Smeg CMSCU451S User manual

Smeg CMSCU451S User manual
60 Cm (Approx. 24’’), Fully-Automatic
Coffee Machine With Milk Frother
Stainless Steel
EAN13: 8017709257583
Linea line Silver glass and stainless steel finish Multilanguage LCD display Coffee function: regular or double coffee (1 or 2 cups
at the same time) Automatic cappuccino maker with separate tank for milk Hot water function for tea or other hot drinks Ground
coffee option Coffee intensity adjustable (5 levels): Extra-light, light, medium, strong, extra-strong Coffee length adjustable (3 levels):
Espresso (short), espresso, medium, long Adjustable coffee temperature (3 levels) Adjustable coffee grinder Programmable
automatic switch-on Automatic rinsing Automatic descaling Automatic energy saving stand-by Programmable multi-language
display Coffee beans container Separate container for ground coffee Removable water tank Removable container for coffee
grounds Frothing nozzle for cappuccino Adjustable coffee dispenser (for tall or short cup) Drip tray 2 lights Telescopic guides
Capacity of water tank: 1.80lt Capacity of coffee bean container: 220g Pump pressure: 15bar Connected rating (nominal power):
1,350W Tension/frequency: 120V/60Hz Pump pressure: tension/frequency: 120V/60Hz
SMEG U.S.A. INC. - A&D BUILDING - 150 EAST 58th STREET, 7th FLOOR - NEW YORK, NY, 10155 - Tel. +1 212 265 5378
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