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LG LMVN240HV Product Overview
VerticalHorizontal Air
Benefits of Multi F Systems
• Individual zone control
• Maximum flexibility
• Operating ranges of 14°F to 118°F
(DB) in cooling and 0°F to 64°F(WB)
in heating
• Quiet and comfortable
• Safer and easier installation with
reduced ductwork
• Cost efficient
• Lightweight and compact system
Multi-Zone System Indoor Unit
Multi F multi-zone comfort solutions are air-conditioning systems that “split” into
indoor and outdoor units, providing a smart alternative to both central HVAC and
window-mounted air conditioners. These Inverter heat pump systems are available in a
variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations.
Multi F Vertical-Horizontal Air Handling Units
LG’s Multi F Vertical-Horizontal Air Handling units are
designed for high-speed air volume against an external static
pressure up to 1.00"WG.
These units are installed fully concealed behind a wall or above
a finished ceiling, and can operate either in a vertical (upflow)
or horizontal (left) discharge configuration. Casing is
manufactured of 22-gauge precoated metal with a high-gloss
baked enamel finish. Vertical-Horizontal Air Handling units can
accept an internal LG electrical strip heater (sold separately).
An integral rack, accessible from the front, holds a fieldsupplied16" x 20" x 1" filter cartridge. Each VerticalHorizontal Air Handling unit includes its own LG-supplied
wired controller.
Flexible Comfort
About LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technology
innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications, and home appliances, employing more than
213,000 people in more than 60 countries worldwide.
LG’s commercial air conditioning business unit was
established in 1968, and offers VRF, Multi F, duct-free
split systems, packaged terminal air conditioners
(PTACs), and room air conditioners.
With LG, it’s all possible.™
Choose from Low, Med, High, and Auto settings for Cooling mode; and Low, Med, High,
and Auto settings for Heating mode. Each of the settings can be field-adjusted from
the factory setting (RPM / ESP). The Auto setting adjusts the fan speed based on the
difference between the controller setting and the room temperature.
Quality Commitment
LG is committed to the success of air-conditioning projects. We provide technical
support during installation, and offer a variety of classes designed for installers and
service providers. Classes are conducted at LG’s training centers and in field locations
at various times throughout the year and upon special request.
Art Cool™ Vertical-Horizontal
Multi F System Air Handling Unit
24,000 Btu/h Nominal Cooling Capacity
27,000 Btu/h Nominal Heating Capacity
36,000 Btu/h Nominal Heating Capacity
40,000 Btu/h Nominal Heating Capacity
• Inverter (Variable speed fan)
• Control lock function
• Dehumidification function
• Two thermistor control
• External static pressure control
• Auto operation
• Auto restart operation
• Self-diagnostics function
• Includes wired controller
• Accepts an internal LG electrical strip
heater (sold separately)
Warranty: Five (5) years parts.
Model Number
Nominal Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)
Nominal Heating Capacity (Btu/h)
96 x 1
182 x 1
Motor Output (W) x Qty.
Brushless Digitally Controlled / Direct
Brushless Digitally Controlled / Direct
Airflow Rate (H/M/L) at 0.3”WG ESP (CFM)
710 / 640 / 480
990 / 880 / 800
Airflow Rate (H/M/L) at 0.5”WG ESP (CFM)
710 / 640 / 480
990 / 880 / 800
Unit Data
Refrigerant Type / Control
R410A / EEV
R410A / EEV
1 / 208-230 / 60
1 / 208-230 / 60
43 / 42 / 41
45 / 44 / 43
18 x 48-5/8 x 21-1/4
18 x 48-5/8 x 21-1/4
Net Unit Weight (lbs.)
Shipping Weight (lbs.)
4 x 18
4 x 18
(2 x 24 x 18) x 2
(3 x 24 x 18) x 2
Power Supply (Phase / V / Hz)
Rated Amps (A)
Sound Pressure Level ±3 dB(A) (H/M/L) at 0.3”WG (CFM)
Dimensions (W x H x D, in.)
Power Wiring / Communications Cable (No. x AWG)
Heat Exchanger (Row x Column x Fin / inch) x Number
Liquid (in.)
Vapor (in.)
Primary Drain I.D. (in.)
3/4 FPT
3/4 FPT
Secondary Drain I.D. (in.)
3/4 FPT
3/4 FPT
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
©LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ. All rights reserved. “LG” is a registered trademark of LG Corp.
DFS-PB-AJ-010-US 013M18
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