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Thank you for choosing this innovative Amcor dehumidifier. We suggest that you keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. It describes the many benefits and advanced features this unique product has to offer. Before you use it, you should carefully read these instructions to maximise this product’s performance.

For over 50 years Amcor has specialised in complete indoor environmental control, manufacturing and marketing dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, coolers, air purifiers, ionisers and aromatherapy scent diffusers. These world class products incorporate the latest technological developments.

• Remove all packaging materials from the unit, keep it away from babies and small children to avoid the danger of suffocation.

• Before inserting the plug make sure that the voltage is within the range indicated on the rating label on the unit.

• The dehumidifier is intended exclusively for the use for which it was created. Amcor is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use.

• The dehumidifier is safe, however as with other electrical appliances, use it with care.


• The unit is designed for indoor operation.

• Rating: This unit must be connected to a 220-240 V / 50 Hz earthed outlet.

• The installation must be in accordance with regulations of the country where the unit is used.

If you are in any doubt about the electrical installation, have it checked and if necessary modified by a qualified electrician.

• Unplug when not in use. Do not unplug by pulling the cord.

• Do not operate this product with wet hands.

• Keep out of the reach of children.

• Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing it in water.

• Disconnect it from the mains before cleaning the unit or any of its components.

• Always unplug before changing the carbon filter.

• Do not connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If an outlet is not available, one should be installed by a licensed electrician.



• Never operate this appliance if it is damaged or if it has a damaged cord or plug.

• Do not lead the cord over sharp edges.

• A damaged supply cord should be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

• Any service other than regular cleaning or replacing the carbon filter should be performed by an authorized service representative. Failure to do so could result in a loss of warranty.

The first time that you use the unit please ensure that it has been standing for 1 hour in an upright position before it is switched on.

IMPORTANT: The unit is not to be used in temperatures under 5 °C.

Do not use your dehumidifier under the following conditions:

If the power cable wires are frayed or cut

When small children may be left unattended

On a slope or uneven surface

Close to a heat source

This product is not made for DIY repair

If there is a risk of liquid falling on the unit

Inside unit exposed to the weather outdoors

In a permanent very humid environment

If an extension cord is needed to reach an outlet

Where the power cable may be damaged

Where it may be damaged by chemicals

Where there is a risk of interference by foreign objects


Waste electrical products must not be disposed of with household waste.

This product should be taken to your local recycling centre for safe treatment.



HOW IT WORKS (see page 51)

Your Amcor dehumidifier draws air through a washable filter onto a refrigerated cold coil. As the air passes over the cold surface, moisture condenses and collects into a removable water tank. The drier air, slightly warmer through heating by the condenser, is then expelled through the adjustable directional grill at the top of the unit into the room.

When the water tank is full, a micro switch automatically stops the unit and an indicator light signals the need to empty the tank. If preferred a drainage hose connected under the unit can be used to drain the water continuously.

The Amcor dehumidifier fights condensation, mould and dampness throughout the house.

It protects your furniture, precious possessions and decor from the damaging effects of excessive moisture. Your dehumidifier is also great for drying the laundry, but it is not suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

SAVE ENERGY: It takes less energy to warm dry air than damp humid air!


Your Amcor dehumidifier will begin to protect your home from the harmful effects of excessive moisture as soon as it is turned on.

Excess moisture travels throughout your home, in the same way that cooking smells spread to every room in the house. For this reason, the dehumidifier should be positioned in a central and clear location so that it can draw this moist air towards it from all over the home.

A warm hallway or landing is an excellent position for your dehumidifier. If possible, leave interior doors ajar to allow air circulation. Alternatively, if you have a serious problem in one area you can begin by positioning the dehumidifier there and later moving it to a more central point.

For the most effective use, run your dehumidifier in a warm environment with external doors and windows kept closed when the dehumidifier is operating.

Please note the unit should not be placed directly against a radiator or other heat source or in a wet area like a bathroom or kitchen.

When positioning your Amcor dehumidifier, ensure that it is placed securely on a level surface clear of any obstacle that may limit the air movement.

Before you move the unit, switch it off and empty the water tank.



Your Amcor dehumidifier can stand on its 4 castors or can be hung on a wall. For that purpose the following components are included:

- 2 brackets with 4 screws and plugs to fix on the wall;

- 2 hangers with 4 screws for the side of the unit;

- 2 plastic suction spacers to help hanging the unit vertically.

56 mm 174 mm 56 mm

Attach the wall bracket to the wall with the screws and plugs provided. The distance between the bracket holes is 174 mm as shown.

Slide the hangers through the slots in the back of the unit and fix them with the screws to the housing.

Attach the suction spacers to the back of the unit so that, when the unit hangs on the wall, it hangs vertically.

Lift the unit and slide it onto the wall brackets.

To remove the unit lift it slightly, press it about 6 cm towards the wall, slide it upwards and move it out of the wall bracket.




1 2


1. Fan speed

2. ON/OFF and humidistat




3. On

4. Water container full

Starting and humidity control (humidistat)

• Firstly, turn the control knob [2] to the position OFF.

