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ILVE CS90 User Manual
Fig 2
Contact an official distributor or authorised dealer.
Accessible parts may heat up when using cooking appliances.
Air Intake Speed (Fig 2)
The front panel has to be pulled its maximum extension so as to optimise
the extraction capacity.
The three setting switch (C-2) has the following functions:
0 Stop
1 Low Speed
2 High Speed
Dear Customer,
Thank you for buying our hood. Please read these instructions carefully
for its optimum installation, use and maintenance.
Notes: The figures mentioned in this manual are in the first pages.
This hood is designed for fitting in a cabinet or on some other support.
Warning: consult local regulations regarding fumes outlets. Do not
connect the hood to a fume, ventilation or hot air duct. Confirm
that room ventilation is appropriate with the local authorities.
Make sure
the maximum air extraction flow rate for the appliances in the room
does not exceed 4 Pa (0.04 mbar).The room must have adequate
ventilation if an extractor hood is used simultaneously with appliances
that run on gas or other fuels. The evacuated air must be extracted
through ducts that are used for evacuating fumes from appliances that
run on gas or other fuels. Regulations regarding air extraction must be
complied with.
This product in intended for HOUSEHOLD USE only.
Use a rigid PVC pipe with a min. Ø l20 mm to evacuate fumes outside.
The above restrictions do not apply to hoods with no fumes outlet to outside
(recirculation system with activated charcoal filter).
Install the hood in line with the instructions on the template.
For gas cooking appliances only: the minimum distance to the hood
must be at least 65 cm.
Switch on the Lamps (C-1 Fig 2)
Pull out the grill (G) more than 50mm
If the hood is to be installed as a SUCTION hood, connect the plastic
outlet piece (A) supplied with the hood (120mm diameter pipe for
better performance and lower noise levels.
When there is no exhaust duct for venting out-door, you can use a
carbon filter (D). The air is depurate by the filter and put again in the
The air is released in the room through a connecting pipe, which goes
through the hanging cupboard and us connected to the connecting
ring supplied (A) Fig 1.
To use the appliance in this version, proceed as follows:
Open the grids (E)
To proceed to change the charcoal filter (D), the screw (B)
has to be removed.
Reinstall the grids.
Warning: Failure to install the screws or fixing device in accordance
with these instructions may result in electrical hazards.
The cooker hood is supplied with
3 Spacer (F, H)
4 Screws (C)
2 Bulbs
To fixing the Hood, use the 4 screws (C) Ø6mm supplied with the hood.
Close the space that remains between the hood and the wall,
adjunsting the spacer (F).
Before completing any connection, make sure the house voltage
corresponds with the voltage indicate on the data label.
Warning: always switch off the electricity supply before carrying
out maintenance work on the hood. In the event of a fault,
contact an official distributor or authorised dealer.
Exterior cleaning: use non-corrosive, liquid detergent and avoid the use
of abrasive cleaning products.
Grease filters: to avoid fires, clean thoroughly once a month. To do so,
remove the filters and wash with hot water and detergent. If using a
dishwasher, position the filters vertically to prevent solid remains from
depositing on them.
Activated charcoal filters: replace the every 2 months.
Important: increase the filter cleaning/replacement frequency if the
hood is used for more than 2 hours a day. Always use genuine filters
from the manufacturer.
Bulb replacement (look for the
symbol in the figures)
Warning: do not handle the bulbs until the electricity supply has been
switched off and they have cooled.
Important: use new bulbs according to that indicated on the
hood nameplate.
Use bulbs with an aluminium reflector to replace halogen bulbs. Do
not use dichroic bulbs - risk of overheating.
On cooker hoods equipped with tungsten lamps, the lights should
only be used during operation of the motor. They should not be left on
permanently and used as a light source.
Legal information
The manufacturer:
- Declares that this product meets all basic requirements regarding lowvoltage electrical equipment established in Directive 2006/95/EC of
12 December 2006 and electro-magnetic compatibility established in
Directive 2004/108/EC of 15 December 2004.
