Patton electronic Switch 2100 User manual

Patton electronic Switch 2100 User manual
PATTON MODEL 2100 Series
Miniature Ethernet Transceiver/MAUs
◆ Adapts an Ethernet AUI Port to 10BaseT UTP (Model 2100 &
2100LC) or Thin Coax BNC (Model 2102)
◆ Distances to 300ft/91.2m (Model 2100 & 2100LC) or
150ft/45.6m (Model 2102)
◆ Operating Power Derived from AUI Interface
◆ Compatible with IEEE802.3 Specifications
◆ Seven LEDs Monitor Workstation and Interface (Model 2100)
The Patton Model 2100 Series of transceiver/MAUs allows Ethernet 802.5
AUI ports communicate over twisted pair or thin coax cable. Drawing all
necessary operating power from the DB-15 AUI interface, the Model
2100 Series requires no AC power or batteries for operation. The Patton
Model 2100 supports twisted pair cable runs to 300 feet (91.2m) for connection to 10Base-T hardware such as hubs and repeaters. It incorporates autopolarity detect/reverse, jabber protection, and collision detection, as well as seven LED indicators. The Patton Model 2100LC is
identical to the Model 2100, except that there are no LEDs. The Patton
Model 2102 connects to a thin Coax LAN and has a switchable “heartbeat” function, as well as an adjustable collision detect level.
MODEL 2100/2100LC (10Base-T): Connectors: DB-15 male on AUI port, RJ-45
jack on 10Base-T twisted pair port LEDs: (Model 2100 only) Power On=red,
Link=green, Polarity=yellow, Collision=red, Receive=green, Transmit=green,
Jabber=red Link Parameters: Duration between transmit link pulses: 8mS(min) /
24mS(max); duration between receive link pulses: 3mS(min) / 105mS(max)
Collision Parameters: Collision signal ON/OFF delay (CI+/-): 900nS(max); collision to end of AUI loopback ON (DI+/-): 800nS(max); start of AUI loopback to end
of collision: 100nS(max); Jabbering node isolated from network if jabber surpasses a 26mS transmit time; the jabber function will inhibit transmission (except for
link pulses), discontinue AUI loopback, and send a collision signal on the AUI
CI+/- circuit
MODEL 2102 (10Base-2): Connectors: DB-15 male on AUI port, BNC female
connection to network medium Maximum AUI Cable Length: 150 feet (45.6m)
Heartbeat Function: Can be disabled to allow operation with 802.3 repeaters
Collision Detect Level: Can be adjusted to detect collisions only when unit is
transmitting or even when unit is not transmitting MAU Functions Implemented:
Transmit, Receive, Collision Presence Detection and Jabber Lockup Isolation:
500 VAC, rms for one minute between the DTE physical layer circuits and the
coaxial trunk cable
GENERAL Compliance: IEEE/ANSI 802.3 compliant Power Supply: Draws
necessary operating power from pin 13 of the DB-15 AUI interface Dimensions:
2.25"L x 1.69"H x 0.75"W (5.7 x 4.2 x 1.9 cm)
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