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Westinghouse WHS642SA User Manual
Dear customer,
The symbols you will see in this booklet have
these meanings:
Congratulations on the purchase of your new cooktop.
Before you use the cooktop, we recommend that you
read through the whole user manual which provides the
description of the cooktop and its functions.
To avoid the risks that are always present when you use
an electrical appliance, it is important that the cooktop
is installed correctly and that you read the safety
instructions carefully to avoid misuse and hazards.
We recommend that you keep this instruction booklet
for future reference and pass it on to any future owners.
After unpacking the appliance, please check it is not
damaged. If in doubt, do not use the appliance but
contact your local Customer Care Centre.
For contact details, refer to the last page of this user
manual. This appliance complies with requirements of
Australian Standard AS/NZS 60335.2.6
Conditions of use
This appliance is intended to be used in household
and similar applications such as:
• Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other
working environments
This symbol indicates information on how to avoid
damaging the appliance.
This symbol indicates tips and information about use
of the appliance.
Please read the user manual carefully and store in a handy
place for later reference.
Please comply with these instructions. If you do not, any
damage resulting is not covered by the warranty.
Farm houses
• By clients in hotels, motels and other residential
type environments
This symbol indicates information concerning your
personal safety.
Bed and breakfast type environments
Please ensure you read the instruction manual fully
before you call for service, or a full service fee could
be applicable.
General safety
•This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
•Children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with this appliance.
Record model and serial number here:
•During use, this appliance becomes hot. Care should
be taken to avoid touching hot surfaces.
Record model and serial number here:
•Accessible parts may become hot during use. To
avoid burns young children should be kept away.
Model number:........................................................................................
•This appliance must not be used as a space heater.
Serial number:..........................................................................................
•Keep vents clear of obstructions.
•The appliance is not intended to be operated by
means of an external timer or separate remotecontrol system.
•Danger of fire: Do not store items on the cooking
The cooking process has to be supervised. A short term
cooking process has to be supervised continuously.
Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be
dangerous and may result in a fire.
•In order to avoid a fire, the appliance must be kept
clean and vents kept unobstructed.
•Do not spray aerosols in the vicinity of the appliance
when it is operated.
•Do not store flammable materials in or under the
appliance, e.g. Aerosols.
•Do not allow pots to boil dry, as damage to both pan
and cooktop may result.
•Do not operate the cooktop for an extended period
of time without a utensil on the hotplate.
•Do not allow large cookware to overhang the cooktop
onto the adjacent benchtop. This will cause scorching
to the benchtop surface.
•An authorized person must install this appliance.
(Certificate of Compliance to be retained)
•Before using the appliance, ensure that all packing
materials are removed from the appliance.
•In order to avoid any potential hazard, the enclosed
installation instructions must be followed.
•Where the appliance is built into a cabinet, the
cabinet material must be capable of withstanding
85 ˚C.
•Only authorised personnel should carry out servicing.
{Certificate of Compliance to be retained)
•Always ensure the appliance is switched off and cool
before cleaning or replacing parts.
•Do not use steam cleaners, as this may cause
moisture build up.
•Always clean the appliance immediately after any
food spillage.
•To maintain safe operation, it is recommended that
the product be inspected every five years by an
authorized service person.
•The fixed wiring insulation must be protected, for
example, by insulating sleeving having an appropriate
temperature rating.
•This appliance must be earthed.
•Coated solid hotplates are strong, and give a good
contact with flat bottom pots and pans for fast
efficient cooking.
•The hotplates are sealed all round with stainless
steel trim rings, food spills can’t penetrate to make
cleaning easier.
•It is normal for stainless steel trim rings to discolour
with use overtime.
•The hotplates include a red dot in the centre to
indicate the hotplate temperature, once the hotplate
is heated the red dot turns to black.
• Use pans with flat bottoms. Uneven or thin bottoms
will increase cooking time especially when boiling.
•Not suitable for curved base wok or pan.
•Use pans slightly larger than the hotplates. Smaller
pans will waste energy.
•Do not use oversize pans. More than 50mm overhang
can overheat cooktop components and cause fine
cracks in the enamel hob which will trap dirt. This
may also discolour stainless steel hobs.
Do not place wet pots or pans on the hotplates.
•Do not use pots and pans that are unsteady and likely
to rock or over balance.
•Do not operate the cooktop for an extended time
without a pot or pan on the hotplate, it will cause
damage to the cooktop.