- Is not responsible for any failure to observe the instructions given in
this manual and current safety regulations for the correct use of the
- Reserves the right to make any modifications to the equipment or this
manual without prior notice.
Connecting the hood to the grid
Warning: before connecting the hood: switch off the electricity
supply and check that the supplied voltage and frequency
coincide with that indicated on the appliance nameplate.
If the extractor hood has a plug, connect it to a power socket in line
with applicable regulations, located in an accessible area.
If the hood does not have a plug, connect it directly to the electrical
grid, protected by a separator device accessible for disconnection, in
line with local regulations.
The connection to the electrical mains must be made as follows:
BLUE………………………..”N” NEUTRAL
BROWN……………………..”L” LIVE
GREEN AND YELLOW……(simbolo tierra) EARTH
If the terminals of the plug are unmarked or if you are in any doubt
consult a qualified electrician.
If it is not supplied fit a plug normalized in the cord for the load showed
on the rating plate.
Warning: the hood may stop working during an electrostatic
discharge (e. g. lightning). This involves no risk of damage. Switch
off the electricity supply to the hood and reconnect after one
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above
and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or
lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
children without supervision.
To avoid the risk of fire, clean the metal filter regularly, permanently control
pans containing hot oil and do not flambé food underneath the hood.
Do not use the hood if it shows signs of damage or imperfection.
Contact our official distributor should you require technical assistance
or additional information on our products.
Warranty Card
Eurolinx Pty Limited A.B.N. 50 001 473 347
trading as ILVE (“ILVE”)
48-50 Moore Street, Leichhardt N.S.W 2040
Locked Bag 3000, Annandale, N.S.W 2038
P: 1300 856 411
Your ongoing satisfaction with your ILVE
product is important to us. We ask that you
complete the enclosed Warranty Registration
Card and return it to us so that we have a
record of the ILVE products you purchased.
Alternatively you can register on line (see
registration card for details)
ILVE respects your privacy and is committed
to handling your personal information
in accordance with the National Privacy
Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). A
copy of the ILVE Privacy Policy is available at ILVE will not disclose any
personal information set out in the Warranty
Registration Card (“Personal Information”)
without your consent unless required by:
1. law;
2. any ILVE related company;
3. any service provider which provide services
to ILVE or assist ILVE in providing services
(including repair and warranty services) to
customers. Our purpose in collecting the
Personal Information is
to keep a record of the ILVE product
purchased by you, in order to provide a
better warranty service to you in the unlikely
event that there is a problem with your ILVE
product. ILVE may contact you at any one
or more of the address, email address or
telephone numbers set out in the Warranty
Registration Card. Please contact ILVE on
1300 694 583 should you not wish to be
contacted by ILVE.
1. Warranty
ILVE warrants that each ILVE product will
remain, for a period of twenty four (24)
months computed from the date of purchase
of the ILVE product, free from defects
arising in the manufacture of the ILVE
product (“Warranty”). Except for consumer
guarantees set out in the Competition
and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (“Act”), ILVE
does not make any further warranties or
representations in relation to ILVE products.
2. What is not Covered by the Warranty.
The Warranty does not apply if an ILVE
product is defective by a factor other than a
defect arising in the manufacture of the ILVE
product, including but not limited to:
(a) damage through misuse (including failure
to maintain, service or use with proper care),
neglect, accident or ordinary wear and
tear (including deterioration of parts and
accessories and glass breakage);
(b) use for purpose for which the ILVE product
was not sold or designed;
(c) use or installation which is not in
accordance with any specified instructions for
use or installation;
(d) use or operation after a defect has
occurred or been discovered;
(e) damage through freight, transportation or
handling in transit (other than when ILVE is
(f ) damage through exposure to chemicals,
dusts, residues, excessive voltage, heat,
atmospheric conditions or other forces or
environmental factors outside the control or
(g) repair, modification or tampering by the
purchaser or any person other than ILVE, an
employee of ILVE or an authorised ILVE service
(h) use of parts, components or accessories
which have not been supplied or specifically
approved by ILVE.
