Sony ICF-S80 Owner's manual

Sony ICF-S80 Owner's manual
About the AM tuning interval setting
The AM tuning interval of this radio can be set to 9 kHz or 10 kHz to match
the frequency allocation system, which is different depending on the
By default, the AM tuning interval is set to 9 kHz. If necessary, change the
setting using the following procedure before listening to AM radio.
1 Press / to turn off the radio.
2 Press and hold AUTO OFF for more than 4 seconds
while holding down the preset button 1.
The AM tuning interval is changed
with a beep and the new setting
(9 kHz or 10 kHz) appears on the
Each time you press and hold the
buttons, AM tuning interval
changes cyclically.
Changing tuning interval erases all
the AM preset stations stored in
the unit. Preset the stations again,
after changing the tuning interval.
The AM tuning interval can be changed only when the radio is turned off. Be sure to
turn off the radio beforehand.
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