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Z Line 8685C-30 Installation Sheet
Under Cabinet Installation
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Under Cabinet Installation
Decide the location of the venting pipe from the hood to the outside.
Check hood for clearance.
A straight, short vent run will allow the hood to perform more efficiently.
Try to avoid as many transitions, elbows, and long runs as possible. This may
reduce the performance of the hood.
► For installing under the cabinet with recessed bottom, attach 4-inch wide
wood filler strips (not provided) on each side.
► Puncture the knockout holes (for mounting under the cabinet) on the hood.
Measure the distance between stove
top and the bottom of the range
hood. A distance of 30˝ to 36˝ is recommended.
Attach mounting brackets to the back
of the hood.
Mark the leveling point of the hood.
Position two mounting screws on the
wall, leaving ⅛˝ space away from the
wall. Make sure that you are mounting the hood to a secure backing to
hold the weight of the hood.
Tighten ducting (provided) with the
hose clamp provided. Use silver or
duct tape wherever needed.
Under Cabinet Installation
Draw electrical wires through cabinet
access opening, center the hood beneath the cabinet.
Align hood-mounting brackets to the
screws on the wall and hook hood
into place. Tighten screws to secure
hood to the wall.
Connect ducting.
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