Miele 51613745USA Industial Washer and Dryer Brochure

Miele 51613745USA Industial Washer and Dryer Brochure
Appliances Connection
Miele Professional
PW 6137 - 30 lbs - Industrial Use Only
Load capacity [lbs]: 30
Drum volume [gal]: 34
4 dispenser compartments at the front of the
Spin speed [max. rpm]: 1100
Electric (EL)
g-factor: 400
Up to 12 external pumps can be connected
Multi Function Module 01
Three-phase asynchronous motor with frequency
Automatic Dosing signal for up to 6 external dosing
Profitronic M freely programmable controls with large
pumps - easy connection of external dosing system
graphic display, standard programs for various
Low wear and tear and maintenance free
(Dosing Signal 1-6, external stop signal, connection
textiles and wet cleaning applications, 199 program
for peak-load cut-out) preinstalled
slots, user interface in local language, simple
program selection using multi-function selector, 6
3 AC (3-pole) 220-240V 50-60Hz convertible to 3 AC
direct-access keys for favorites, chipcard reader.
(3-pole) 208V 50-60Hz
Optical interface
The supervisor level allows various settings to be
Fuse rating [A]: 3-pole 50 / 3-pole 42
Optional: Serial interface RS232
made the creating of customized programs.
Total connected load [kW]: 14.3 / 17.0
Optional: Connection for payment system
Parameters such as the wash temperature, spin
Heater rating [kW]: 12.3 / 15.0
Optional: Multifunction module 02 for 7-12
speeds and load sizes can be modified easily before
the start of a program.
dispensers, spray proofing
Optional: Multifunction module 03 for 7-11
Cold water 2x 1/2" with 3/4" threaded union
dispensers, water recycling
Hot water 1x 1/2" with 3/4" threaded union
Optional: Multifunction module 05 for 1-3 dispensers,
Cottons hygiene, Colors hot wash, Colors warm
Optional: Hard water 1x 1/2" with 3/4" threaded
connection for peak-load cut-out and for water
wash, Minimum Iron, Delicates, Bed linen hot wash,
recycling system
Bed linen warm wash, Silk & satin bed linen, Down
Optional: Multifunction module 07 for 1-4 flow meters
duvets & pillows, Cotton table linen, Mixed fiber table
linen, Washable quilts & blankets, Hand-washable
Dump valve directly off suds container DN70
silks, Hand-washable woolens, Rinse/reproof, Warm
Stainless steel suds container
Freestanding washer-extractor
soak, Separate rinse/spin
Front in stainless steel
Basic programs: WetCare and Laundry: WetCare
Sides and lid in octo blue (powder coated)
Sensitive 77°F, WetCare Silks 86°F, Outerwear
Patented Honeycomb drum
Galvanized back panel
Intensive 122°F, Outerwear Normal 104°F, Outdoor
Intelligent water intake control for cold and hot water
Large machine door without bellows seals, opens to
104°F, Down jackets 122°F, Synthetic comforters
Automatic load control
104°F, Down comforters 104°F, Table linen 194°F,
Gentle run up to spin
The machine can be dismantled into component
White shirts 140°F, Colored shirts 104°F, Separate
Graduated spin
parts for recycling, plastics all coded
starch, Leather Sensitive 86°F, Leather Normal
Interim spin
86°F, Rinse/Reproof 104°F, Soak 15 mins., Soak 30
Scoop and ladle system
mins., Separate drain, Separate spin, Separate
Imbalance monitoring
Miele Professional
PW 6137 - 30 lbs - Industrial Use Only
Dimensions H/W/D [inch] 49/32/40
Weight [lbs]: 754
Sound power level (max.) 75.7 dB (A)
Dispenser pump, housing, stand and non-return
Open or closed bases
Water recovery module
Fluff filter box
Vapor / foam diverter
Non-return valve, water
Communication module with serial RS232 interface
Chipcard key
Memory chipcard
Protective bags (BM 02 or BS 01)
Fly wheel counter for incoming water - more precise
water measurements and recordings
Laundry baskets and tubs
Transport trolleys
Miele Professional
PT 8337 - 30 lbs - Industrial Use Only
Fire service program package for breathing masks,
reversing durations
Load capacity [lbs]: 30-35
protective clothing and proofing protective clothing;
Large, intelligently placed Softlift drum ribs ensure
with load ratio of 1:25 - 1:20
Professional cleaners program package for WetCare
optimum laundry tumble and thus excellent drying
Drum volume [gal]: 86
sensitive, WetCare silks and WetCare intensive;
Water evaporation [gal/h] 5 [EL]
Equestrian program package for horse blankets and
Central fresh air intake
Based on a residual moisture level reduction from
horse blankets.
