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Owner’s Manual
for model:
Wrist Blood Pressure
Monitor with Heart Sense
Made in China
105 Challenger Road, 6th Floor
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
PN 100002-01 6/06 Rev. 0
• Large Three Row Digital Display
• 3 Zones of 30 Memory - 90 Memory Total
• Time and Date
• Memory Average of Last 3 Measurements
• Pulse Display
• Automatic power off
Important Warnings/Medical Disclaimer
Before using your blood pressure monitor, you should read
and understand all instructions and follow all warnings.
Information in this manual is provided for informational
purposes only. This product and manual are not meant to
be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use this
product, or the information contained herein, for diagnosing or treating a health problem, disease, or prescribing
any medication. If you have or suspect that you have a
medical problem, promptly contact your medical provider.
Important Warnings/Medical Disclaimer
Table of Contents
Important Warnings/Medical Disclaimer_________________1
Healthy Living __________________________________3-4
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure_________5-8
Intended Use_____________________________________8
Measurement Method______________________________9
Main Unit and Accessories__________________________10
Special Features_________________________________11
Special Conditions________________________________12
Digital Display Symbols____________________________13
Battery Installation________________________________13
Programming Time and Date_________________________14
Important Reminders____________________________15-16
Applying the Cuff to Your Wrist_______________________17
Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement__________________18
3 Zones of 30 Memory_____________________________20
Taking Care of Your Blood Pressure Monitor______________21
Five Year Limited Warranty________________________24-25
Blood Pressure Diary____________________________27-29
Table of Contents
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Healthy Living
Purchasing this blood pressure monitor is your first step in
living a healthier life, but it is only the beginning. It is
also important to:
STAY ACTIVE - Start out by taking just a short
walk each day. Over time you'll begin to feel more energetic. Walking is a fun, easy way to help lose weight and
also aids in building stronger bones and a healthier heart!
EAT HEALTHY - Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great way to start. Also, look at
incorporating more whole grains, fish and low fat dairy
products and keep a check on your sodium intake. If
you're using a blood pressure monitor, you should already
be aware of how sodium can affect your blood pressure.
You may want to explore the potential benefits of certain
botanicals such as onion and garlic. As always, consult
your physician before beginning any dietary changes.
Healthy Living
Healthy Living
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure
Commonly Asked Questions About
Blood Pressure
When the heart contracts it sends blood out
into the body. This pressure is referred to as
The pressure that is created as
the heart pulls blood back thorough is called diastolic.
Blood Pressure is recorded as systolic over
What is considered Normal Blood Pressure?
The Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on
Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High
Blood Pressure from the National Heart, Lung and Blood
Institute has set forth the following guidelines regarding
high blood pressure. Guidelines provided are for information purposes only. Please consult with your physician for
proper diagnosis.
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure
Commonly Asked Questions About
Blood Pressure
Why Does My Blood Pressure Fluctuate?
Blood pressure changes with every beat of the heart and
is in constant fluctuation throughout the day. In addition
to natural changes, other factors that may affect blood
pressure are:
• Temperature
(too hot or cold)
• Humidity
• Restlessness
• Lack of sleep
• Physical exercise
• Constipation
• Your physical
• Stress
Be sure to speak with your healthcare professional to
determine what is affecting your blood pressure.
How Do I Know If I Have High Blood Pressure?
People have the misconception that they can "feel" their
blood pressure rise. In reality it is nearly impossible to tell
if your pressure is elevated without having it checked.
This is why hypertension has been named "the silent
killer". Start monitoring your blood pressure today and
discuss the results with your healthcare professional.
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure
Commonly Asked Questions About
Blood Pressure
Why Is It Important To Control My Blood Pressure?
Left uncontrolled hypertension can place an incredible
amount of stress on your heart and arteries. They are
both forced to work harder to keep blood flowing through
your body. Over time this stress may result in health related problems including enlargement of the heart, loss of
artery elasticity, heart disease, stroke and death. Making
simple lifestyle changes now may help you stay healthy in
the future.
