Vinotemp | VC130RGS | Manual and User Guide | Vinotemp VC130RGS Manual and User Guide

Instructions for use
●● Keep
ventilation openings in
the appliance’s cabinet or in
the built-in structure clear of
to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance
●● This
cellar is not designed to
be used by people (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or intellectual capacities, or by people lacking
experience or knowledge unless they are watched or have
received instructions on how
to use the device by a person
responsible for their safety.
●● Do
not use other mechanical
devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process
than those recommended by
the manufacturer
●● Do
not damage the refrigerant
not use electrical appliances inside the refrigerated
storage compartment, unless
they are of a type recommended by the manufacturer. Do not
conned the wine cellar to multiuse electrical adapters.
●● Do
●● Risk
of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old
Take off the doors
Leave the shelves in place so
that children may not easily
climb inside.
●● Do
not use your cellar outdoors. Do not expose it to
atmospheric agents (humidity,
moist, extreme temperatures
●● Do
not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans
with a flammable propellant in
this appliance.
●● This
appliance is not intended
for use by young children or
infirm persons unless they
have been adequately supervised by a responsible person
to ensure that they can use
the appliance safely. Young
children should be supervised
●● Do
not operate the appliance
in the presence of explosives
and/or flammable fumes.
●● Always
keep the keys in a separate place and out of reach of
children. Keep children away
from the cellar. Do not let them
play with the device.
cal centre, the dealer, or an
authorized service representative.
●● Never
pull on the power cord.
Never carry the device by the
cord and never pull on the cord
to disconnect it. Grip the plug
connected to the wall outlet
and unplug.
●● Disconnect
the cellar before
performing any servicing or
cleaning operation (disconnect
the power plug or the corresponding circuit breaker depending on the model).
●● Place
the power cable in a way
to protect from any damage or
risks of falling.
●● In
case liquid is accidentally
spilled (broken bottle or other)
on the electrical elements (motor or other).immediately disconnect the power plug
●● To
avoid any risk of fire electric
shock or injury, do not dismount the cellar.
●● To
avoid any risk of fire, electric shock or injury, do not immerse the power cord, the plug
or the device in water or any
other liquid.
●● Make
sure that your electrical
voltage and power rates correspond to the indications on
the name/data plate on your
wine cellar, which must be
connected to a grounded 3
prong electrical outlet. Repairs
or incorrect connections will
lead to dangerous conditions.
Have your electrical installation
checked by a professional if
you are in doubt
●● The
power cable must not
come in contact with sharp
edges,hot parts or any source
of heat
●● If
your cellar is damaged (major shock) or has suffered from
any kind of incident (overvoltage due to lightning, flooding,
fire), it may prove dangerous.
Disconnect the power plug and
●● To
avoid any risk if the power
cord is damaged, have it replaced by an approved techni3
have the device checked by an
approved professional technican.
●● This
cellar is designed to conserve exclusively wine. Do not
place food inside it
●● An
electrical device must only
be repaired by qualified personneL Unqualified repairs
may lead to serious dangers
for the user.
●● This
wine cellar should not be
recessed or built-in an endosed cabinet. It is designed
for freestanding installation
●● For
safety reasons,do not use
an electrical extension cord.
●● In
case of damage to the
power cord it must bereplaced
by a power cord of corresponding type,available from the
manufacturer or his servicerepresentative.
Warning..............................................2 - 3
●● Always
Before use............................................... 5
●● Frost
Installation and start-up......................6 - 8
remove all bottles before moving this appliance.
Technical data......................................... 5
formation on the interior
evaporator wall and upper
parts is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, the appliance
should be defrosted during
normal cleaning or maintenance
Changing the light bulp............................ 8
Operating panal....................................... 9
Changing the hinge side................. 10 - 11
Fault finding...........................................12
Defrosting, cleaning and
maintenance.......................................... 13
●● Please
note that changes to
the appliance construction will
cancel all warranty and product
Warranty, spare parts and service......... 14
Before use
Technical data
Please read these instructions carefully before putting the appliance into service. They
are brief and contain only information which
will help you to obtain the best performance
from the appliance Take care of all accessories supplied with the appliance.
The technical marking of the appliance can
be seen from the rating plate. (fig 1)
Important: Wiring and connections in
power supply systems must been all applicable (local and national) electrical codes.
Consult these codes lengths and sizes prior
to cabinet installation.
Bottle capacity is dependant on shelf configuration and bottle sizes.
Power supply: (Grounded through 3 wire
power supply cord) 115V ac, 60 Hz Single
On receipt, check to ensure that the appliance has not been damaged during
transport. Transport damage should be
reported to the local distributor before the
wine cooler is put to use.
