Philips Double Oven SBC SC479 User manual

Philips Double Oven SBC SC479 User manual
Baby Monitor
Listen to your baby without
This Philips digital baby monitor system, using DECT technology, ensures absolutely
no interference from other systems and lets you get on with your work or simply
relax by yourself or with friends. A newborn can not yet regulate its own temperature,
so it is important to keep an eye on the temperature in the baby room.You can do
this by checking the LCD display on the Parent unit or Baby unit. Be sure that your
baby is comfortable without having to disturb it.You can control the system from the
Parent unit, wherever you are!
• 100% Digital - Zero interference guaranteed
• 120 Channels, with auto select
• Privacy guaranteed
• Single-Point Control
• Sound level lights
• Talk back to comfort baby
• Night light on Baby unit
• LCD on both Parent unit and Baby unit
• 5 Lullabies
• Room temperature monitor
Baby Monitor
Standard product information
Product Highlights
System information
Zero Interference
100% Digital DECT 'cordless telephone technology'
guarantees you hear only your baby and no distracting
noise or the neighbour's child!
• Power Supply
• Battery operation time
• Operating voltage
• Standard
• Frequency range
• Channel bandwidth
• Operating temperature
• Storage temperature
• Operating range
• Packaging content
4 x 1.5V, LR6/AA batteries for baby unit (not included)
2x rechargeable batteries NimH, 1.2V 1600mAh AA size
NiMH for parent unit included
Power adapter DC 9V, 300mA (2x included)
Minimum of 25 hours
(Baby unit)
Minimum of 12 hours (Parent unit)
DC 9 Volt
Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT)
1.88 to 1.9 GHz
(bandwith = 20 MHz)
1.728 MHz
0˚ to 40˚ C
-20˚ to 60˚ C
Up to 300 meters (open air)
1 x Baby unit
1 x Parent unit
1 x Charging base + 9 V AC/DC power adapter (Parent unit)
1 x 9V AC/DC power adapter (Baby unit)
2x rechargeable batteries
Instructions for use
1 x Carton packaging box
• 12 NC
/00 9082 100 03604
• Country of origin
Corrugated carton window gift box
English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese
English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese,
Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish
Privacy guaranteed
The unique and secure one-to-one connection means
no one can eavesdrop on you.
Single-Point Control
You can remotely adjust the volume and sound sensitivity
of the baby unit using simple controls on your parent unit.
Dect System Link
The continuous 100% digital two-way system check
shows that you have contact and sounds an alarm if
the contact is broken, so there's no need for a ticking
clock to check if it is working.
Sound Level Lights
Even if the parent unit's volume is turned down you
can still 'see' how loud your baby's sounds are.
Packaging Information
• Type
• Languages packaging
• Languages IFU
120 Channels
It continuously searches for and automatically selects a
channel that is free from other baby monitors, taxis,
police radios or anything else.
5 Lullabies
Choose from 5 lullabies to soothe your baby in to sleep.
Room temperature monitor
The room temperature is constantly displayed on both
the Baby and the Parent unit.
• Dimensions (HxWxD)
• Weight
• Material
267 x 233 x 95 mm
1.36 kg
90% recycled
Talk-back to comfort your baby
Reassure your baby with the soothing tones of your
voice without having to go upstairs.
• EAN / Barcode
/00 87 10895 85370 5
A warm glowing light to make your baby feel secure.
• Contents
• Dimensions
• Weight (gross)
318 x 283 x 256 mm
4.6 kg
Rechargeable batteries
Enjoy the convenience and savings of rechargeable
batteries and a charging base for the parent unit.
• EAN / Barcode
/00 87 10895 85518 1
Portable parent unit
With the adjustable belt clip, you can easily take the
Parent unit with you, wherever you go.
Outer carton
Wide operating range
You can move freely in and around your house within
a range of around 50 metres indoors and up to 300
metres in ideal open-air conditions.
Adjustable sound sensitivity
Set the baby unit's sound sensitivity level to pick up
the sounds you want to hear.
Two AC power adapters included
You can run both the baby unit and parent unit on
mains power to save on batteries. Rechargeable
batteries for Parent unit included.
Battery back up
You can use the baby unit on batteries and on the
mains. In case of mains failure it will automatically
switch over to batteries (if batteries are installed).
Battery-low indication
To know in time when the batteries need to be
recharged or replaced.
Volume control
You can set the volume to the ideal level to suit your
Date of issue: July 2004
Specifications are subject to change without notice
Trademarks owned by Royal Philips Electronics
2004 © Royal Philips Electronics - All rights reserved If the Parent unit is misplaced and the volume is off,
you can use the page button on the Baby unit to locate
the Parent unit.
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