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Faber CFMRED Specification
CFM Reducer Kit
Reduces Rangehood CFM levels below 300 cfm for make up air solutions
In cold weather environments, tightly
insulated homes or in high rise condominiums
with ventilation restrictions, sometimes hoods
under 300 cfm’s are required by local
building codes to prevent removing too much
air from inside the home. The new CFM
reducer kit from Faber allows almost the
5 1/8”
entire collection of hoods to be converted to
below 300 cfm. This means even more
designer hoods with higher cfm’s are available
in the Faber line, without the need to install
costly make-up air systems. Homeowners
with air restrictions are now only limited by
their imaginations in choosing the right hood
for their kitchen!
Model #
Compatible With the following Hoods:
Cylindra, Cylindra Isola, Orizzonte, Axia Isola, Tratto, Tratto Isola, Stilo, Stilo Isola,
Diamante, Diamante Isola, Perla, Magnum, Pellicano, Inca Pro 30, Inca HC, Jewel,
Velvet, Cristal HC.
Not compatible with Inca Pro 38, Mirror, Matrix, Scirocco and Pro Magnum
(Scirocco & Pro Magnum require additional duct transition from 3 1/4” x 10” to 6” round
for CFM reducer to be installed)
Note: The CFM reducer kit converts a 6 inch round duct to a 5 inch round
duct to vent outside. The Synthesis, Tender, Dama, Dama Isola, Inca Smart,
Cristal 24 and Agio do not require a CFM reducer kit. These models have under
300 cfm models already available.
p.o. box 435 • Wayland, MA 01778 • tel: (508) 358-5353 • fax: (508) 358-5730 • e-mail: info@faberonline.com • www.faberonline.com
Install Damper, spacer, and reducer on top of the 6” duct exit.
Tape all parts together and connect 5” round ductwork
436004960_02 - 100721
436004960_02 - 100721
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