RCA Car Speaker 40-5039 User manual

RCA Car Speaker 40-5039 User manual
6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Package
Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete instructions.
Connecting the Subwoofer to an Amplifier/Receiver
(Amplifier/Receiver Not Supplied)
Center Channel Speaker
Center Speaker
Satellite Speakers
Right Front Speaker
Center Speaker
Left Front Speaker
Right Front Speaker
Left Front Speaker
Speaker Placement
Right Rear Speaker
Left Rear Speaker
Line Level Input Jack
High Level Input Terminals
Subwoofer Operation
Connecting Power
• Place the center speaker directly above or below
the TV so that the sound of the center channel is
localized at the TV.
• If possible, place the surround speakers slightly
above ear level.
• Try to place all the speakers at an equal distance
from the listening position.
Left Rear Speaker
Connect the power cord to a standard
120V/60 Hz AC outlet. Route the
subwoofer’s power cord so it is not likely
to be walked on or pinched by items
placed upon or against it, especially at
plugs, convenience receptacles, and the
point where it exits from the subwoofer.
Right Rear Speaker
The subwoofer turns on and off automatically. Follow these steps to adjust
the volume.
1. Rotate LEVEL clockwise to MIN then turn on your audio system.
2. Play a DVD/CD, record, cassette, radio, or TV and adjust the audio
system to a comfortable level.
3. Rotate LEVEL clockwise until you achieve the desired balance of bass
between the subwoofer and the main speakers. After you adjust
LEVEL, use the amplifier/receiver’s volume control to control the
speaker’s volume.
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