Element by Vinotemp | EL-46SS-2Z | Owner's Manual | Element by Vinotemp EL-46SS-2Z Owner's Manual

The wine cooler has two temperature zones. The recommended temperature setting for each zone is:
Upper zone between 40°-56°F / 5°-13°C (Ideal for sparkling and white wines)
Lower zone between 54°-65°F / 12°-18°C (Ideal for red and white wines)
NOTE: The temperature set for the Lower Zone must always be the same or higher than the
temperature set for the Upper Zone. For optimal performance, the set temperature of the two zones
should differ by at least 4°F.
Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheitby pushing the
now display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
If setting the temperature, press the
button. The temperature will
button first. You can then select the UP
buttons to change the temperature in one degree increments. When
pushing either buttons for the first time, the readout will show the original temperature set.
Pressing the UP
Pressing the DOWN
button will increase the temperature by 1 degree.
button will decrease the temperature by 1 degree.
NOTE: When using the unit for the first time or after a long period of inactivity, there may be a
variance of a few degrees between the selected temperature and the temperature indicated
on the LED readout. This is normal due to the length of inactivity, and will correct itself after
the unit has run for a few hours. If the unit is unplugged, has lost power or is turned off, wait 3
to 5 minutes before restarting the unit. The unit will not restart before this time delay.
Note: Bottle capacities are approximate maximums when storing traditional Bordeaux 750 ML
bottles and may include bulk storage. Many bottles differ in size and dimensions. As such, the
actual number of bottles you may be able to store may vary.
When adding a bottle to the wine cooler, make sure there is no contact with the back
interior of the cooler.
Ensure that no bottles are placed directly onto the electronic board of the control panel.
Always place bottles on the shelves only.
To avoid damage to the shelves and ensure the cooler maintains a consistent temperature,
do not overfill the wine cooler.
To prevent damaging the door gasket, make sure the door is fully open when pulling shelves
out of the rail compartment.
For easy access to the bottles stored, pull the shelves out approximately 1/3. The shelves are
designed with an emergency stop to prevent them being removed too far when loaded.
The shelves has been designed so that a range of shelf height can be selected. All the shelves
can be adjusted.
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