• Plug the power cord in a working mains socket.

• Turn the control knob [2] clockwise to MAX for continuous operation, the operation indicator [3] will illuminate.

After 24 hours, select the humidity level to be maintained by rotating the control knob anticlockwise. The compressor will switch on and off to maintain the relative humidity at that set level.

Turning off

• Turn the control knob [2] to the position OFF.

• Disconnect the power cord from the mains if the dehumidifier will not be used for some time.

Fan speed

The dehumidifier has a two speed fan. Press the switch [1] to select the required fan speed.

In normal conditions, set the speed to high (large fan symbol), for quieter operation select low (small fan symbol).

Top air discharge grill

The grill can be rotated 90° to direct the drier, warmer air into the room, away from the wall and furniture.

Please ensure that the air flow is not obstructed in any way as this may cause the unit to malfunction.




1. The dehumidifier will not work if the required humidity level is higher than the ambient level.

2. To protect the compressor from possible damage, wait 3 minutes before restarting the dehumidifier after it has been turned off.

3. The operational temperature range is 5 – 35 °C.

4. When the dehumidifier is in operation, the discharged air should be hotter than the ambient air.

5. If the dehumidifier does not start (the operation indicator [3] does not illuminate) or makes intermediate stops, check the plug and power supply. If they are in a normal working condition, wait 10 minutes and restart. If the unit does not start, contact your supplier for service.


The extracted water can be collected in the water container or drained continuously through a flexible hose (not supplied).

Use of the water container

When the drain outlet is blocked by the stopper, the extracted water will run into the water container.

When the container is full, the compressor and the fan stop operating and the container full indicator [4] illuminates.

• Slowly slide out the container to the side (1) or to the front (2).

• Lift the container slightly by the built-in handle, then pull it out.

• When, after emptying, the container is put back in place, the container full light will go off.

Continuous drainage

1. Remove the stopper from the drain outlet.

2. Place a 11 mm inner diameter hose over the outlet. The other end of the hose should (without bends) end in a lower level drainage point.

3. Remove the water container (empty if necessary) and put the stopper from beneath in the drain hole to the water container. Put the water container back in place.



in very cold conditions, precautions should be taken to prevent the drain hose from freezing.



First of all switch off the unit and pull the plug out of the wall socket.


Clean the housing with a soft, damp cloth and dry when clean. Never use chemically treated cloths, alcohol or any other product containing solvents as this may cause damage to the housing.

Air filter

This dehumidifier is equipped with a washable anti-dust filter and an odour absorbing active carbon filter. These will capture larger airborne particles like dust, smoke and animal dander, creating a less irritating living environment.

Regular cleaning of the filter (once a month and after storage) prevents the build up of dust, that may block the air flow and reduce the efficient operation of the dehumidifier.

• Remove the water container.

• Pull out the filter holder.

• Remove the black carbon filter and use a vacuum cleaner or tap the filter lightly to clean.

Replace this filter if it is very dirty.

Never wash the carbon filter.

• Clean the plastic filter mesh with lukewarm water and a small amount of medium strength detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Make sure that the air filter is completely dry before putting it back. Do not forget to replace the carbon filter after cleaning.


Do not expose the filter to sunlight or other sources of direct heat as this may cause the filter and frame to warp

. Never use the dehumidifier without the air filter.


If the dehumidifier is not used for long periods of time, follow these steps:

• disconnect the unit and wrap the power cable.

• if used, empty the water container.

• clean the unit and filter, pack it in its original packaging or cover to protect against dust.

• store the unit in an upright position in a cool, dry place away from access by children.



Never try to repair or dismantle the unit yourself. Before calling for assistance please check the points below.

The unit doesn’t run.

The unit seems to extract little water.

The unit seems to do nothing.

Too noisy.

The unit’s fan doesn’t seem to be revolving.

The continuous drainage is not working.

Is the machine plugged in?

Is the mains power supply on?

Is the water tank full indicator on? (If so, the water tank is full or it isn’t positioned properly).

Are too many windows or doors open?

Is there something in the room producing lots of heat?

Is the room cold – the colder the air the less moisture the unit will extract.

Is the filter dirty?

Is the room humidity already quite low?

Is the filter dirty?

Is the air intake or outlet blocked?

Is the room humidity already quite low?

Is the room temperature below 5 °C? The fan may run without the compressor.

Is the machine positioned unevenly so as to create vibration?

Is the floor underneath the unit uneven or loose fitting?

Is there any foreign body interfering with the unit?

Is the filter blocked?

Is there any foreign body interfering with the unit?

Does the hose have a downward slope throughout its entire length?

Is there a kink or sharp bend in the hose?



Power supply

Power consumption

(at 32 °C, RH 90%)


Moisture removal

(at 32 °C, RH 90%)


Refrigerant load

Water container capacity

Operating temperature range


Net weight

(width x depth x height)



L/24h g


°C mm kg


220-240 V/ 50 Hz







5 - 35

420 x 220 x 540


Subject to modiļ¬ cation without prior notice. For greater precision, please refer to the rating label placed on the product.













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