Faber AGIO24BK Spec Sheet/ Dimensions (PDF)

Faber AGIO24BK Spec Sheet/ Dimensions (PDF)
Integrated Collection
a stylish and space-saving alternative to the microwave hood
under cabinet tiltout rangehood
black or white glass front
optional stainless front kit
accepts drawer panels as front
closes flush with cabinets
easily replaces existing hoods
230 cfm
1 glass covered fluorescent light
3 speed control
dishwasher safe grease filters
convertible to ductless
top or direct rear venting
easy mounting system
For a seamless look in the kitchen, the Agio is your integrated solution.
sone range: 4.0 - 6.0
With a black or white glass front that pairs well with ceran cooktops,
3 1/4” x 10” duct
the Agio tilts in, flush with your cabinets, neatly tucking the hood away.
For total integration, the glass front can be replaced with material to
match your cabinets, hiding the hood completely.
Size | Color
24 White
24 Black
30 White
30 Black
36 White
36 Black
Model #
A patented front panel hinge system
allows the rangehood to tilt out when
in use and then tilt back in flush with
your cabinets to allow easy access to the
cabinets above. The direct rear venting
option frees up all the cabinet space
Stainless Front Kits
To replace the black or white glass
front with a stainless steel panel
24 Stainless
30 Stainless
36 Stainless
Charcoal Filters
For ductless installations, high
quality, heavy duty filters ensure the
removal of smoke and odors from
the kitchen.
When converted to ductless,
takes up no space in the cabinet
The glass front can be replaced
with a standard drawer front or
a custom piece to integrate the
Agio into the cabinetry.
p.o. box 435 • Wayland, MA 01778 • tel: (508) 358-5353 • fax: (508) 358-5730 • e-mail: [email protected] • www.faberonline.com
Dimensional Diagram
Custom Front Panel Dimensions - for replacing the entire front panel*
23 5/8” or 29 15/16” or 35 15/16”
5 7/8”
* If you wish to keep the frame of the front panel and only replace the glass panel, the dimensions are as follows:
A=5 11/16”, B=1/8”, C= 23 6/16” (for 24” model) or 29 11/16” (for 30” model) or 35 11/16” (for 36” model). The glass panel is 1/8”
thick, but the frame is adjustable to accommodate a thinner panel like stainless steel.
Pre-Planning Your Installation - Important: Consult the installation instructions before you begin installing this
rangehood. The recommended height to install this hood off the cooktop is a minimum of 24” and a maximum of 30” for
maximum effectiveness. Also consult the cooktop manufacturer’s recommendation.
Pre-Planning Your Ductwork
Ductless Installations
Make your ductrun as straight and short as possible.
The ductrun should not exceed 25 equivalent feet if
ducted with 3 1/4” by 10” rectangular duct. Count
45º angles as 3 feet, 90º elbows as 5 feet, and 90º flat
elbows as 12 feet.
For installations where ductwork
is impossible or highly impractical
Charcoal Filters, which attach to
the blower assembly, absorb smoke
and odors.
The blower must be positioned
with the exhaust pointing forward
(so that the exhaust exits from the
front grill).
- Important:
Consult the installation instructions before you begin
installing this rangehood.
For best results, use no more than three 90°
elbows. Make sure that there is a minimum of 24”
of straight duct between elbows if more than one
is used. Do not install two elbows together. If you
must elbow right away, do it as far away from the
hood’s exhaust opening as possible.
WARNING! Product specifications are subject to change without notification. Consult the installation instructions
before you begin installing this rangehood.
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