(i) damage to surface coatings caused by
cleaning or maintenance using products not
recommended in the ILVE product handbook
provided to the purchaser upon purchase of
the ILVE product;
(j) damage to the base of an electric oven due
to items having been placed on the base of
the oven cavity or covering the base, such as
aluminium foil (this impedes the transfer of
heat from the element to the oven cavity and
can result in irreparable damage); or
(k) damages, dents or other cosmetic
imperfections not affecting the performance
of the ILVE in respect of an ILVE product
purchased as a “factory second” or from
The Warranty does not extend to light globes
used in ILVE products.
Customers must retain proof of purchase in
order to be eligible to make a warranty claim in
respect of an ILVE product.
6. Claiming under the Warranty
Customers will bear the cost of claiming
under this Warranty unless ILVE determines
the expenses are reasonable, in which case
the customer must claim those expenses by
providing written evidence of each expense to
ILVE at the address on the Warranty
Registration Card.
Warranty Card
3. Domestic Use
Each ILVE product is made for domestic use.
This Warranty may not extend to ILVE products
used for commercial purposes; under those
circumstances the warranty period is limited to 3
4. Time for Claim under the Warranty
You must make any claim under this Warranty
within twenty eight (28) days after the occurrence
of an event which gives rise to a claim pursuant
to the Warranty, by booking a service call on the
telephone number below.
5. Proof of Purchase
Customers must retain proof of purchase in order
to be eligible to make a warranty claim in respect
of an ILVE product.
6. Claiming under the Warranty
Customers will bear the cost of claiming under this
Warranty unless ILVE determines the expenses
are reasonable, in which case the customer
must claim those expenses by providing written
evidence of each expense to ILVE at the address
on the Warranty Registration Card.
7. Statutory Rights
(a) These terms and conditions do not a ect your
statutory rights.
(b) The limitations on the Warranty set out in this
document do not exclude or limit the application
of the
consumer guarantees set out in the Act or any
equivalent or corresponding legislation in the
jurisdiction where to do so would:
(i) contravene the law of the relevant jurisdiction;
(ii) cause any part of the Warranty to be void.
(c) ILVE excludes indirect or consequential loss
of any kind (including, without limitation, loss of
use of the
ILVE product) and (other than expressly provided
for in these terms and conditions) subject to all
conditions and warranties implied by custom,
the general law, the Act or other statute.
All warranty service calls must be booked via
the customer care department. The team can
be contacted on 1 300 85 64 11 option 1 or
Service is delivered through a network of
Service Agents. If the Appliance is located
outside our normal Service Area of our agents
you, t he Customer will need to bear the cost
of travel outside that area.
If you are unable to provide proof of purchase,
the fault is not covered under warranty
or the product is found to be working to
specification you may be required to bear the
full cost of the service visit
Warranty Card tear off
Last Name:
Please complete and send to ILVE at: REPLY PAID 83617
First Name:
Home Phone:
Purchase Date:
(Please attach proof of purchase to validate warranty)
(if you cannot locate the serial number please call ILVE on 1300 85 64 11)
ILVE Operating Manual
Australia National Telephone Number 1300 MYILVE (694 583) New Zealand Telephone Number 0508 458 369
ILVE showrooms are open daily from 9am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm
NSW & ACT (Head Office)
48-50 Moore Street
F 02 8569 4699
1211 Toorak Road
F 03 9809 2155
1/42 Cavendish Road
F 07 3397 0850
Unit 10/55 Howe Street
Osborne Park
F 08 9201 9188
TAS (Crisp Ikin)
3 Pear Avenue
Derwent Park, 7009
P 03 6272 7386
New Zealand
PO Box 11.160
Sockburn Christchurch
F 03 344 5906
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