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Monster SC60-R User Manual
Floor and Surface Ultra Dry Steam
Before using this product, please read the instructions and keep it for future references.
Model #: SC60 AUS, NZ
When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be observed, including the following:
Read all instructions before using this appliance.
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury:
1. This appliance is authorized for household/domestic use only. Commercial
use will void the warranty.
2. Do not immerse the Steam Cleaner in water or other liquids. Always turn off
and unplug appliance when filling with water.
3. Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when
used by or near children, pets or plants. Do not leave Steam Cleaner
unattended. Always unplug unit when not in use. Keep out of reach of
4. Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer’s approved
and supplied parts and accessories. Use of other accessories is not
recommended and will void the warranty.
5. Do not use if the steam hose, accessories, power cord or plug has been
damaged, or if any part of appliance has been dropped, damaged, left
outdoors, or dropped in water. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair
appliance. Return it to the manufacturer or an authorized service center for
examination or repair.
6. Do not wrap cord too tightly around appliance. Never carry by the cord, or
yank to disconnect from an outlet. To unplug, always grasp plug to remove
from outlet – do not pull on cord.
7. Do not handle cord or appliance with wet hands or without shoes on.
8. Keep cord away from heated surfaces (e.g., cooking surfaces), and sharp
edges and corners.
9. Follow all labels and marking instructions on Steam Cleaner.
10. Do not put any objects into openings. Do not use with any opening blocked.
11. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from
openings and moving parts. The steam released from the appliance
is extremely hot at the point that it exits the steam hose or accessory. Avoid
direct contact with steam jet.
12. Before filling with water or emptying, always turn appliance off, unplug
appliance and allow it to cool completely. Always turn the Boiler Cap slowly
to open the boiler – this will allow any remaining steam to escape gradually.
13. Use caution while emptying the appliance. Contact with hot metal parts, hot
water or steam may cause burns.
14. Be sure Boiler Cap is (and remains) closed during use.
15. Never use cleaning solutions, perfumes, oils or other chemical substances
other than tap or distilled/demineralized water in the Steam Cleaner. Use of
chemicals may damage appliance and will void your warranty.
16. When in use, never turn the appliance on its side. Do not direct steam at
people, animals or other electrical equipment (i.e, inside an oven). The
appliance should be used while the unit is resting on the ground.
Safety Instructions
ATTENTION: This appliance is equipped with a 3-prong grounded power cord.
Insert only into a 3-prong grounded electrical outlet. Do not try to remove the
contacts of the grounded connection.
19. Do not use extension cords or outlets with inadequate voltage. Use a
10-ampere extension cord. Lower amperage cords may overheat.
20. Store appliance indoors in a cool, dry place, and out of reach of children
when not in use.
21. If appliance is damaged, it must be repaired by manufacturer or its service
agent, in order to avoid safety issues to the operator.
22. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
23. Read and follow all important notices in this guide.
• Always drain condensed water from hose before use or if unit has been
left idle for a period of time. To drain hose, direct Nozzle into a sink or
other appropriate container and slide the trigger forward on the Steam
Gun. Once hose is emptied, normal use may be resumed. Never direct
nozzle towards people, animals or plants.
• Extreme care should be taken when opening the Boiler Cap as it may
become hot during use and escaping steam can cause scalding.
Please read all of the instructions for use and Important Safety Instructions
carefully. Remove and discard all packaging materials and keep them
out of the reach of children.
Please contact the Customer Support Line
should you required further information or instructions
not contained in this manual.
Euroflex discharges itself of any responsibility for damage or injury
to persons or property, in the event that the appliance is damaged as a result
of improper use, unauthorised repair, unauthorised maintenance work or
use of the appliance that is not consistent with the instructions
contained in this instruction manual.
Safety Instructions
17. Do not operate around flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, or
in areas where fumes may be present. Do not operate outdoors if wet.
18. To reduce the likelihood of circuit overload, do not operate another high
wattage appliance on the same circuit. Plug in to a standard earthed (220240V, 50-60Hz) electrical outlet.