Intended Use
Measurement Method
Healthy Living monitors measure blood pressure and
pulse rate by using an oscillometric method, meaning the
fluctuations in pressure are measured. Once the cuff is
wrapped around the wrist, the monitor is turned on and
the cuff is automatically inflated. The inflation of the cuff
creates pressure around the arteries inside the wrist.
Within the cuff is a gauge which senses the fluctuations
(oscillations) in pressure. The fluctuations measured are
the arteries contracting with each heart beat as a result of
the pressure the cuff has placed on the wrist. The monitor
measures these contractions and converts the information
to a digital value. That is the result displayed on the monitor screen. Once the measurement is complete the cuff
will automatically deflate.
Healthy Living blood pressure monitors are designed for
home use. They are noninvasive; no part enters your body,
and provide systolic, diastolic and pulse rate measurements.
These monitors are recommended for use by people over 18
years of age and are not suitable for clinical use.
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure/Intended Use
Measurement Method
Special Features
Main Unit and Accessories
Main Unit
* 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries
* Storage/Travel Pouch
Main Unit and Accessories
Heart Sense
The Heart Sense Inflation System senses your blood pressure before the measurement is complete, signaling the
monitor to adjust the air pressure
amount. The result is a quick, comfortable measurement each time you check
your blood pressure.
Quiet Inflation
A unique, low noise, rolling motor system allows our monitors to inflate quietly.
Large 3 Row Display Screen
To make reading your result easier, the monitor comes
with a large 3 row LCD display screen.
Memory Feature
Your Healthy Living Wrist Monitor features memory
capability of up to 90 measurements and provides the
average of the 3 most recent readings!
Time and Date
The monitor will automatically keep track of the time and
Special Features
Digital Display Symbols
Using the 2 AAA batteries included, locate the battery compartment on the side of the monitor.
Remove the battery cover and insert the batteries,
making sure the polarities (+/-) are correct. Snap
the battery cover back into place.
When the display screen shows "low battery symbol" it is time to replace with 2 new AAA batteries.
* To make the batteries last longer, you may want to remove them
if you are not using your monitor for an extended period of time.
Digital Display Symbols/Battery Installation
Programming Time and Date
Important Reminders
To set the month, simply press the "MODE" button and the
month number will begin to flash. Press the "SET" button until
the correct month appears and then press "MODE" to set that
month. Follow the same process to set the day and time.
Follow your health care provider's advice on how and
when to take your blood pressure. Here are some important hints on what to do before taking a measurement:
* Sit quietly for about 10 minutes. This allows your body
to return to its normal resting state.
* Take your blood pressure in a room temperature
environment, extreme temperatures may affect the
* Wait 30-45 minutes after smoking or consuming
caffeinated beverages.
Programming Time and Date
Important Reminders
Important Reminders
While taking a measurement:
* Sit still and quietly. Talking or moving may elevate
* For consistency, it is a good idea to measure your blood
pressure around the same time each day and using the
same wrist. If possible, we suggest using the left.
* When taking multiple measurements right after each
other, make sure you have allowed at least 10 minutes
between measurements. This allows your blood vessels
to return to their normal state.
* Sit with your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor.
Do not touch the cuff or monitor while the measurement
is being taken.
* Keep your wrist at level with your heart.
* Relax.
Important Reminders
Applying the Cuff to Your Wrist
* The cuff needs to be wrapped around
your bare wrist. Make sure to rollup
your sleeve or remove any clothing or
jewelry that is covering your wrist. If
rolling up a sleeve, make sure this
does not constrict blood circulation in
your arm.
* Wrap the cuff around your wrist
(preferably the left) making sure it is
secure, but not too tight. The
monitor should be facing up at you.
* Place your arm on a table with your
palm facing up. It is important for
the wrist cuff to be at the same level
as your heart. You can rest your
wrist on the enclosed storage case.
Applying the Cuff to Your Wrist
Taking a Blood Pressure
* Once the cuff is properly around your wrist and you are
seated with your feet flat on the floor, you are ready to
take your measurement.
* Press "SET" button to select a particular memory zone
(no.1 to no.3).
* See "3 Zones of 30 Memory" for detailed instructions on
setting/using memory.
