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We are the world’s largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Property
owners rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Our commercial-grade
construction is rugged, dependable and built to last.
As the commercial laundry industry leader, our valuable network of authorized laundry service providers is in place to provide you with
the time and attention you deserve. Your local laundry service provider can assist you with laundry solutions for your property, including
a space saving design, cost efficient equipment and business control systems.
Revolutionizing Laundry Room Technology - Quantum® Gold Wash Alert
Speed Queen’s Quantum® Wash Alert™ with Service Alert system is a revolutionary add-on to our Quantum Control. Speed Queen
offers remote washer and dryer availability for residents and students while providing owners and managers with real-time service alerts
about laundry room operation.
Speed Queen laundry equipment with Quantum® controls and software is required for networking the Wash Alert™ with Service Alert
System. Quantum laundry machines are wirelessly networked and are linked to a network controller, near the laundry room facility.
Quantum controls interface directly with coin activation and all major debit card, credit card or central pay systems. Card and coin
systems run independent from networked Wash Alert™ with Service Alert.
Wash Alert™
Wash Alert™ with Service Alert
• Residents can go online or check their local property
• Alerts the Laundry Service Provider (LSP) with real-time
channel to see when a washer or dryer is available. They
information on everything you need to know about your
also have the convenience of being able to easily check the
laundry room operation. Service Alert reduces downtime
status of their laundry over their apartment’s cable television
and ensures that your laundry room is operating at peak
• Residents will be able to sign up and receive text or email
• Speed Queen’s WashAlert with Service Alert System
alerts that notify them when equipment is available or when
provides an enhanced solution for your multi-housing
their laundry is complete.
facility. Its technology offers remote laundry room machine
• Wash Alert tracks equipment performance and revenue.
Automated revenue and usage reports can be delivered at
scheduled intervals to select recipients.
• Quantum controls offer an easy-to-read digital display with
LED lights, a touchpad selector and wash cycle countdown
that allows residents to conveniently see how their load is
progressing and helps increase machine availability.
• Premium cycles give residents the option to choose up to
27 cycle combinations to provide the proper temperature
and soil level selection for maximum efficiency and user
• Top-Off dryer time gives residents the option to purchase
additional time before the initial dryer cycle has been
availability, making it easier for residents to do laundry, while
giving the resident automated updates about your laundryroom operation in real-time.
• Wash Alert™ with Service Alert monitors service codes
and can send an email to notify you or the LSP of laundry
equipment events. EX: Service door opening, coin vault
opening, fill alarm, drain alarm.
• Service and operation reports can be scheduled to email
select recipients in customized intervals.
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