What’s Inside & Product Description
One (1)
Steam Cleaner
1 - Steam Gun
2 - (2) Extension Tubes
3 - Floor Brush Adapter
4 - Floor Brush
5 - Boiler Cap
6 - Power Indicator Light (orange)
7 - Steam Ready Light (green)
8 - Power Switch
9 - Flexible Steam Hose
10 - Shoulder Strap
11 - Filler Funnel
12 - Small Brush Adapter
13 - Nylon Detail Brush
14 - Brass Detail Brush
15 - Window Squeegee
16 - Detail Nozzle
17 - Scraper
18 - Floor Brush Microfibre Pad
19 - Caddy/Wall Bracket
20 - Small Brush
21 - Small Brush Microfibre Pad
22 - Bristle Tray
23 - Filling Jug
What’s Inside & Product Description
Technical Data
Adapter Input: 220-240V~, 50-60Hz
Power: 1450 watts
Boiler: Stainless Steel
Boiler Capacity: 1.2 liter/2 pints
Max. Steam Temp.: 130°C/266°F
The Compact Steam Cleaner Features
1. No need for detergents or chemicals. Just add water.
2. Lightweight and compact.
3. Ergonomic, lightweight Steam Gun.
4. Steam Gun locks in as carry handle.
5. Versatile, quick-change accessories.
6. On/Off steam control.
7. Stainless Steel Boiler –
non-corroding, reduces calcium buildup.
8. Multiple uses – clean bathrooms, kitchens, living
areas, pet areas, appliances and much more.
Accessories - Attachment & Descriptions
A. Connecting Floor Brush Adapter to Floor Brush
WARNING: Always ensure steam trigger is off and not steaming when
attaching an accessory to the unit.
Cleaner Accessories
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Features & Cleaner Accessories
Cleaner Accessories
Accessories (continued)
B. Attach Extension Tube to Window Squeegee
The Window Squeegee is very useful
for cleaning large windows and glass.
Press button
To use: Connect Window Squeegee
to Steam Gun or Extension Tube(s) for
hard to reach surfaces. Apply steam
liberally, rub with soft spongy edge,
then remove excess water and dirt
with squeegee edge. Wipe dirt from
Squeegee blade.
CAUTION: When cleaning windows, always avoid any sudden changes
in temperature to prevent glass breakage or cracks.
C. Attach Extension Tube to Detail Nozzle
The Detail Nozzle is very useful for
cleaning hard to reach areas. It is
ideal for radiators, door and window
tracks, shutters and sanitary fixtures.
To use: Attach Detail Nozzle directly
to the Steam Gun or Extension Tubes.
Press button
D. Attach Nylon or Brass Detail Brush to Detail Nozzle
The Nylon or Brass Detail Brush is best
for cleaning grout between tiles,
ceramic and marble.
To use: Push the Nylon/Brass Detail
Brush on the end of the Detail Nozzle.
(Detail Nozzle should be connected
to the Steam Gun or Extension Tubes.)
E. Attach Scraper to Detail Nozzle
The Scraper is best for removing small
amounts of wallpaper and also anything
that can be scraped from a flat surface,
e.g., grease deposits in an oven. It is also
useful when defrosting freezers.
To use: Push the Scraper on the end of the Detail Nozzle. (Detail Nozzle
should be connected to the Steam Gun or Extension Tubes.)
F. Connecting Brush Adapter to Small Brush
The Small Brush attaches to your Steam Cleaner just
like the Floor Brush, and is used for smaller areas that
the Floor Brush cannot easily reach, such as corners
of floors and on stairs.
To use: Attach Small Brush to Small Brush
Adapter. Attach Extension Tube to Adapter by
pressing the locking button while sliding Tube
into Brush Adapter. Be sure button and hole line up
(see visuals “B” and “C” above) and button locks in place.
Cleaner Accessories
Filling Steam Cleaner with Water
• Carefully read all instructions before removing Boiler Cap.
• Always switch off the appliance and be sure it has cooled before filling
the Boiler.
Before Use
Use ordinary tap water. Use distilled or demineralized water if tap water is too
hard. DO NOT add detergents, perfumes, oils or other chemical substances.
