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Speed Queen SWNSX2SP115TW02 Coinslide Brochure
We are the world’s largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Property
owners rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Our commercial-grade
construction is rugged, dependable and built to last.
As the commercial laundry industry leader, our valuable network of authorized laundry service providers is in place to provide you with
the time and attention you deserve. Your local laundry service provider can assist you with laundry solutions for your property, including
a space saving design, cost efficient equipment and business control systems.
Optimizing Laundry Room Efficiency
Our straight forward design and commercial-grade construction help make your life simpler and more productive, thanks to the
practical ingenuity of features designed to reduce utility expenses without sacrificing performance. Coin slide controls are easy to use
and offer the basic features needed for optimal coin-vended laundry room operations.
• Six Wash Cycles:
Features six total cycles, including
three “water saver” cycles: Normal,
Perm Press and Delicate.
• Three Wash Temperatures:
Offers user-selected options for Hot,
Warm or Cold wash temperatures.
Front Load Washer Control
Top Load Washer - Two Speed Control
Single Load Dryer Control
• Four Dryer Heat Cycle Options:
Choose from Normal, Perm Press,
Delicate and No Heat.
With revolutionary balancing technology, virtually imperceptible noise and vibration,
incredible 440 G-Force extraction, Speed Queen® front load washers are engineered
and built to be everything you never knew they could be.
• Revolutionary balancing technology redistributes and balances even the most
unbalanced loads.
• 2.5 times less noise and virtually imperceptible vibration reduce impact on
neighboring residents.
• Increased 440 G-Force extraction speed reduces drying times.
• Unparalleled ability to reduce water and energy costs while reducing operating costs.
• Durably designed to deliver long-lasting performance with features like a rugged
suspension system, stainless steel washtub and a dynamic balancing system.
With an easy-to-clean large lint compartment and a reversible door to accommodate
your laundry design, Speed Queen® single dryers are designed to suit any laundry’s
specific needs. The 2.06 sq. ft. door opening is the largest in the industry, providing easy
loading and unloading for residents.
• Durable galvanized steel cylinder with an extra-large 7.0 cu. ft. capacity.
• High efficiency exhaust blower with superior airflow of 220 cfm.
• Secured and easy to clean upfront lint filter.
• Front access for easy serviceability.
• Reversible door for installation flexibility.
Speed Queen® top load washers are constructed from heavy-duty components to
ensure an extended life, including a stainless steel washtub, all-metal transmission
and a commercial-grade cabinet finish.
• Commercial-grade stainless steel washtub standard.
• Curved four-vane agitator delivers an industry-best 210° wash stroke that
produces unparalleled cleaning results.
• Extract speed of 710 RPM spins clothes out drier.
• Advanced suspension system eliminates the possibility of an unbalanced
load issue.
Get twice the drying capacity in the compact floor space of a single dryer with Speed Queen stack
dryers. Combined with extra capacity for large loads, the stack dryer gets the maximum amount of
work done without breaking the bank -- or your laundry design.
• Extra large capacity, 7.0 cu. ft. per dryer.
• 2.06 sq. ft. door opening is the largest in the industry, providing easy loading and unloading.
• 10° tilted control panel allows control visibility without bending down, improving the customer
• High efficiency exhaust blower with superior airflow of 220 cfm.
• Durable galvanized steel cylinder
• Doors are reversible for installation flexibility.
by Alliance Laundry Systems
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