Maximum fuse size 10-13 Amps.
This appliance is equipped with a threeprong (ANSI type 5-15P grounded) plug for
your protection against shock hazards. The
appliance should bee plugged in to properly
grounded three-prong receptacle
Remove the packaging. Clean the inside of
the cabinet using warm water with a mild
detergent. Rinse with clean water and dry
thoroughly (see cleaning instructions page
18). Use a soft cloth.
Do not under any circumstances cut or
remove the round grounding prong from the
appliance plug.
If during transport the appliance has been
laid down, or if it has been stored in cold
surroundings (colder than +41°F), it must be
allowed to stabilise in an upright position for
at least an hour before being switched on.
Do not under any circumstances use extension cords.
fig. 1
Installation and start-up
Max weight on the shelves (fig 2)
For safety and operational reasons, the appliance must not be installed outdoors.
Max. 85 kg./187 pounds (lbm)
The appliance should be placed on a level
surface in a dry, well ventilated room (max.
75% relative air humidity). Never place the
appliance close to sources of heat such as
cookers or radiators, and avoid placing it in
direct sunlight.
Ambient temperature
Wine coolers with winter position, function
at ambient temperatures as low as 41ºF.
fig. 2
This wine cellar should not be recessed or
built-in an endosed cabinet It is designed
for freestanding installation only.
Setting up
Install the cabinet in a dry place and so
that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or
any othersource of heat. Place the cabinet
in a level position. This is easily achieved
by adjusting the adjustable feet at the front
edge of the base. The cabinet may not rest
against a wall on its hinged side.When placing the cabinet on a carpet or on a wooden
floor you should adjust it once more after
some time as the cabinet might settle in soft
fig. 3
If the cabinet is to be adjusted
See fig. 3. Take hold of the front panel with
both hands.Then lift up the front panel and
turn out the bottom part.
Adjust the tilt of the units by turning the
adjustable feet . (See fig. 4).
fig. 4
It is important that the appliance be absolutely level. It can be levelled by screwing
the adjustable feet at the front of the appliance up or down (fig 4).
Use a spirit level to check that the appliance
is absolutely level sideways.
If the door interferes with the
This can be remedied by adjusting the feet
as shown on the drawing. (See fig. 5).
fig. 5
Side by Side
See fig. 8.It is possible to build together two
appliance. If the wine cooler is to be placed
next to another unit, a 25 mm (1 inch) gap
must be left. See fig. 6
Changing the light bulp
Remove the mains plug from the socket.
The bulb is changed like a normal lightbulb.
Bulb designation: 12W E14.
Please note:The bulb must not be larger
than 12W,max.
fig. 6
All Dimensions are in millimeters (Inch.)
It is important that the appliance be well
ventilated and that air can circulate unhindered above, below and around it.
There must be a minimum of 100 (4 inch)
mm space above the unit.
When the door is opened the appliance
takes up more room in the width and therefore the door must t have a space of at least
25 mm (1 inch) at the hinge side.
The distance to the wall at the hinge side
must be of a sufficient size. - Fig. 7.
fig. 7
Operating panel
fig. 8
See fig. 8
It is safest to place the earthed wall socket
above the appliance and at least 2.0 m
above the floor.
1. Thermostat knob.
2. Indicator for the connection to the electricity supply (green).
Any local installation rules for appliances of
this kind must be observed. During a storm
the electricity supply might be cut off.
3. Switch for light. The thermostat knob is
adjustable from 0 (stop) to 5 (coldest).
Find the position of the thermostat which
gives you the desired temperature.
Start at position 3.
You should be aware of this when installing
the appliance in weekend cottages or elsewhere where you would not immediately
observe that the power has been cut off
Construction and details in the accessories
are subject to alteration without previous
See fig. 9.The evaporator is automatically
defrosted. Thedefrost water is led to a tray
on top of thecompressor where it evaporates.
fig. 9
Changing the hinge side
Follow the instructions if you wish to install the door hinges at the opposite side
(See below and fig. 11)
1. Remove the upper hinge. This
will later be used as the upper
hinge on the opposite side.
Lift off the door
2. Remove the kick plate. Se page 7.
The bottom hinge is
fig. 11
Fault finding
Possible cause
The appliance is not
The appliance is switched off.
Press the on/off switch.
Power failure; the fuse is blown;
the appliance is not plugged in
Check that power is connected.
Reset the fuse.
Water collects in
the bottom of the
The defrost water pipe is
Clean the defrost water channel
and the drain hole on the rear
wall of the cabinet.
Vibration or
bothersome noise.
The appliance is not level.
The appliance is resting against
other kitchen elements.