Cooking Do’s and Don’ts
• Do use the stored heat in the hotplate by turning the
control to ‘0’ before the final few minutes of cooking.
•Do not place heat resistant mats, wire mats or
aluminum foil under pots and pans.
• Do not allow pots and pans to boil dry, as damage to
both pan and hotplate may result.
• Do not use round bottom woks, wok stands or similar
curved base pans, as it can lead to overheating of
the cooktop causing damage to the appliance, and
reflected heat from overhanging woks can cause
scorching and possible fire risk for the surrounding
bench surface.
•Do not use the cooktop as extra bench space or as
a cutting board.
•Do not allow children on or near the cooktop at
any time.
1. The bench cutout should be made as per diagram
(Refer Fig 1A).
Square cutout
Fig. 1A
2. Adjacent walls (for square & rectangular cooktops)
must be of suitable material to withstand
temperatures of 105˚C for 150mm high,
i.e. ceramic tiles.
3. A rubber seal has been provided for square metal
cooktops only. This is to be applied around the edge
of the hob (Fig. 1B). Note: The rubber seal has had
talc powder applied to its surface which should be
wiped off with a damp cloth after the unit has been
4. Pull down clamps (Square cooktops) are supplied.
When the appliances is in position attach the clamps
to the underside of the benchtop and lightly tighten
(Fig. 1B).
Rubber seal (metal only)
Fig. 1B
•Fit the pull-down clamps supplied to ensure that
the Cooktop cannot move after installation.
•Use the 4 clamps and 4 screws supplied in the
parts bag.
•To assemble, attach the 4 clamps to each corner
of the Burner box via the screws provided
(Fig. 1C).
•Position the cooktop so it is centred, then swing
the Clamps under the benchtop and tighten.
5. The rectangular bench cutout should be made per
diagram. (Refer to Fig 2A.)
Retaining brackets (Refer to Fig 2B)
•Rectangular cooktops are supplied attached to
the sides of the unit. These must be removed to
insert the into the bench.
•When the unit is in place, using the screws
provided, fix brackets with flange against
underside of the bench through several
alternative holes provided in the sides of the
burner box.
•Protrusions of brackets below the unit should be
bent under the unit for safety.
7. Model identification sticker for model identification
after installation, an additional data plate sticker
has been provided. This sticker is to be attached to
adjacent cabinetry.
Burner box
Clamps position
Fig. 1C
Electrical connection
Rectangle cutout
Fig. 2A
•The cooktop must be installed by a qualified
electrician .
•Ensure that the wiring installation complies with
the cooktop loading prescribed on the cooktop
data plate. The data p la te can be found on the
underside of the cooktop.
Electrical connection is 220-240 volts AC 50Hz.
•The cooktop must be installed in compliance with
wiring regulations AS/NZS 3000.
•Local regulations, municipal building codes and
other statutory regulations.
•The cooktop must be properly earthed.
Fig. 2B
The cooktop must be installed by an authorized person.
Considerable danger to the user or damage to the
cooktop may result from unauthorized installation.
A visit from customer service because of an error in
installation may not be free of charge even during the
warranty period.
Burner box
Supply cable installation
The electric hobs a re supplied without cable. Use a
cable: H05 VV-F 3x2.5mm2 T90˚C, or higher.
•Open the terminal box cover by using screwdriver
inserted into the Two rectangular holes. (Refer to
terminal block cover)
•Connect the wires according to circuit diagram
(refer to the base of the hob). The cable
connections must be made in a accordance with
regulations and the terminal screws tightened
•Fix the cable in place with the cable clamp. Close
the cover.
•Means for diconnection must be incorporated in the
fixed wiring in accordance with local wiring rules.
The hob is to be connected to the mains using a
device that a llows the appliance to be disconnected
from the mains at all poles with a contact opening
width of at least 3mm.
Before first use
The top surface of the hotplates are sealed with a heat
resistant coating. Before using for the first time the
hotplates should be heated for a short period without a
pan to harden the protective coating.
Turn the heat setting to high for approx 3 minutes
to fully harden the coating. When the hotplates have
cooled, apply a thin coating of cooking oil to the
hotplate to seal and protect the surface.
Cleaning your hotplates
Problems and repairs
Coated “easy care” solid hotplates have a robust,
corrosion resistant surface which is temperature resistant
up to 600˚C.
If a fault develops in the cooktop, please check the points
listed below. It may be possible to save a service call, and
therefore keeping the cooktop in use.
