Panasonic Smoke Alarm 1548 User manual

Panasonic Smoke Alarm 1548 User manual
Fire alarm system
1548, 1549 and 1550
EBL512 -- an intelligent analog addressable fire alarm system
Up to 512 addresses per control and indicating equipment (c.i.e.)
TLON network for up to 30 c.i.e.:s
Analog addressable system
Up to 512 addresses
EBL512 is an intelligent analog addressable
fire alarm system, conforming to the EN54-2
and –4 standards.
EBL512 has the capacity of connecting 512
addresses. Basic configurations 128, 256 or
512 addresses. Can be upgraded on site.
Each c.i.e. has four COM loops for
connection of up to 512 loop units. Each
addressable loop unit uses one address.
Some loop units that can be connected:
• Analog detectors (sensors)
• Addressable manual call points
• Addressable short circuit isolators
• Addressable input and output units
• Addressable sirens & sounder bases
• Addressable external power supply units
• Conventional detectors and manual call
Features / functions
The fire alarm system EBL512 meets the
most stringent requirements relating to fire
detection and alarm.
A user-friendly PC software Win512 is used
for site specific data editing, download,
backup and SW download.
Some features / functions:
• Adaptation of each analog detector's
alarm level in relation to its contamination. Service signal when required.
• Algorithms for filtering and alarm, to
reduce nuisance alarms. Algorithm for
faster detection of smouldering fires.
• Functions, customer related: Test mode,
alert annunciation, disablements, etc.
• Functions: Fire door closing, interlocking combinations of outputs &
inputs, time channels, alarm delay, twounit dependence, user definable text
message for each alarm point, etc.
• Programmable inputs and outputs and
a large number of trigger conditions.
• Expansion boards (options) with zone
line inputs or relay outputs.
• Interface (option) for ext. Fire brigade
panels, alert annunciation units, data
converters, etc.
TLON Network
Up to 30 EBL512 c.i.e.:s can be connected
to a TLON network. A TLON connection
board 1590 is then required in each c.i.e.
EBL512 has space in the cabinet for two
sealed Lead Acid 24 (27) Ah batteries.
In each c.i.e. can be mounted up to six
expansion boards 1580-1587. The ext. FBPs
182x and the Alert Annunciation units 173x,
shall be connected via a 1587 board.
One Web-server II 1598 (option) connects
the EBL512 system to Internet / an Intranet
Panasonic Electric Works Fire & Security Technology Europe AB
Citadellsvägen 23, SE-211 18 Malmö, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)40 697 70 00 • Fax: +46 (0)40 697 70 99
[email protected] •
Type numbers
EBL512 c.i.e., excl. printer, configured for 128, 256 or 512 addresses.
EBL512 c.i.e., incl. printer, configured for 128, 256 or 512 addresses.
EBL512 c.i.e., excl. front panel, excl. printer, configured for 128, 256 or 512
Printer board (option for 1548).
Cabinet for drawings.
8 zones expansion board (8 zone line inputs for conventional detectors).
8 relays expansion board (8 programmable relay outputs).
External FBP interface board (for connection of data converters and the "older"
types of ext. FBPs).
German FBP interface board (for connection of a "Feuerwehr-Bedienfeld", incl.
a VdS Standardschnittstelle "Löschen").
Autronica interface board (for connection of Autronica, BS100 units).
Connection cable (male-male) for the 1580-1587 boards (no. 1->2 and no. 5->6).
Connection cable (female-female) for the 1580-1587 boards (no. 3->4).
External FBP / DU interface board (for connection of the newest types of display
units, e.g. ext. FBPs (1826 / 1828) and Alert Annunciation units (1735 /1736).
TLON connection board (for TLON network). One board in each c.i.e.
Technical data
primary (V AC)
secondary system (V DC)
Current consumption (mA)
Ambient temperature (°C)
Depending on type (1548-1550), expansion board(s), etc. See EBL512
Planning Instructions.
0 to +40
-40 to +70
Ambient humidity (% RH)
max. 90, non-condensing
Ingress Protection rating (estimated)
4 COM loops for 128, 256 or 512 addresses
4 programmable
4 programmable supervised voltage outputs
2 programmable relay outputs
Relay outputs for routing equipment (Fire brigade tx and Fault tx)
Power supply (24 V DC) for routing equipment and external equipment
Size W x H x D (mm)
400 x 610 x 175
Weight (kg)
1548: 17.6 / 1549: 18 / 1550: 17.4
Colour (metal cabinet)
Light grey (NCS S1500-N, PMS Cool Grey 2)
CE; Conforms with EN54-2 and -4. The front conforms with SS3654.
Note! All voltages are nominal.
All technical features and data are subject to changes without notice, resulting from continuous development and improvement.
Product Leaflet
Date of issue
Revision / Date of revision
6 / 2008-01-24
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