Philips Hot Beverage Maker SCF135/06 User manual

Philips Hot Beverage Maker SCF135/06 User manual
Philips AVENT
Powder formula dispenser
3 doses
Ideal for travel
This handy little unit carries 3 pre-measured portions of powder formula in separate
compartments. When you're ready to feed, just pour the powder into the bottle of preboiled cooled water. Remove inner sections to use as a bowl/container.
Benefits and features:
• Holds enough powdered formula for three 260 ml/ 9 oz feeds
• Converts into handy snack cup
• Sterilizer/microwave/dishwasher safe
• Snack cup for use from 6m+
Powder formula dispenser
3 doses
Country of origin
What is included
• Malaysia
• Powder formula dispenser: 1 pcs
Issue date 2008-10-19
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