Clean the hotplates after they have cooled by wiping with
a damp cloth or sponge, use a small amount of detergent
if necessary.
Hotplates not working.
Wrong switch turned on.
Household fuse blown.
Stubborn soiling can be removed by soaking the hotplate
for a few minutes with warm water and a little detergent,
followed by cleaning using a plastic securer or soft brush.
• Any spills or marks that still remain can be burnt off
by operating the hotplate on high without a pan for
2-3 minutes. When the hotplate has cooled clean it
normally as above.
After cleaning, dry the hotplate by warming on low heat
for approx 30 seconds and then oil the hotplate with a
thin coating of cooking oil to prevent rust or corrosion .
Note: If the house fuse
continues to blow, call
the service department.
• Power not connected or
switched on.
Low heat, slow cooking. •Incorrect cooking utensils
being used.
Boiling takes too long.
Do not allow liquids to enter the control knob area while
Stainless steel cleaning
All grades and finishes of stainless steel may stain,
discolour or become greasy in normal operation. To
achieve maximum surface appearance, stainless steel
must be kept clean by regularly using the following
cleaning procedures, thus ensuring good performance
and long service life.
Wash with warm soapy damp cloth. For an enhanced
appearance wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth or
sponge, being sure to follow the polish or ‘brushing’ lines.
A stainless steel cleaner may also be used in accordance
with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Where the stainless steel has become extremely dirty
with signs of surface discolouration, (due to periods of
neglect or mis-use) use a mild cleaning solution eg. ‘Jif’
or ‘Hillmark’ stainless steel cleaner. When removing these
stains be sure to follow the polish or ‘brushing’ lines.
Do not use abrasive scourers or steel wool.
Wrong setting on switch.
• Uneven or thin bottoms
on pans (Refer Fig.3).
Some discoloration of the stainless steel trim ring is
normal during use. A stainless steel cleaner may be used
to clean the trim ring.
There is a risk of burns if the hotplates are hot. Ensure
the hotplates have cooled before cleaning.
• Volume of liquid I food is
too large.
Trim ring discolours.
Pot selection
Fig. 3
(recessed base)
(convex base)
(moisture on hotplate)
(no cookware)
This document sets out the terms and conditions of the product
warranties for Electrolux Appliances. It is an important document.
Please keep it with your proof of purchase documents in a safe place
for future reference should you require service for your Appliance.
1. In this warranty:
(a) ‘acceptable quality’ as referred to in clause 10 of this warranty has
the same meaning referred to in the ACL;
(b) ‘ACL’ means Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010;
(c) ‘Appliance’ means any Electrolux product purchased by you and
accompanied by this document;
(d) ‘ASC’ means Electrolux authorised service centres;
(e) ‘Electrolux’ means Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd of 163
O’Riordan Street, Mascot NSW 2020, ABN 51 004 762 341 in
respect of Appliances purchased in Australia and Electrolux (NZ)
Limited (collectively ‘Electrolux’) of 3-5 Niall Burgess Road, Mount
Wellington, in respect of Appliances purchased in New Zealand;
(f) ‘major failure’ as referred to in clause 10 of this warranty has the
same meaning referred to in the ACL and includes a situation when
an Appliance cannot be repaired or it is uneconomic for Electrolux, at
its discretion, to repair an Appliance during the Warranty Period;
(g) ‘Warranty Period’ means the Appliance is warranted against
manufacturing defects in Australia for 24 months and in New Zealand
for 24 months, following the date of original purchase of the Appliance;
(h) ‘you’ means the purchaser of the Appliance not having purchased
the Appliance for re-sale, and ‘your’ has a corresponding meaning.
2. This warranty only applies to Appliances purchased and used in Australia
or New Zealand and used in normal domestic applications and is in
addition to (and does not exclude, restrict, or modify in any way) any
non-excludable statutory warranties in Australia or New Zealand.
3. During the Warranty Period Electrolux or its ASC will, at no extra charge
if your Appliance is readily accessible for service, without special
equipment and subject to these terms and conditions, repair or replace
any parts which it considers to be defective. Electrolux or its ASC may
use remanufactured parts to repair your Appliance. You agree that
any replaced Appliances or parts become the property of Electrolux.
This warranty does not apply to light globes, batteries, filters or similar
perishable parts.
4. Parts and Appliances not supplied by Electrolux are not covered by
this warranty.
