Magnadyne Home Security System PLUS-4800 User manual

Magnadyne Home Security System PLUS-4800 User manual
Model: PLUS-4800
Full-Featured 2-Channel Security System
1 1/4 in.
• Ignition key on door lock.
• Second channel to remotely release the trunk or rear hatch
(5-mode programmable option).
• Starter disable to prevent the car from starting when the
alarm is armed or triggered (option).
• Remote panic.
• Remote shock-sensor delete.
• Remote valet.
2 in.
• Two 434 mhz 4-button, miniature remote transmitters with
lithium batteries for longer life.
• Electronic dual-zone shock sensor.
• Multi-function light flasher with relay built-in.
• Flashing LED status indicator to ward off would-be
• Power door lock/unlock activation (option).
• High-output 6-tone siren.
• Horn output (-)
• Dome light supervision output (Relay required).
• Programmable double unlock pulse.
• Programmable last door auto arm & auto lock.
PK. 24 WT. 22
Actual Size
1111 West Victoria Street
Compton, CA 90220
Bulletin 9-6-05
© Copyright 2005 Magnadyne
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