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Active Speaker System
Operating Instructions
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To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do
not expose this product to rain or moisture.
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not
open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified
personnel only.
To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventilations of
the product with newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
And do not place lighted candles on the apparatus.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not place
objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the product.
Do not install the product in a confined space, such as
a bookcase or built-in cabinet.
Installing the battery incorrectly may cause
an explosion. Be sure the battery’s positive
and negative poles are correctly oriented in
the holder.
Improper dispose of batteries may lead
to battery explosions and leakage. Do not
charge, disassemble batteries or discard
batteries in water.
For the period of validity, refer to the date
printed on the batteries (Month-Year).
Before use
Note on the AC adapter (not supplied)
Back View
Consult the Sony service center if you need to
purchase the AC adapter (not supplied) and the AC
power cord (not supplied).
AC adapter Model: HDAC-M1 with the compatible
AC power cord is recommended.
SRS-M55 is an active stereo speaker that offers you
powerful sound. This portable two-channel active speaker
brings you convenience and joy anywhere by only
connecting it to your audio electronics. Benefiting from
its two separable and high-efficient speakers, SRS-M55
provides natural tonal balance and wide dynamic range
in a compact cabinet. With the surround sound effect and
EQ mode selection, you can enjoy more living sound.
Portable unit with separable speakers.
urround sound effect and EQ mode
wo-channel active speaker with
retractible cord.
Supplied Accessories
Connection cord (3.5mm, Stereo Mini Plug 
Stereo Mini Plug, 1 m) (1)
 LR03 (AAA size) Alkaline battery (4)
 Operating Instructions (this manual) (1)
 Warranty card (1)
Polarity of the plug
To connect the speakers
 SURROUND button-Turns on/off the sourround effect
 MODE button-Selects the EQ mode of the speaker
 Lock pin slots-insert the lock pins here to combine
the speakers
 RETRACT button-Retracts the connection cord
 Connection cord plug
 DC IN (
) jack-for use of connecting the AC
adapter (not supplied)
Although this product is magnetically
shielded, do not leave recorded tapes,
watches, personal credit cards, or floppy
disks with magnetic coding in front of the
product for an extended period of time.
To combine speakers
To combine the left and right speakers, follow the steps
1 Press the RETRACT button to retract the
Setting up
Power Sources
Battery installation (At Speaker (right))
Slide the lid out, and then pull the lid out.
2 Insert the three lock pins of the speaker
(right) into the slots of the speaker (left)
while holding the RETRACT button.
3 Rotate one speaker until the align marks
Locating the Controls
and Connectors
on the back of speakers are matched as
showed below.
Front View
Install 4 LR03 (AAA size) Alkaline batteries following
the pole instruction.
Two speakers
are separable
Two speakers
are locked
To separate speakers
Dispose of used batteries according to your local
environmental laws and guidelines.
Do not take apart or remodel the active speaker. Consult
your nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center for
internal checks or repair.
Pull out the connection cord plug from the speaker(left)
and connect it to the connection cord jack on the
More balanced and wider sound effect can be acquired
when you separate the speakers. To do this, follow the
steps below.
 VOLUME button-Adjusts the volume of the speaker
 Battery case lid-open the lid to bring out the
battery case
 Speaker (left)
 Connection cord jack-for use of connecting the
connection cord plug
 Lock pins-insert to the lock pin slots to combine the
 Speaker (right)
 POWER button-Turns on/off the speaker
 LINE IN jack-Audio signal input terminal
When the batteries are low, Power indicator blinks. A
replacement of the batteries is recommended.
 Using on house current
The speaker is equipped with a stereo amplifier that outputs 4W.
1 Rotate the speaker (right) counterclockwise until you feel a click.
to wall outlet
to DC IN jack
AC power cord
(not supplied)
AC adapter (not supplied)
2 Separate the two speakers.
The cord that connects the two speakers is about
0.7 meter.
If the cord is pulled out, insert the cord plug into the
jack on the speaker (right). Make sure the plug is fully
inserted to the bottom of the jack.
Using the Sony SRS-M55
Before connecting the speaker to the headphone
output, reduce the volume of the audio electronics to be
connected to avoid noise.
1 Connect the speaker to the audio
electronics with the supplied cord.
to a headphone MP4 player/
jack (stereo mini mobile
phone, etc.
2 Set the POWER button to ON.
The power indicator lights green.
3 Adjust the volume using the VOLUME
 Tip
There will be “Beeps” indicating a maximum or
minimum volume setting.
4 Set the EQ mode to be “MUSIC” “MOVIE”
“VOICE” by pressing the MODE button
The mode indicator lights red accordingly.
5 Set the surround sound effect to be on
or off by pressing the SURROUND button
The surround indicator lights red when the surround
sound effect is turned on.
Before disconnecting the speaker to the headphone
output, reduce the volume of the speaker to avoid noise.
On installation and use
Do not use or store this speaker in locations subject to
high humidity, high temperatures, strong vibrations,
or direct sunlight.
Place the speaker on a flat, stable surface for operation.
Do not stand the speaker vertically. Make sure that the
speaker is laid horizontally. Standing vertically might
cause injury by falling.
Do not put on the shelf or high place. It might cause
injury by falling.
