Philips Baby Monitor SC368 User manual

Philips Baby Monitor SC368 User manual
102620C1•ProdLeaflet SBC368
Pagina 1
baby monitor
• Adjustable microphone sensitivity
• Continuous Communication Link (pilot tone)
• Out-of-range indication
• Charging base included
• Two power adapters included
• Battery-low indicators
• Battery back-up option
• Two channels
parent unit
range up to
portable &
102620C1•ProdLeaflet SBC368
Pagina 2
baby monitor
Standard product information
System information
Power Supply
4x 1.5V, LR6/AA batteries for Baby unit (not included)
3.6V 550mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)
Power adapter DC 9V, 200mA (2x included)
Battery operation time
Up to 30 hours (Baby unit)
Up to 12 hours (Parent unit)
Operating voltage
DC 9 Volt
Transmission frequencies
(/86&/87 version)
Number of pilot tone codes 4
Operating temperature
0º C to 40º C
Storage temperature
0º C to 50º C
Interference free
Advanced technology ensures no interference from other
cordless devices or other brands of baby monitor.
Operating range
Up to 250 meters (open air)
Packaging content
1 x Baby unit
1 x Parent unit
1 x charging base
2 x 9V AC/DC power adapter
3.6V 550mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)
Instructions for use
1 x carton packaging box
Range up to 250m
Gives you the freedom to bring the Parent unit with you anywhere around the house.
12 NC
EAN / Barcode
Channel A
Channel B
40.695 MHz
40.675 MHz
/13U 9082 100 00487
/16U 9082 100 00488
/86U 9082 100 00409
/87U 9082 100 00411
/13U 87 10101 67678 4
/16U 87 10101 67679 1
/86U 87 10101 67325 7
/87U 87 10101 67324 0
Packaging information
Dimensions (cm)
Languages packaging
Languages IFU (12)
Outer carton
Dimensions (cm)
Weight (gross)
EAN / Barcode
Corrugated carton window gift box
0.95 kg
90% recycled
24.0 x 8.2 x 30.5
English, French, German, Dutch
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian,
Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish,
3.33 kg
/13U 87 10101 87217 6
/16U 87 10101 87318 3
/86U 87 10101 87319 0
/87U 87 10101 87320 6
This Philips baby monitor lets you get on with your work or
simply relax by yourself or with friends, secure in the
knowledge that baby is resting peacefully or playing
happily. Easy to install and use, this model features an ultracompact Parent unit that you can clip onto your belt so you
can easily move around the house and still always hear baby.
Ultra-compact Parent unit
Provides clip-on convenience for maximum portability around
the house.
Portable and rechargeable
Rechargeable batteries in the Parent unit last up to 12 hours
before recharging is needed.
In-range check
The Link light lights continuously when everything is O.K.
and emits an audio and visual alarm if you go outside the
operational range.
Adjustable microphone sensitivity
The microphone’s sensitivity can be adjusted to the level of
sound you want to hear.
Continuous Communication Link (pilot tone)
Hidden signal that ensures a continuous link between both
units so you only hear your baby’s sounds.
Out-of-range indication
The Parent unit automatically checks that it is within range
and alerts you if you go outside the reliable operational
Charging base included
For quick and easy charging of the batteries.
Two power adapters included
For immediate operation of both units from the mains supply.
Battery-low indicators
Tell you immediately when your batteries are low.
Battery back-up option
Ensures operating reliability at all times.
Two channels
For reliable, interference-free operation.
Two AC power adapters included.
Rechargeable batteries for Parent unit included.
Baby unit batteries optional.
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