Thor Kitchen THHRH4806U User manual

Thor Kitchen THHRH4806U User manual
Range Hood Installation Guide and User Manual
Applicable model: HRH3001U HRH3002U HRH3003U HRH3004U
HRH3005U HRH3006U HRH3601U HRH3602U
HRH3603U HRH3604U HRH3605U HRH3606U
HRH4801U HRH4802U HRH4805U HRH4806U
Safety Notice
Approved for residential type units for residential use only read these instructions and be safe.
Please read these instructions completely before starting.
The installation of the appliance must respect all codes.
Important: Save these instruction so that you can provide the electrical inspector in your area.
Safety Warning: Turn off the circuit in the electrical panel and lock front panel to connect the cord of this
Power requirement: 110V-120V/60HZ.
1. Use this unit only for the purposes intended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions about
this product, contact the manufacturer.
2. Before the machine’s maintenance or cleaning, turn off the electrical panel and lock the panel
blocking feature to prevent from accidentally activating the power. If it is not possible to lock the
access panel, attach a highly visible label to the electrical panel.
3. A qualified person should perform the installation and wiring of the electricity in accordance with all
codes and all standards, including fire resistance rating.
4. When you use hood together with stove, please do not close the window and door of the kitchen.
Because during the fuel stove working, which will consume lots of air, so do open the door and
window to make the kitchen ventilating, to avoid any suffocation.
5. It is important to provide sufficient air for proper combustion of heating equipment and proper
evacuation of gases through the chimney pipe to prevent back flow of air. Follow the instructions and
safety standards of the manufacturers of heating equipment, such as those published by the National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning Engineers (ASJRAE) and the code authorities in your area.
6. When cutting or drilling into wall or ceiling, be sure not to damage electrical wiring or other access to
public service.
7. Always evacuate outside the conduit system.
To reduce the risk of fire and to properly exhaust air, be sure that the pipe is leading outside, do not
exhaust air into the space between the walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces or garages.
Warning: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, USE ONLY METAL DUCT, Install this hood in accordance with all
the requirements mentioned.
1. Never leave the stove unattended when it is at a high temperature. Boil overs cause smoke and fat
that overflows can ignite. Heat the oil slowly at a low or medium temperature.
2. Always operate the hood when you use the stove to high heat or when you Flame.
3. Clean ventilating fans frequently. Do not let fat accumulate on the filters or propellers.
4. Use proper pan size. Always use a pot size appropriate to the stove element.
5. Do not touch on-working or off-soon bulb, to avoid any thorny.
1. SMOTHER FLAMES with a lid to the dimensions of the cooking hobs, a cookie sheet or other metal tray,
then turn off the gas or power supply of the stove. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF. If the flames
do not go out immediately, LEAVE AND CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT.
2. NEVER PICK IP A FLAMMING PAN. You could be hurt.
3. DO NOT USE WATER, including Dish towels or wet towels-a violent steam explosion of dew may be
4. Use an extinguisher only if:
. You are sure to have a Class ABC extinguisher that you know how to use.
. The fire is small and confined to the area where it was formed.
.Firefighters was called.
.You can fight against the fire with an exit behind you.
Operative Mode:
Always leave safety grills and filers in place. Without the presence of these blowers could catch hair,
fingers or clothing. The manufacturer is not liable if detailed in this manual for installation info,
maintenance and proper use of the product are not observed. The manufacturer declines all
responsibility for any injury caused by negligence. This product is manufactured for internal use. Do not
use this appliance outdoors.
Electrical requirements and installation requirements
Power Requirements
Observe all governing codes and ordinances. The customer is responsible for: Contacting an electrician
installer. Check that the electrical installation is adequate and in conformance with the National
Electrical Code, ANSI / NFPA 70 (latest edition *) or CSA Standards C22.1-94, Canadian Electrical Code,
Part 1 and C22.2 No.0-M91 (the latest edition **) of the CSA, and all codes and ordinances in your area.
If codes permit and use a wire to separate the ground, it is recommended to check the path of the wire
by an electrician. Do not put the device to land on a gas line. Consult a qualified person if you are not
sure that the hood is properly grounded electrically. Do not install a fuse in the neutral circuit or circuit
Location of the electrical installation:
• The cable must enter the rear wall at least 20 to 1/4 "above the height of the installation base, and
between 7-5/8" and 4-7/8 "from the left side of the mid-line.