Follow these instructions to avoid overfilling the Boiler.
NOTE: Do not turn on Steam Cleaner if Boiler is empty.
Connecting Extension Tube(s)
• Attach one Extension Tube to Steam Gun on Flexible Steam Hose.
• To attach Extension Tubes together, press down the locking button
while sliding Tubes together. Be sure button and hole line up and button
locks in place. To disconnect, press the locking button and pull the two
sections apart.
WARNING: Always ensure steam trigger is off and not steaming
when attaching an accessory to the unit.
Before Use & Using Your Steam Cleaner
Using Your Steam Cleaner
• Be sure the appliance is switched off at the Power Switch and unplug the
appliance from the power outlet.
• Carefully remove the Boiler Cap by
turning it counter-clockwise.
• Pour in a maximum of 1.2 litres / 2
pints of water using the Filler Funnel
provided. Do not overfill the Boiler,
excess water in the Boiler will be
flushed out of the unit, resulting in wet
floors or wet surfaces when cleaning.
Dry steam will only emit if the Boiler is not overfilled.
• Replace the Boiler Cap by turning it clockwise.
Do not over-tighten the Boiler Cap, finger tight is
• Plug electrical cord into a 3-prong grounded
power outlet.
Max. 1.2l
• Turn on the Power Switch.
• The Steam Cleaner will heat up, produce steam and the Boiler will
become pressurised.
• When the green Steam Ready Light turns on the Steam Cleaner is ready
to use. Note: the green Steam Ready Light may turn on and off during
use, this is normal and not a fault.
• If using cold water, heating time is about 6-7 minutes. Using hot water will
reduce the heating time.
Using Your Steam Cleaner
Attaching Floor Brush to Extension Tube
A. Attach Brush Adapter to Floor Brush
B. Attach Floor Brush & Adapter to Extension Tube
Attach Extension Tube to Brush Adapter by pressing the locking button
while sliding Tube into Brush Adapter. Be sure button and hole line up and
button locks in place. To disconnect, press the locking button and pull
the two pieces apart.
Attaching Microfibre Pads to Brushes
A. A
ttaching Microfibre Pad to Floor Brush – A Microfibre
Pad can be fitted on the Floor Brush to absorb dirt and protect
delicate surfaces. It can also be used on vertical washable surfaces
following the same procedure as for the floor.
1. Place Floor Brush on
Microfibre Pad.
2. Place one end
under pad holder
(as shown).
3. Repeat for other end
of Brush, pulling Pad
to stretch it taut.
B. Attaching Microfibre Pad to Small Brush – A fitted
Microfibre Pad should be placed over the bristles of the Small Brush
to clean smooth surfaces such as kitchen cupboards, splash backs,
countertops, etc. Fit the Small Microfibre Pad over the Small Brush as
shown below.
WARNING: The Microfibre Pad around the Floor Brush or the Small Brush
can become hot enough to scald or cause burns. Make sure you let the
Pad cool before touching it.
Using Your Steam Cleaner
Attaching Bristle Tray to Floor Brush
For rough or textured floor surfaces, the steam may not be sufficient to
dislodge dirt that is trapped within the surface of a rough or textured
floor. In order to dislodge dirt trapped in the surface, the Bristle Tray will
need to be attached to the bottom of the Floor Brush to help scrub the
rough or textured surface.
1.Unscrew the screws found on the bottom of the Floor Brush, remove the
smooth tray at the bottom of the Floor Brush.
2. Insert the Bristle Tray and
screw into place using the
Use the bristles at the bottom of
Floor Brush to help remove dirt
trapped within the floor surface.
Attach the Microfibre Pad to
absorb the dirt. If the Microfibre
Pad becomes too wet or dirty,
replace with a clean pad and
continue cleaning.
Using Your Steam Cleaner
Attaching Shoulder Strap
Using the detachable Shoulder Strap allows for
greater freedom of movement when both hands are
needed for cleaning tasks, or to reach higher places.
To attach Shoulder Strap to the Steam Cleaner,
simply snap Shoulder Strap hooks on the
connecting rings found on unit.