Large surface area fluff filter
70% down to 0%
Operating data capture
Electric (EL)
Freely programmable Profitronic M electronic
Cottons dry (EL): 6.6kWh; 24 min.
controls with large graphic display, 12 standard
[50% down to 0% residual moisture, incl. cooling
textile specific programs, 6 program packages for
3 AC (3-pole) 208V 60Hz
down to 50°, load capacity: 30 lbs]
specific target groups and 199 program places for
Fuse [A]: 3-pole 65
Cottons dry (EL): 7.9kWh; 29 min.
saving your own programs to. Clear text display with
Rated load [kW]: 15.4
[50% down to 0% residual moisture, incl. cooling
user navigation and simple program selection using
Convertible to:
down to 50°, load capacity: 35 lbs]
Multi-function selector or 6 direct access keys for
3 AC (3-pole) 220-240V 60Hz
Specific energy consumption [kWh/kg water]: 1.01
selecting your favorite programs. Chip card reader,
Fuse [A]: 3-pole 65
data capture module. Programmable settings in
Rated load [kW]: 17.3 - 20.4
Load capacity: 30 lbs
supervisor level and individual programs can be
Specific energy consumption [kWh/kg water]: 0.96
written. Certain parameters such as residual
moisture level and temperature can be easily
Vented tumble dryer with recirculation system
Load capacity: 35 lbs
changed before starting a program.
Axial airflow: axial airflow through the dryer ensures
optimum use of energy, quick drying times and
perfect results
Standard: Optical interface
Standard programs: Cottons extra dry, Cottons
Patented Honeycomb drum: the patented Miele
Standard: Connection for external stop signal, fan
normal, Cottons 20% moist, Cottons 25% moist,
Honeycomb drum with its unique surface structure
and external exhaust flap
Cottons 40% moist, Minimum iron normal, Minimum
guarantees perfect laundry care
Standard: Connection for peak-load cut-out
iron 10% moist, Minimum iron 20% moist, Woolens,
Air recycling plus: in addition to reusing approx. 60%
Optional: Connection for payment system
Delicates, Timed drying cool air, Timed drying warm
of the warm air from the drying cycle, the Air
Optional: Communication module with serial
air, Proofing and Outerwear.
recycling plus system ensures that pressure levels in
interface RS232
Target group program packages:
the dryer are always correct, thus improving drying
Bedding program package for down duvets,
results even further.
synthetic duvets and
Final cool down period can be set
natural fiber blankets;
Electronic moisture monitoring with Miele’s patented
Buildings maintenance program package for mop
Perfect Dry system.
heads, microfiber pads and cleaning cloths;
Automatic reversing action as well as programmable
Miele Professional
PT 8337 - 30 lbs - Industrial Use Only
Stainless steel front
Sides powder coated in octo blue, zinc plated back
Large door opening of 20.50 inches
Door opening angle 180°
Reversible door hinging
Dimensions H/W/D [inch] 55/36/40 [EL]
Weight [lbs]: 364 [EL]
Sound power level 67.6 db(A) in accordance with
ISO 9614 Part 2
Key chipcard
Memory chip card
Single machine payment systems
Noise insulation
Face mask holder
Bags for buckles
Laundry tubs / baskets
Transport trolleys
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