Electro-Voice E-V 15A, Portable Speaker E-V 15A Datasheet

Electro-Voice E-V 15A, Portable Speaker E-V 15A Datasheet
In the decade or more since the introduction of compact
speaker systems, performance has improved dramatically
through a series of subtle refinements in materials,
engineering knowledge, and production techniques. The
result of this continuing advancement has been progres-
sively better sound at ever lower costs, and the E-V 15A
loudspeaker system is a case in point.
An acoustic suspension woofer must have an extremely
low free-air resonance so that the additional restoring
force of the air sealed in the enclosure will raise the
operating resonance to the desired frequency. The E-V
15A woofer has a free-air resonance of 25 Hz. A sealed,
urethane foam half-roll surround maintains precise align-
ment of the come without unnecessarily raising the
Often overlooked in early acoustic suspension systems was
midrange performance. Because the ear is most sensitive in
the middle portion of the spectrum, however, consider-
able time was spent in perfecting this portion of the E-V
15A design. The 5-inch speaker employed was designed
specifically to reproduce a range of 2 octaves, and to do it
precisely and efficiently. The result is clean, clear repro-
duction of the “presence” range, which contributes to the
life and vibrancy of reproduced speech and music.
From approximately 3000 Hz to the limit of audibility, a
special 2%-inch cone tweeter provides the sparkle and
brilliance so necessary for satisfying musical reproduction.
The shallow, curved cone provides exceptional
dispersion—120° —in the 5—10 KHz. octave. Transient
response is uniformly excellent, due largely to the low
moving mass of less than ¥ gram.
A deluxe LCR crossover controls the input to each of the
drivers and provides adjustment of high-frequency re-
sponse to match listening room acoustics. Crossover
frequencies are 700 and 3000 Hz. The crossover and all
components are tested individually, and then as a
complete system, to assure laboratory standard
The attractive E-V 15A enclosure is rigidly constructed
throughout and is handsomely finished in grained walnut
vinyl on all four sides. The nameplate, which is held in
place by an adhesive backing, may be repositioned to
permit either horizontal or vertical placement.
Frequency Response: 40 — 20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Handling Capacity,
Program: 35 watts
Peak: 70 watts
Dimensions: 134” H x 24” W x 11 %” deep
Finish: Walnut
Shipping Weight: 34 pounds
The E-V 15A may be placed on a table, shelf or on the
floor, Generally however, the most realism will be
obtained if its height from the floor is equal to the
listener's ear level. The system performs equally well
placed in a horizontal or vertical position.
The above comments apply also to stereophonic place-
ment. Additionally, however, the two systems should be
far enough apart to permit listeners to sit at the apex of a
thirty- to forty-degree angle, as illustrated in Figure 1. A
distance of six to eight feet between stereo speakers will,
in most rooms, provide natural separation. Placing the
loudspeakers too close together or listening at too great a
distance will destroy the stereo effect, and the sound will
be essentially monophonic. Extreme spacing between
speakers or listening at too short a distance will produce
exaggerated and unreal separation. In long rooms, the
loudspeakers should be placed along one of the short walls
facing into the long room dimension. This improves bass
reproduction and provides good stereo listening over most
of the room.
FIGURE 1 — Placement for Stereo
The E-V 15A has a nominal impedance of eight ohms.
Connections should be made between the right terminal
and the amplifier 8-ohm terminal; the left terminal should
be connected to the amplifier “common” terminal (some-
times referred to as ‘“O’”’ or “C”). Connections should be
made with No. 18 or larger wire; common zip- or lamp-
cord is satisfactory. If the speaker leads are to be run
behind a molding strip or under a carpet, TV twin lead
may be used.
The E-V 15A is equipped with a continuously-variable
balance control to adjust the high-frequency response of
the system to varying acoustical environments. The
“normal” position, indicated on the control, should be
correct in most instances. Acoustically “hard” or “live”
rooms may require a retarded setting of the control to
compensate for the greater amount of high-frequency re-
flection. In “soft” or “dead” rooms with carpeting, soft
furniture, and draperies, an advanced setting of the
control will normally be required. The best guide to
setting the control properly is a familiarity with the sound
of live music. That position of the control which provides
the musical balance most satisfactory to you is correct.
Your E-V 15A has been packed to provide protection well
in excess of shipping requirements of the Interstate
Commerce Commission. If shipping damage occurs,
contact the dealer from whom the unit was purchased or
the carrier and request inspection and further instructions.
Electro-Voice high fidelity speakers, speaker systems, and
accessories are guaranteed for five years from date of
original purchase against malfunction due to defects in
workmanship and materials. If such malfunction occurs,
unit will be repaired or replaced (at our option) without
charge for materials or labor if delivered prepaid to the
proper Electro-Voice service facility. Unit will be returned
prepaid. Warranty does not cover finish or appearance
items or malfunction due to abuse or operation at other
than specified conditions. Repair by other than Electro-
Voice or its authorized service agencies will void this
For instructions on return of Electro-Voice products for
repair by authorized service agencies, please write: Service
Department, Electro-Voice, Inc., 600 Cecil street,
Buchanan, Michigan 49107 (Phone:616/695-6831).
Electro-Voice also maintains complete facilities for
non-warranty service.
Part No. 535618 — 324
a Gulton cow.» ELECTRO -VOICE, Inc., 600 CECIL ST., BUCHANAN, MICH. 49107
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