When using Steam Cleaner with the Shoulder
Strap, avoid rocking or tilting the unit excessively
as this may cause water to enter the hose and be
discharged along with the steam.
CAUTION: We recommend testing the weight of the Steam Cleaner
before using it with the Shoulder Strap. This is to prevent potential injury
and ensure it is not too heavy for you to carry comfortably.
Steam Release
To release steam from the Steam Cleaner, slide
forward the trigger found on the Steam Gun.
Steam will continue to be released while the
trigger is in the forward position. To stop the steam,
slide the trigger backward.
IMPORTANT: When the Steam Cleaner has run out of water,
steam, output will cease. Follow refill instructions (page 10)
to use your Steam Cleaner again.
Using Your Steam Cleaner
Using Your Steam Cleaner
10 Refilling the Boiler During Use
When water in the boiler runs out, steam will stop emitting from the Steam
Cleaner. To refill the Boiler with water, follow the steps below:
• Switch off the Steam Cleaner by depressing the Power Switch and
unplug the appliance from the power outlet.
• Carefully and slowly turn the Boiler Cap counter-clockwise. If a hissing
sound is heard, residual steam and pressure remain in the Boiler. Wait
until the last of the steam and pressure escapes and the hissing stops
before removing the Boiler Cap.
• Take care of where the Boiler Cap is placed as the underside of the
cap is very hot. Ensure there are no children present who may pick up
the hot cap and cause burns to themselves.
• Allow the Steam Cleaner to cool for at least 5 minutes before refilling
with water.
• Refill the Boiler with a maximum of 1.2 litres (2 pints) of water using the
Filler Funnel. (Note: only use the Filler Funnel supplied. Its nozzle is made
from a hear resistant material to prevent it from melting when filling a
hot boiler. Other plastic funnels can melt and become welded to the
inside of the boiler spout, voiding the product’s warranty).
• Be extremely careful when refilling with water, as the interior of the
Boiler is very hot. Water may spurt out as hot water or hot steam
causing burns.
• Do not overfill the Boiler, excess water in the Boiler will be flushed out
of the unit, resulting in wet floors or wet surfaces when cleaning. Dry
steam will only emit if the Boiler is not overfilled.
• Replace the Boiler Cap by turning it clockwise. Do not over-tighten the
Boiler Cap, finger tight is sufficient.
• Turn on the Power Switch.
• The Steam Cleaner will heat up, produce steam and the Boiler will
become pressurised.
• When the green Steam Ready Light turns on the Steam Cleaner is
ready to use. Note: the green Steam Ready Light may turn on and off
during use, this is normal and not a fault.
• If using cold water, heating time is about 6-7 minutes. Using hot water
will reduce the heating time.
WARNING: Do not open the Boiler Cap until there is no steam being
release from the Steam Gun. If the Boiler Cap is opened while
there is hot steam and pressure in the Boiler severe burns and injury
can occur. If the Boiler Cap is turned and steam/pressure start to
escape from the Steam Cleaner, unplug the Steam Cleaner from
the power outlet and let the unit cool down for at least 15 minutes
before attempting to refill or use the Steam Cleaner.
11 Turning Steam Cleaner Off
• To turn Steam Cleaner off, press the Power Switch and unplug the
electrical cord from the power outlet.
• Any remaining water can be left in the unit.
Using Your Steam Cleaner
• We recommend using distilled or demineralized water as the best way
to care for and utilize your Steam Cleaner.
• If tap water is too hard, use distilled or demineralized water to avoid the
risk of staining pale colored fabrics.
• Do not add detergents, perfumes, oils or other chemical substances.
12 Cleaning Steam Cleaner
We recommend you periodically clean the Steam Cleaner to prevent the
accumulation of calcium, mineral deposits and other sediment caused by
the use of tap water. After every 10-15 refills, fill the Boiler three-quarters full
of hot tap water, shake several times and empty out the water into a sink.
Repeat several times to ensure that the Boiler is flushed of any calcium or
mineral deposits. Wipe the Steam Cleaner with a damp cloth and dry.