Keep these instructions in order to return them to the electrical inspector. The hood must be plugged
directly into a 110 volt wall outlet.
Before installing the hood
1. To ensure the most efficient ventilation possible, install the pipe in a straight line or with the least
elbows possible.
CAUTION: The output of the vent pipe should give to the outside.
2. Two people are required for installation.
3. Supplied hardware can secure the hood to most walls and ceilings, consult a qualified installer to
ensure that the hardware provided is suitable for your type of wall or cabinet.
4. In the case of areas prone to COLD WEATHER, install a check against extra-circulation to minimize the
cold air return and a nonmetallic thermal break to minimize conduction of outside temperature in the
duct. The valve must be placed on the side of the cold air from the heat insulator. The insulation must be
placed as close as possible to where the pipe enters the heated part of the house.
5. Air booster: The building code in your area may require the use of a make-up air system if you use a
ventilation system which leads the movement of air exceeding a certain number of CFM. The number of
ft3/min varies from one region to another. Consult your HVAC professional for specific requirements in
your area.
6.Remove the packaging.
CAUTION: Carefully remove the cardboard, gloves to protect against sharp edges.
Examples and positioning possibilities ducts
Follow the letter of the guidelines presented in this manual.
The manufacturer declines any liability with respect to any loss, damage or fire caused by
non-observance of the instructions contained in this manual.
Ventilation methods:
The hood is equipped with a vertical transition to remove fumes outside.
Recommended diameter conduit model and wall chimney hood and hood island: vertical round pipe 7''
tolerance + or – 1.
Models Chimney hood Wall: 03 series and 04 series
Do not cut a joist or stud unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. If you need to cut a joist or stud, you
must build a support framework, hardware supplied can secure the hood to most walls and ceilings.
However, you should ask a qualified technician to check the strength of materials depending on the type
of wall or ceiling. Before cutting, make sure there is enough clearance in the ceiling or wall for the outlet
pass. You can determine for yourself how high you install the hood above the stove. Over the hood near
the stove, it is more effective to capture cooking odors, grease and smoke.
Clearance Training
Caution: When install the hood, the height should not be too high or too low. Before the installation,
please inspect the maximum height of your ceiling and bonnet.Too high, will affect the efficiency of the
hood; too low, stove temperature will damage some parts of the hood. So the installation height
requirement is: the distance between the bottom of the hood to the surface of the cooktop is Max 30”/
Min 27”(as figure showing)
If possible, unplug the stove and move it in order to have better access to the rear wall. Otherwise, place
a thick blanket on the counter and the cooking surface to protect it from damage and dirt. Select a flat
surface for assembling the device.
Then put the debris of the cover and hardware on to the protective cap.
Determine and mark the center line on the wall where you installed the canopy hood.
Determine a comfortable height for the user and mark it on the wall behind the stove top.
Place the template on the center line and the bottom of the hood with adhesive tape.
Place the squares of the flue.
The flue must be installed against the back wall and the ceiling.
This bracket will keep the chimney up to the top.
Attach the brackets to the wall:
• Align the center lines drawn on the bracket with the center lines on the wall.
• Identify the two screw holes on the wall.
• Drill pilot holes 5/16 "in the locations shown.
• Place the fastening clips to the wall.
• Tighten wood screws, by hand, in the attachments to allow hooks to expand. Remove the screws.
•Drill guide hole,¢5/16inch.
•Make clamp fix to the wall, screw down the bolts on the wall.
• Attach the bracket to the wall using the screws and / or fasteners.
Ceiling pipe
If the duct vents just above the ceiling:
• Use a level to draw a line, the center line of the template to the ceiling.
• Measure at least 4 "from the back wall to the center of the circle with a hole 7 - ½" in the ceiling.
Lead in the wall If the duct vents at the rear:
Note: For a minimum extension of the chimney, we recommend using an adapter circular / rectangular
• Use a level to draw a straight line from the center line on the template.
