TipOpen, black glass HWgb 3300 multitemperature wine cabinet is sure to compliment any
kitchen, bar, or living room design. The temperature
in each of the two sophisticated temperature zones
can be set between 41°F and 68°F, ensuring optimal
storage conditions for both red and white wines.
The HWgb 3300 provides storage flexibility for up
to 33 Bordeaux bottles thanks to its beech wood
shelving and four storage areas at varying heights,
for grouping of your different bottles types and sizes.
A flexible clip-on labelling system ensures a clear
overview of your wine collection. Alternatively, you
can display your wines on the high-quality foldable
presentation shelf.
The HWgb 3300’s elegant black glass door, featuring
TipOpen technology, offers seamless integration into
handle-free kitchen cabinetry. When the glass door
is gently tapped, TipOpen technology partially opens
the unit, facilitating further opening. If the door is
not opened fully within three seconds, the door will
self-close, ensuring that ideal air humidity is maintained
within cabinet. This wine cabinet can be installed in a
Side-by-Side combination for maximum wine storage.
The HWgb 3300’s activated charcoal filter provides
superb air quality by removing contaminating
substances from the cabinet air. The insulated glass
door with UV protection and LED lighting, alongside
the activated charcoal filter, protect your finest wines
from busy kitchen influences such as light and
damaging odors.
Fully Integrated Wine Cabinet
HWgb 3300
Energy consumption (kWh/y)
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost in US $*
Sound rating dB(A)**
Total capacity cu.ft. (l)
Max. No. of Bordeaux bottles (0.75 l)
Number of shelves
Shelves on telescopic rails
Shelf material
Presentation shelf
Electronic control
Temperature range °F (°C)
Temperature zones
Interior light
Door alarm
Safety thermostat
Activated Charcoal filter
Door type
Door hinges
Product dimensions (H/W/D) in. (cm)
Cut out dimensions (H/W/D) in. (cm) ***
Net weight lbs. (kg)
Voltage V/Hz
3.7 (104)
Beech wood shelves
LCD temp. display for both wine zones, touch electronic
+41°F to +68°F (+5°C to +20°C)
LED lighting permanently on, dimmable
black insulated glass door, handle and frame free
right, reversible
34 3/8" / 21 15/16" / 22 9/16" (87.2/55.7/57.2)
34 11/16" / 22 1/16" / 21 11/16" (88/56/55)
119.0 (54.0)
This unit is also available as HWgw 3300 in elegant white
* Estimated energy cost will depend on utility rates and use. Estimated energy cost based on a national average electricity cost of 12 cents per KWh.
** Noise output – according to EN 60704-3.
*** Cut out height does not include toe kick.
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German Engineering: Our superior products
offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and
innovative features that best fit your lifestyle. The
use of high quality materials, perfectly detailed
finishes, and elite cooling components are
combined with the latest production processes,
resulting in an outstanding cooling product.
SoftSystem: Liebherr’s SoftSystem technology
gently cushions the automatic door closing,
preventing vibrations which can affect the quality
of your finest wines.
Touch Control: The electronic touch system
allows temperatures to be set to the exact desired
degree, from 41°F to 68°F. Temperatures are
clearly displayed on the LCD display for accurate
readings of your desired settings.
LED Ceiling Light: The energy efficient LED ceiling
light not only emits virtually no heat for the optimal
storage of wines, but is dimmable for a pleasant
ambient light within the cabinet, as well as a cool
glow for the room.
Beech Wood Shelving: Liebherr wine cabinets
are fitted with beech wood shelving, mounted
on telescopic rails for easy and gentle access to
wines. The handmade, untreated wood pullout
shelves can hold a variety of bottle types.
Presentation Shelf: Show off your finest wines
with Liebherr’s presentation shelf, displaying your
wines at a 45°, visible through the appliance door.
Activated Charcoal Filter: Optimum air quality
is guaranteed in Liebherr wine cabinets thanks
to the easy-to-replace FreshAir activated
charcoal filter, which purifies incoming air,
while filtering out damaging odors.
TipOpen technology: When the door is gently
tapped, TipOpen technology partially opens the
appliance, facilitating further opening. If the door
is not opened fully within three seconds, the door
will self-close, ensuring that ideal air humidity is
maintained withing the cabinet.
UV Protection: In order to minimize the
exposure of light which can damage the
maturity of a wine, Liebherr wine cabinets are
fitted with special UV-resistant insulated glass,
simultaneously protecting and presenting your
finest wines.
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Product Dimensions
Cabinet Dimensions
Top view
The power cord
exits the rear
of the appliance
at this location.
Free length of
the power cord =
78" (2000 mm)
Side view
Dimensions of Appliance Door
The electrical outlet must not be situated behind the appliance
and must be easily accessible.
Ventilation Requirements
The clear ventilation
cross section must be
at least 31 sq inches from
the lower to the top opening.
When using decor grills, the sum of the individual openings
must total a minimum of 31 square inches.
A cut-out section of 31 square inches (200 cm²) for installing
the ventilation grill is thus not sufficient.
Subject to modification. For up-to-date information, visit
➀ Directly above the appliance
➁ Above the top unit
➂ From the front of the top unit with decor grill
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