Maintenance & Cleaning
Funnel provided to fill the Boiler.
If distilled or demineralised water is regularly used in the Steam Cleaner,
cleaning of the Boiler can be done less frequently. In some areas tap
water is very hard, it is recommended that the Boiler is cleaned more
frequently if hard water is used.
The cleaning of the Boiler and Steamer is the sole responsibility of the
appliance owner. Calcium, mineral deposits and other sediments left to
build up in the Steam Cleaner causing it to fail and/or the steam pathways
in the Steam Cleaner to block, is not covered by the product warranty.
Users must follow the cleaning instructions above.
If the Steam Cleaner and Boiler is not cleaned according to the
instructions above and the product fails and/or the steam pathways are
blocked, the appliance owner should send the product for servicing by
contacting the Customer Support Line.
The Steam Cleaner is intended for domestic household use only. It is not
intended for commercial use. Any use other than for domestic household
purposes will void the product warranty.
13 Replacement of Brushes, Microfibre Pads
and Accessories
The Nylon and Brass Detail Brushes and the Microfibre Pad for the Small Brush and
Floor Brush provided with the Steam Cleaner are to get you started using your
Vapour Compact Steam Cleaner. As these brushes and microfibre pads become
dirty or wear out, replacement brushes and microfibre pads can be purchased
from the retailer from which you purchased your Steam Cleaner and/or from most
other electrical appliance retail outlets.
It is normal to have replacements of the brushes and microfibre pads close at hand
when doing cleaning as the brushes wear out or the microfibre pads become dirty.
Any of the other accessory tools are replaceable by contacting the Vapour
Customer Support Line.
Maintenance & Cleaning
Tips & Reminders
14 Steam Cleaner Tips & Reminders
This steam cleaning appliance has many practical uses that have not
been mentioned in this manual. Please refer to the Cleaning Reference
Guild included with this manual for tips and suggestions of where and
how to use the Steam Cleaner. Alternatively visit the website at www. for additional information or contact our Customer
Support Line for assistance.
Steam cleaning allows the user to clean chemical-free by using the power
of steam, in place of harsh chemical-based cleaners. The heat from the
steam softens and loosens dirt on surfaces, while the steam pressure lifts
the dirt away. All that is left to do is to wipe the surface to remove the dirt
and moisture using a cotton cloth.
TIP: to get the best cleaning results use a microfibre cloth to wipe the
dirt and moisture from the surface being cleaned. Microfibre is designed
to pick up and hold dirt, a great aid in lifting and removing the dirt that
the steam cleaner has softened and loosened. Also, Microfibre requires
moisture to glide over surfaces, the steam cleaner provides moisture
that the Microfibre needs to glide. Microfibre and Steam, a great
cleaning combination!
Making Contact with Surfaces
The steam is at its hottest just as it leaves the nozzle/accessory. This is
the area of the steam output that should be used to clean to achieve
maximum performance. All accessories should make direct contact with
the surfaces being cleaned to transfer the heat from the Steam Cleaner
to the surface in order to soften and loosen dirt. If the accessory being
used does not make contact with the surface, the desired results may not
be achieved. If assistance is required contact our Customer Support Line.
Tip: steam will clean hard, sealed, non-porous surfaces in place of harsh
chemical-based cleaners and detergents. For soft furnishings such
as carpets, rugs, lounges, children’s toys etc, steam will refresh and
deodorise the fibres. Steam is not used to clean carpets, other than to
spot clean. To clean carpets proper carpet cleaning equipment should
be used.
Use ordinary tap water for all cleaning. In hard water areas, we
recommend distilled or demineralised water to reduce the formation of
calcium and other mineral deposits in the Steam Cleaner. Use distilled or
demineralised water when steaming light coloured fabrics to eliminate
the possibility of hard water stains.
Important: Do not add cleaning solutions, perfumes, oils or any other
chemicals to the water used in the Boiler.