• Measure at least 26 - 1/4 "(the measure may vary elbow used) above the pencil line indicating the
height of the bottom of the
system, the circle of a conduit hole 7 - ½ "in diameter (the hole may be enlarged for the passage of the
Necessary Tools
03 Series range hood
Walled mounted fixed plated
Overview size :
Installation dimension figure of 04 series range hood as below:
04 series range hood
Walled mounted fixed plated
Overview size :
01 series, 02 series range hood
05 series 30 inch and 36 inch range hood
05 series 48 inch range hood
06 series 30 inch and 36 inch range hood
06 series 48 inch range hood
Installation dimension figure for 01 series, 02 series 05 series and 06 series range hood
1.Fix 6pcs screws( see figure 4) to the installation dead plate
2.Fix the installation dead plate to the wall by screws( see figure 5)
3.Use double-faced aluminum foil sealed-joint( see figure 6)
4.Power line color (black to black, white to white, green to green) (see figure 7)
5.Oil box of the hood (see figure 8)
6.Installation of clapboard filter screen (see figure 9)
Dead plate
Figure 5
Description orders for 01 series, 03 series and 04 series range hood
Automatic activation control function of the sensor:
There are 5 pieces sensor buttons,1pc remote control signal lamp(remote controller included), 2 pieces
stainless steel grease boxes,2 pieces stainless steel baffle filters and 2 pieces led bulbs( 12V/1.5W).
A0 button: Remote control signal lamp
A1 button: Power( on/off)
A2 button: LED bulb
A3 button: Display screen
A4 button: Time Delay. A5 button: Low speed
A6 button: High speed
A4 button equip with Max 15 minutes after power off, A1 button( on/off) control to directly started or
Open The Fan
Keep your hood working during the cooking, and keep ventilating.
Press A1 button, then A3 display screen open.
Button A5 and A6 activates,high speed (F4),average speed(F3), low speed(F2), quiet speed(F1).
Control Panel Layout and Button Disposition
Close The Fan
Off time-delay function just could close the fan, not affected the lamplight setting.
15 minutes time-delay
When fan working, press A4 button, digital screen will blink several seconds, default setting is 1
minute,after that, it will shut off automatically.
During fan working, if you need to adjust time-delay function,press A4 button one time, will blink for a
few seconds, press A6 button to increase delay-time, set the figure timers as the time you want, max
delay-time is 15 minutes.
If time-setting changes from A6 button to A5 button, during the process, speed changes,but does not
affect count down.
Off immediately
Press A1 button two times, fan turn off immediately.
Bulb control
Press A2 button once, turn on the lights, and again to turn off.
Press A2 button or A4 button, then will not able to turn on LED light.
Warning: In case of any scald, do not touch LED light, unless hood is closed or cooled.
A0 button: same as above.
Remote sensor: A0 is the remote control.Remote sensor to receive infrared (IR) remote control signal.
02 series, 05 series and 06 series range hood operating instruction as following:
Function Button: LED light button F1 / low speed F2 / medium speed F3 / high speed F4 / time-delay or
power on-off F5.
Light Button: Power on, press F1 button once, turn on the lights, and again to turn off.
Fan button: When need to open the hood, turn on the power, press F2 button ( low speed) or F3
button(medium speed) or F4 button(high speed)
Time-delay Button: Power on, press any button of F2/F3/F4, fan starts and F5 light automatically but
does not blink.
Press F5 again, time-delay function starts, when F5 indicator light starts to blink, time-delay function
default setting time is 5 minutes. Press F5 button again, time-delay and fan both close, LED light still on,
which is independent switch.
Before servicing or cleaning unit, switch power off at service panel and lock in access to prevent it being
switched on accidentally. If the power panel can not be locked, put a prominent warning device, such as
a brightly colored label.
Grease filters
The grease filters should be cleaned once a month or as needed. To remove grease filter, pull the metal
latch down. This will disengage the filter hood. Tilt the filter down, then remove. To clean the filters, use
a solution of warm water and detergent. Let them dry, then re install. The metal filters are
dishwasher-safe. Clean filters made entirely of metal in the dishwasher using a non-phosphate
detergent. Using a detergent containing phosphates and local water conditions may cause discoloration
of the filters, without affecting their performance. This discoloration is not covered under warranty.