5. To the extent permitted by law, you will bear the cost of transportation,
travel and delivery of the Appliance to and from Electrolux or its ASC. If
you reside outside of the service area, you will bear the cost of:
(a) travel of an authorised representative;
(b) transportation and delivery of the Appliance to and from Electrolux or
its ASC.
In all instances, unless the Appliance is transported by Electrolux or an
Electrolux authorised representative, the Appliance is transported at the
owner’s cost and risk while in transit to and from Electrolux or its ASC.
6. Proof of purchase is required before you can make a claim under
this warranty.
7. You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the defect claimed
is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Electrolux is not liable
in the following situations (which are not exhaustive):
(a) the Appliance is damaged by:
(i) accident
(ii) misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service
(iii) normal wear and tear
(iv) power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply
(v) incomplete or improper installation
(vi) incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation
(vii) insect or vermin infestation
(viii) failure to comply with any additional instructions supplied with
the Appliance;
(b) the Appliance is modified without authority from Electrolux in writing;
(c) the Appliance’s serial number or warranty seal has been removed
or defaced;
(d) the Appliance was serviced or repaired by anyone other than
Electrolux, an authorised repairer or ASC.
8. This warranty, the contract to which it relates and the relationship
between you and Electrolux are governed by the law applicable where
the Appliance was purchased. Where the Appliance was purchased in
New Zealand for commercial purposes the Consumer Guarantee Act
does not apply.
9. To the extent permitted by law and subject to your non-excludable
statutory rights and warranties, Electrolux excludes all warranties and
liabilities (other than as contained in this document) including liability for
any loss or damage whether direct or indirect arising from your purchase,
use or non use of the Appliance.
10. For Appliances and services provided by Electrolux in Australia,
the Appliances come with a guarantee by Electrolux that cannot be
excluded under the ACL. You are entitled to a replacement or refund
for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Appliance
repaired or replaced if the Appliance fails to be of acceptable quality and
the failure does not amount to a major failure.
The benefits to you given by this warranty are in addition to your other
rights and remedies under a law in relation to the Appliances or services
to which the warranty relates.
11. At all times during the Warranty Period, Electrolux shall, at its discretion,
determine whether repair, replacement or refund will apply if an
Appliance has a valid warranty claim applicable to it.
12. For Appliances and services provided by Electrolux in New Zealand,
the Appliances come with a guarantee by Electrolux pursuant to the
provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Sale of Goods Act and
the Fair Trading Act.
13. To enquire about claiming under this warranty, please follow these steps:
(a) carefully check the operating instructions, user manual and the terms
of this warranty;
(b) have the model and serial number of the Appliance available;
(c) have the proof of purchase (e.g. an invoice) available;
(d) telephone the numbers shown below.
14. You accept that if you make a warranty claim, Electrolux and its ASC
may exchange information in relation to you to enable Electrolux to meet
its obligations under this warranty.
Important Notice
Before calling for service, please ensure that the steps listed in clause 13 above have been followed.
or to find the address of your nearest
state service centre in Australia
PlEASE CAll 13 13 49
For the cost of a local call (Australia only)
or to find the address of your nearest
authorised service centre in New Zealand
FREE CAll 0800 10 66 10
(New Zealand only)
or to find the address of your nearest
state spare parts centre in Australia
PlEASE CAll 13 13 50
For the cost of a local call (Australia only)
or to find the address of your nearest
state spare parts centre in New Zealand
FREE CAll 0800 10 66 20
(New Zealand only)
For more information on all Westinghouse
appliances, or for dimension and installation
information, call into your retailer, phone or email
our customer care team or visit our website:
phone: 1300 363 640
1800 350 067
email: customercare@electrolux.com.au
phone: 0800 436 245
0800 225 088
email: customercare@electrolux.co.nz
Top Service encompasses the after sales service
provided by The Electrolux Group to consumers
including delivery, home service and spare parts.
Important Notice
or to find the address of your nearest
state service centre in Australia
PLEASE CALL 13 13 49
For the cost of a local call (Australia only)
or to find the address of your nearest
authorised service centre in New Zealand
FREE CALL 0800 10 66 10
(New Zealand only)
© 2015 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd.
Part Number: A04939701 Version: A
ABN 51 004 762 341
or to find the address of your nearest
state spare parts centre in Australia
PLEASE CALL 13 13 50
For the cost of a local call (Australia only)
or to find the address of your nearest
state spare parts centre in New Zealand
FREE CALL 0800 10 66 20
(New Zealand only)
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