Protect the speaker from sudden temperature
changes. Do not use the speaker immediately after
moving it from a cold to a warm location or after the
ambient temperature has risen drastically. Otherwise,
condensation inside the speaker can occur. If the
temperature changes drastically during operation,
stop using the speaker while keeping power to the
speaker turned on and let it stand for about an hour,
then turn the power off.
 Do not touch the speaker during lightning. Lightning
can cause electric shock or damage the speaker. To
avoid fire, electric shock or damage to the product
during periods of possible lightning strikes, disconnect
the speaker from the audio electronics and unplug the
speaker from the power source. Furthermore, if you
hear thunder, do not touch the speaker.
Do not listen at full volume for long periods. Listening
at full volume could cause hearing damage. Especially,
when listening at close range, use a moderate volume.
You should be able to hear outside sounds, such as
other talking when listening at close range.
Do not damage the cords. Cord damage can result in
fire or electric shock.
– When installing the speaker, do not place cords
between the wall and a rack or shelf, where they
could become pinched.
– Do not damage or modify the cords in any way.
– Do not place any heavy objects on the cords, and
avoid bending or pulling the cords unnecessarily.
– Do not place the speaker near a heater or allow it to
become hot.
– Always grasp the plug when removing cords.
Do not touch the speaker for long periods when the
speaker is on.
Do not cover the unit (with cloth/blanket) during use.
Do not put water or foreign objects in the unit.
Do not obstruct the rear of the speaker. Be careful not
to bend the cord severely.
Make sure connectors are securely connected. Do
not allow metal objects to fall inside the connectors.
If a short circuit occurs between the pins in the
connectors, fire or damage to the speaker may result.
When carrying the speaker, be gentle and with due
caution to prevent damage.
If the TV picture or monitor display is magnetically distorted
–Although this product is magnetically shielded,
there may be cases that the picture on some
TV sets/personal computers sets may become
magnetically distorted. In such a case, turn off the
power of the TV set/personal computer set once,
and after 15 to 30 minutes turn it on again. For
the personal computer set, take the appropriate
measures such as data storage before turning it off.
When there seems to be no improvement, locate
the system further away from the TV set/personal
computer set. Furthermore, be sure not to place
objects in which magnets are attached or used
near the TV set/personal computer set, such as
audio racks, TV stands, toys etc. These may cause
magnetic distortion to the picture due to their
interaction with the product.
Output Power
Frequency response
Sound pressure
2.0 channel type
Connection terminal
LINE IN connector (1)
Power and other
Power supply
Battery: LR03 (AAA size) Alkaline battery
AC adapter (not supplied)*: Input AC 100V-240V, 0.26A
50/60 Hz
Output DC 5.2V, 2A
*Consult the Sony service center if you need to purchase
the AC adapter (not supplied) and the AC power cord
(not supplied). AC adapter Model: HDAC-M1 with the
compatible AC power cord is recommended.
External dimensions
Approx. (228mm × 60mm × 69mm) (w/h/d)
(not include the feet)
470g Approx. (include the batteries)
Battery life
20 hours* (Use continuously)
*When supplied LR03 (AAA size) Alkaline battery is
used and volume output at 5mW+5mW.
Usage time stated above may vary according to the
temperature or conditions of use.
Design and specifications are subject to change without
If a problem occurs during operation of the unit, refer
to the information provided in this section. If the
problem persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer. For
contact information, see “Getting Help” Also, refer to the
manuals provided with your audio electronics.
Symptom Cause/Remedy
 The batteries are installed incorrectly.
 Check the batteries and be sure the
does not
batteries’ positive and negative poles
light on.
are oriented correctly.
 Not enough battery power.
 Change the batteries.
Output is
 The input signal is too large.
 Lower the volume on the connected
Volume is
low or no
sound is
 Remove the speaker from the audio
electronics to where it is connected. Then,
check whether sound is output from your
audio electronics during playback. For
details, refer to the manuals provided
with your audio electronics.
 The POWER button is turned off.
 Turn on the POWER button.
 The volume is set to the minimum
(MIN) value.
 Increase the volume using the
VOLUME button.
 The connection cord is not connected
 Connect the connection cord properly.
 The input signal is too small.
 Turn up the volume on the
connected audio electronics.
 The volume setting of the connected
audio electronics is too low.
 Turn the volume up.
Sound is
 The connection cord of the left and
only from
right speaks is not connected well.
one side
 Connect the connection cord
properly. Make sure the plug is fully
inserted to the bottom of the jack.
Sound skips  Noise may be audible when you
or noise
connect/disconnect the speaker to
your audio electronics or restart your
audio electronics with the speaker
connected, or when your audio
electronics enters power-saving mode.
Before connecting/disconnecting
the speaker or restarting your audio
electronics, or before your audio
electronics goes into power-saving
mode, turn the speaker’s volume off
or turn it down to the minimum level
using the VOLUME button.
 There are some software running
in user’s audio electronics, such as
personal computer, PDA.
 Turn off these software when
playing back music.
Getting Help
Sony provides several support options for your speaker.
When you have questions about your speaker, refer to
the following:
Sony Website provides Frequently Asked Questions
and solutions.
Sony Service Center
For questions regarding your product or for the Sony
Service Center nearest you,
call 800-820-9000
Tip on customer service:
When malfunctions occur on the main set and service
is required, Sony (China) Limited has the right (as
the case may be) to appraise independently to offer a
replacing service, that is, offer a quality-eligible main
set as the service while not make any other fixing.
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