The temperature in the stainless steel Boiler reaches about 130°C. The
steam temperature just outside the tip of the nozzle/accessory is between
105°C and 115°C. The temperature of the steam falls to 38°C at a distance
of 25cm from nozzle. This Steam Cleaner produces a drier steam which
cools very rapidly to avoid burns and injuries. Steam must make direct
contact with surfaces for it to clean effectively.
Tip: the hot steam can be used to kill dust mites in soft furnishings and
mattresses. Steam cleaning is ideal for asthma sufferers, persons with
skin sensitivities and anyone with chemical sensitivities.
Tips & Reminders
A. Tool Caddy – Installation
The Tool Caddy allows you to store a variety of accessories/
attachments right on the Steam Cleaner, keeping them handy
and ready for use.
Select which tools you will place in the Caddy according to the
cleaning tasks you are going to perform.
Tool Caddy Installation:
• Hook the top front of the
Tool Caddy over the two
hooks on the back of
the Steam Cleaner.
• Push the bottom part of
the Caddy under the body
of the cleaner and line up
screw holes on
the Caddy with the
fixing lug holes on the
Steam Cleaner body.
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
15 Tool Caddy and Wall Bracket
• Turn Steam Cleaner over
and insert the two plastichead screws through the
fixing lugs into the screw
holes and turn clockwise
to tighten.
The Tool Caddy is now
attached to the Steam
Cleaner and ready for use.
Continued on next page
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
B. Wall Bracket – Installation
The Tool Caddy MUST be installed on the Steam Cleaner before the
Wall Bracket can be used.
When storing the Steam Cleaner on the Wall Bracket, ensure that
any tools on the Tool Caddy are not in a dangerous position.
Example: Extension Tubes could be a hazard if the rack is mounted
at eye level.
The Wall Bracket can be permanently mounted to a wall or inside a
cupboard or closet. Slots on the underside of the Tool Caddy slide easily
on to hooks on the Wall Bracket, giving you convenient off-the-floor
Before attaching Wall Bracket, be sure that…
– there is enough room to accommodate the Steam Cleaner and
Tool Caddy with tools attached
– there is at least 2.5”/6.5 cm clearance ABOVE where Bracket is
mounted so the unit can slide down on to the Bracket hooks
– the surface that the Bracket is being mounted on is strong enough
to hold the weight of the fully assembled Steam Cleaner
– you have obtained the necessary screws to mount the Bracket to
the wall or cabinet
e sure you are using the correct screw-type for the
surface to which you are mounting the Bracket. Check
manufacturer’s recommendations or ask someone at your
local hardware store what screw-type will work best, and be
sure the screw head is large enough to cover the holes.
Wall Bracket Installation:
• Hold Wall Bracket in desired location and mark the screw hole
positions with a pencil
(position Bracket over a
stud, if possible).
• Check levelness of
the location with a
carpenter’s spirit level.
• Screw the Wall Bracket
firmly in place.
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
• Lift the Steam Cleaner above the Wall Bracket and line up the slots
on the Tool Caddy with the hooks on the Bracket.
• Lower the Steam Cleaner until the slots fit over the hooks.
• Slowly slide the Steam Cleaner in place on the Wall Bracket.
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
C. Wall Bracket – Placing Unit on Bracket
D. Wall Bracket – Removing Unit from Bracket
Slide Steam Cleaner up and off of Wall Bracket.
Tool Caddy & Wall Bracket
Customer Support
Customers needing assistance with their steam cleaner can call the Customer Support Line on the phone
numbers listed below. Customers should also call the Customer Support Line if they require product
warranty repair or post-warranty product servicing.Our friendly Customer Service Team can assist you with
getting the best cleaning results from your steam cleaner, they are full of helpful steam cleaning tips, too.
Customer Support Line
AUSTRALIA 1800 663 866
NEW ZEALAND 0800 666 783
Euroflex Australia Pty Ltd
79 Furniss Road
TEL: 08 9302 2526
Euroflex New Zealand Ltd
c/- Dubins
137 Glenfield Road
Birkenhead Auckland 0626
TEL: 0800 666 783
Plastecs SRL
Via dei Colli, 59
31058 Susegana (TV)
Tel: +39 0438 453334
SC60 (Australia/NZ) 05/09/18
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