Hood Cleaning
Cleaning stainless steel: how to keep his "lustrous appearance" and help prevent corrosion.
What to do:
- Wash surfaces regularly with a cloth or a clean cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap or dish
- Always clean in the direction of squall lines (direction of the grain).
- Always rinse well with clear water (2 or 3 times) after cleaning and dry completely.
- A household cleaner designed for stainless steel can also be used.
Don't s:
- Use steel wool or stainless steel or any other scrapers to remove stubborn dirt.
- Use any harsh or abrasive cleansers.
- Allow dirt to accumulate.
- Allow the plaster dust or any other construction residues reach the hood. Cover the hood while
working to ensure no dust hood.
To avoid when choosing a detergent
- Any cleaners that contain bleach, because they attack stainless steel.
- Any product containing chloride, fluoride, iodide, bromide, they quickly deteriorate surfaces.
- Any combustible products used for cleaning such as acetone, alcohol, ether, benzene, etc.These
products are highly explosive and should never be used near a stove.
To replace the bulbs:
1. Shut off the power
2. Take off the grease filters, press both sides of the elastic clamps on the bulb, make which loose.
3.Gently push outward, take out the bulbs.
P.S: If necessary, wear gloves when taking out the bulbs.
This product has been manufactured by Thor Group.1335 Fortune Bay Ct,Hoffman Estates IL 60192.
Thor Group disclaims all express warranties except for the following:
This warranty applies to products purchased and located in the United States. Products purchased or
located outside this area are excluded.
The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, accident, natural disaster, loss of electrical
power to the product for any reason, alteration, outdoor use, improper installation, and improper
operation, repair or service of the product by anyone other than an authorized Thor Group, service
agency or representative.
Warranties and Duration
Full warranty for Parts : 1 year.
Implied warranties terminate upon expiration of the limited warranty. Some states do not allow
limitations on how long implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to your implied
Thor Group will pay for:
All cost of replacement parts found to be defective due to material and workmanship.
For a Service Agency nearest you, please call 1-877-2888-099.
Thor Group will not pay for:
This limited warranty does not cover:
1. Service to instruct you on how to use your range hood to correct house wiring, replace or repair house
fuses.Service to correct the installation of your range hood.
2. Repairs when your range hood is used for other than normal, single-family household use or when it
is used in a manner that is contrary to published user or operator instructions and/or installation
3. Cosmetic damage, including chips, dents, scratches or other damage to the finish of your range hood,
unless such damage results from defects in materials or workmanship and is reported to Thor Group
within 30 days from the date of purchase.
4. Costs associated with the removal from your home of your range hood for repairs. This range hood is
designed to be repaired in the home and only in-home service is covered by this warranty.
5. Damage resulting from misuse, alteration, accident, abuse, fire, flood, acts of God, improper
installation, installation not in accordance with electrical, or use of consumables or cleaning products
not approved by Thor Group.
6. Service to repair or replace consumable parts. Consumable parts are not included in the warranty
7. The removal and re-installation of your range hood if it is installed in an inaccessible location or is not
installed in accordance with published installation instructions.
8. This warranty is void if the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from your range
9. Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to the appliance.
10. Expenses for travel and transportation for product service if your range hood is located in a remote
area where service by an authorized services is not available.
The warranty applies to appliances purchased and used for personal, family or household purposes only.
It does not cover appliances used for commercial applications.Should the appliance be sold by the
original purchaser during the warranty period, the warranty shall extend to the new owner until the
expiration date of the original purchaser’s warranty period.
Warranty and Product Registration
Thor Group is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages.Under no circumstances will Thor
Group’s liability exceed the cost that you paid for the product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to
you.This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state
to state. Whenever you call our customer service at 877-288-8099 (THORKITCHEN RANGE HOOD) for
technical information and parts sales in the United States or to request service for your appliance, please
have your complete model number and serial number ready. The model and serial number can be found
on the product data plate. Please enter the information requested in the spaces provided.
Model No.___________________ Serial No._____________________
Date of Purchase_____________
Dealer______________________ Suburb________________________
Town_______________________ Country_______________________
Note: You must provide proof of purchased or installation date for in-warranty service.
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