* Press the "START/STOP" button to begin measuring. You
will feel the cuff get tighter, this is normal. The cuff will
automatically inflate to the level that is right for you.
The cuff should not inflate to the point of discomfort, if
this happens the cuffed is wrapped to tightly. Press the
"START/STOP" button to stop the measurement and
rewrap the cuff leaving more room between your wrist
and the cuff.
* As the monitor determines your blood pressure, numbers
will appear and change on the display screen until your
reading is complete.
Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement
Taking a Blood Pressure
* When your measurement is complete the monitor will
automatically deflate by releasing the air in the cuff.
* The process should take less than a minute and once the
measurement is complete your blood pressure and pulse
rate will be displayed. The monitor will turn itself off
approximately 1 minute after completing a reading.
NOTE: Blood pressure constantly changes during the course
of a day. Occasionally high or low readings do not necessarily
mean you are ill or that the monitor is malfunctioning. If you
experience abnormal measurements it is important to speak
with your doctor to learn what your normal blood pressure is.
When you take a measurement the monitor will automatically
store it as number 1. As you continue to take measurement
the monitor will "push" the previous measurement back one
space. The most recent measurement will always be 1, the
measurement before that will be 2 and so on. To view measurements in Memory, press the "MEMORY" button for the last
reading and continue to press for each previous reading.
Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement/Memory
3 Zones of 30 Memory
Your monitor features a 3 party memory capability or 3 "zones"
each zone stores 30 measurements each for a total capacity
of 90 measurements. This feature is useful for a user to track
3 Zones of 30 Memory
Error/Symbol What Does It Mean?
How To Fix It
Monitor may have been Read page 17
inflated without the cuff (Applying the Cuff).
around the wrist OR Cuff
may not be positioned
correctly on the wrist.
Movement may have dis- Read pages 15& 16
turbed the cuff while inflat- (Important
ing and it is attempting to re- Reminders).
inflate. Check the cuff to
make sure it is positioned
You may have moved or Remember that it is
spoken during the meas- important not to
move and speak as
urement process.
it may elevate
You may have been
startled by a noise or
vibration while measuring.
Error/Symbol What Does It Mean?
The batteries have run
How To Fix It
Replace with 2 new
AAA batteries. See
page 13 for instructions.
Blood pressure Cuff may not be aligned Read page 17
(Applying the Cuff).
value seems
too high or too
Circuitry locked.
Remove and reinsert
the batteries and then
proceed to take
measurement again.
Unable to take The cuff may not be
a measurepositioned correctly.
ment after
receiving an
error symbol.
Read page 17
(Applying the Cuff).
Make sure you are
in a quiet and comfortable place when
taking a measurement.
Samsung America, Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace your monitor, including the cuff, with the same or comparable model free of
charge (except you must pay for shipping charges set forth below) for
a period of (5) five years from the date of original purchase in the
event of a defect in materials or workmanship occurring during normal use. This product is for home use only and is not intended for
commercial or clinical use. This warranty only extends to the original
retail purchaser.
Five Year Limited Warranty
Blood Pressure Diary
Monitor Type
Measurement Method
Measurement Range
Wrist cuff
Liquid crystal digital display
Pressure:0-300 mm Hg
Pulse:40-199 beats/Minute
Pressure:within ± 3mm Hg
Pulse:within ± 5%
3 databases of 30 memory each
= total 90 sets
Automatic Power Off Approximately 2 minutes after
measurement is complete
Battery Type
2 AAA batteries (Alkaline)
Battery Life
Approximately 6 months when used
once a day
Storage Temperature Temperature:-4°F to 140°F
Relative Humidity:10~95% R.H.
Operating Temperature Temperature:50°F to 104°F
Relative Humidity:30~85% R.H.
Dimensions (approx.) Monitor: L 27 5/ " x W 28 1/ " x H 11 3/ "
Cuff: fits wrists 5"- 8" around
Weight (approx.)
5.8 oz. (including batteries)
For purposes of improvement, specifications are subject to
change without notice.
Blood Pressure Diary
Blood Pressure Diary
Blood Pressure Diary
Blood Pressure Diary
Blood Pressure Diary
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