Level the appliance using a spirit
Containers or bottles inside the
cabinet are rattling against one
Move the appliance away from
the kitchen elements or appliances it is in contact with.
Move containers and/or bottles
Compressor runs
High room temperature.
Ensure adequate ventilation.
P1 is shown on the
The upper sensor is disconnected or short-circuited.
Call for service. The temperature
within the entire cabinet is maintained at the higher of the two
setpoints until the fault has been
P2 is shown on the
The lower sensor is disconnected Call for service. The temperature
or short-circuited.
within the entire cabinet is maintained at the higher of the two
setpoints until the fault has been
Defrosting, cleaning and maintenance
Automatic defrosting
The wine cooler is defrosted automatically.
Defrost water runs through a pipe and is
collected in a tray above the compressor
where the heat generated by the compressor causes it to evaporate. The defrost
water tray should be cleaned at intervals.
Before cleaning the appliance, unplug
it from the main supply. The cabinet is
best cleaned using warm water (max.
150°F) with a little mild detergent. Never
use cleaning agents that scour. Use a
soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and dry
thoroughly. The defrost water channel, in
which condensation from the evaporator
runs, is located at the bottom of the rear
inside wall of the cabinet and must be kept
clean. Add a few drops of disinfectant, e.g.
Rodalon, to the defrost water drain a couple
of times a year, and clean the drain using a
pipe cleaner or similar. Never use sharp or
pointed implements.
The sealing strip around the door must be
cleaned regularly to prevent discolouration
and prolong service life. Use clean water.
After cleaning the sealing strip, check that it
continues to provide a tight seal.
Dust collecting on the condenser on the
rear of the cabinet, the compressor and
in the compressor compartment is best
removed using a vacuum cleaner.
Warranty, spare parts and service
Spare parts
Warranty disclaimer
When ordering spare parts, please state the
type, serial and production numbers of your
appliance.This information is given on the
ratingplate. (fig6) The ratingplate contains
various technical information, including type
and serial numbers.
Faults and damage caused directly or
indirectly by incorrect operation, misuse,
insufficient maintenance, incorrect building,
installation or mains connection. Fire, accident, lightening, voltage variation or other
electrical interference, including defective
fuses or faults in mains installations.
Repairs performed by others than approved
service centres and any other faults and
damage that the manufacturer can substantiate are caused by reasons other than
manufacturing or material faults are not
covered by the warranty.
Please note that changes to the construction of the appliance or changes to the
component equipment of the appliance will
invalidate warranty and product liability, and
the appliance cannot be used lawfully. The
approval stated on rating plate will also be
fig. 6
Transport damage discovered by the buyer
is primarily a matter to be settled between
the buyer and the distributor, i.e. the distributor must ensure that such complaints
are resolved to the buyer’s satisfaction.
Before calling for technical assistance,
please check whether you are able to
rectify the fault yourself. If your request for
assistance is unwarranted, e.g. if the appliance has failed as a result of a blown fuse
or incorrect operation, you will be charged
the costs incurred by your call for technical
The symbol
on the product, or on
thedocuments accompanying the product,
indicates that this appliance may not be
treatedas household waste. Instead it shall
be handed over to the applicable collection
point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
Environmental regulations on disposal
mustalso be observed. When disposing of
the appliance you should contact your local
authority technical department who will
inform you of how collection and recycling
of such units take place in your area.
By ensuring that this product is disposedof
correctly, you will help prevent potentialnegative consequences for the environmentand
human health, which could otherwise be
caused by inappropriate waste handling of
this product.
Disposal must be carried out in accordancewith local environmental regulations
for waste disposal.
For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, please contact your local city office,
your household waste disposal service or
the shop here you purchased the product
General Operating Instructions
Remove all external and internal packaging from your appliance. Be sure that all
parts have been included before discarding any packaging materials. You may
want to keep the box and packing materials for use at a later date.
Upon receipt and inspection of unit, the supply cord must be replaced if it is
Contact our customer service at 1-800-777-8466 or
Let the unit rest UNPLUGGED for 24 hours once you have it placed in
your home.
-Save these instructionsTo register your product, visit:
Register your warranty within 10 days of receiving the unit.
Please be sure to retain your proof of purchase.
Protect Your Investment with an Extended Warranty!
Add a New Leaf extended warranty to your order, and have the security of
knowing that if there should be a problem, even years in the future, New Leaf will
be there to assist! Usable for any Wine Cellar or other electronic device
manufactured by Vinotemp. Add this warranty to purchases made from or other qualified vendors. Warranty must be registered within the
first 10 days from original purchase. Visit to purchase.
Terms of Sale :
US 115 Volts
- 60 Hz Version
Reserving the right to alter specifications without prior notice
8120.267 rev 01
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