Electro-Voice Portable Speaker E-V Four-A, E-V Four•A Datasheet

Electro-Voice Portable Speaker E-V Four-A, E-V Four•A Datasheet
Heralding a new era in loudspeaker system design, the
E-V FOUR * A offers performance never before found in a
system of modest cost and size. The precise performance
of a twelve-inch woofer, six-inch mid-range speaker, and
two and one-half inch tweeter are blended smoothly into
an integrated whole. No portion of the spectrum is
emphasized or left out. The clean, balanced sound of the
E-V FOUR*A brings the depth and vibrancy of a live
musical performance into your home.
The foundation of any system's performance is the
woofer. Traditionally, woofers have been designed by
building and rebuilding laboratory samples to fit system
requirements, However, in the case of acoustic suspension
systems, only slight variations in woofer parameters can
make a substantial change in system performance. To
refine the design procedure, Electro-Voice engineers
emploved the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of a
scientific computer. A mathematical program in the
computer simulated woofer performance. A set of design
variables fed into the computer predicted the per-
formance of that woofer within seconds. Many subtle
variations were tried quickly with accurate results. Once
the optimum woofer design was reached, physical models
were built in the laboratory to verify performance, Far
more important than reducing design time, this exclusive
Electro-Voice technique assures you the best possible
bass performance in the E-V FOUR" A,
Innovations are to be found in the woofer materials and
production techniques as well. A new sealed foam
halt-roll surround provides stable suspension of the cone
and vet allows linear cone movement of three-fourths
inch peak-to-peak. “Deep Dish” cone geometry Keeps
distortion low by reducing cone break-up. A 10-pound
magnet structure provides the highest efficiency con-
sistent with precise transient response.
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Figure 1 - Representative frequency response and range
of balance control action.
Mid-range performance is no less important than bass
performance. Because the ear is most sensitive to mid-
range sound. any flaws in performance in this area are
disturbing. Specially selected and treated cone and
suspension ensure smoothness and low distortion
throughout the range of 400 to 2500 Hz. Speaker
resonance is nearly an octave below the first crossover
point, further reducing the possibility of response vari-
ation. The mid-range speaker is mounted in an internally-
damped, sealed enclosure to prevent interaction with the
Brilliant high-frequency response is assured by a new
tweeter incorporating several design innovations, While
basically a cone tweeter. it has a specially selected dust
dome mounted centrally on the cone. In the lower
portion of its frequency range the tweeter cone and dome
function together with full efficiency. As frequency
increases, a progressively smaller area of the cone radiates
sound. At the highest frequencies, only the dome is
radiating. Thus maximum dispersion is maintained at all
frequencies without sacrificing efficiency. Resonant
frequency of the tweeter is just below the crossover point
for rapid rolloff. In addition. viscous damping compound
is injected between the voice coil form and magnetic
structure. This semi-liquid material controls cone move-
ment at resonance and eliminates spurious responses and
Carefully matched to the driver components and con-
structed of fine selected hardwood veneers, the E-V
FOUR" A enclosure is an outstanding combination of fine
furniture design and acoustical excellence. Heavy, vib-
ration-free three-fourths-inch panels and cross-bracing
give the E-V FOUR+* A enclosure unusual rigidity. The
cabinet is finished on four sides to allow use in either
vertical or horizontal position, The nameplate may be
rotated for vertical placement.
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Part No, 534406 a
Frequency Response: 30 to 20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Handling Capacity
Program: 35 watts
Peak: 70 watts
Dimensions: 14” Нх 25” № х 13” D
Finish: Oiled Walnut veneer
Shipping Weight: 55 pounds
The E-V БРОСОК А may be placed on a table, shelf, or on
the floor. Generally the most realism will be obtained if
its height from the floor is near the listener's ear level.
The E-V FOUR*A performs equally well placed in a
horizontal or vertical position.
The above comments apply also to stereophonic place-
ment. Additionally, however, the two systems should be
far enough apart to permit listeners to sit at the apex of a
thirty- to forty-degree angle, as illustrated. A distance of
six to eight feet between stereo speakers will, in most
rooms. provide natural separation. Placing the loud-
speakers too close together or listening at too great a
distance will destroy the stereo effect. and the sound
heard by the listener will be essentially monophonic.
Extreme spacing between speakers or listening at too
short a distance will produce exaggerated and unreal
separation. In long rooms, the loudspeakers should be
placed along one of the short walls facing into the long
room dimension. This improves bass reproduction and
provides good stereo listening over most of the room.
The E-V FOUR *A has a nominal impedance of eight
ohms. Connections should be made between the left
terminal (T1) and the amplifier 8-ohm terminal: the right
terminal (T2) should be connected to the amplifier
“common” terminal (sometimes referred to as “0” or
*“C""). Connections should be made with No, 18 or larger
wire: common zip- or lamp-cord is quite satisfactory. If
the speaker leads are to be run behind a molding strip or
under a carpet. TV twin lead should be used,
The E-V FOUR * À is equipped with continuously-variable
balance controls to adjust mid-range and high-frequency
response of the system to varving acoustical environ-
ments. The “normal” position, indicated on the controls,
should be correct in most instances. Acoustically “hard”
or “live” rooms may require a retarded setting of the
“Hi” control to compensate for the greater amount of
high-frequency reflection. In “soft” or “dead” rooms
Figure 2 - Placement for stereo
with carpeting, soft furniture, and draperies, an advanced
setting of the “Hi” control will normally be required. The
best guide to setting the control properly is a familiarity
with the sound of live music, That position of the
controls which provides the musical balance most
pleasing to you is correct.
Your E-V FOUR*A system has been packed to provide
protection well in excess of shipping requirements of the
Interstate Commerce Commission. If shipping damage
occurs, contact the dealer from whom the unit was
purchased or the carrier and request inspection and
further instructions.
Your E-V FOUR*A is guaranteed indefinitely against
defects in original materials and workmanship. If it
becomes damaged or develops faulty operation from
unusual conditions of use, write to the Electro-Voice
Service Department. Be sure to mention the make and
model number of the other components used in your
system, as well as the nature of the trouble,
ELECTRO-VOICE, INC./ Buchanan, Michigan
A Subsidiary of Gulton Industries, Inc.
Litho in U.S,A.
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