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Philips Design cordless phone M8881B/05 Product brochure
Redefining the home phone
Design as bold and iconic as the Philips M8 digital cordless phone not only endures
but also endears. Timeless yet modern in its simplicity and sophistication, the phone is
created with refined symmetry and geometry in mind. This is ergonomically harmonized
with exquisite craftsmanship and carefully selected premium materials to ensure
incomparable quality and a distinctive user experience.
Unmatched attention to detail
The Philips M8’s magnificence is in its details. An ode to perfection, each element of its iconic form
and intuitive functions has been meticulously considered.
The handset features die-cast metal with a fine brushed finish, another stunning element that adds
both visual and tactile appeal. The unconventionally designed speaker opening with fine metal mash
flawlessly blends with the design language of the Philips M8.
Perfectly fitted and calibrated keypad ensured precise dialing. Once you’re done with your calls, just
slide the handset effortlessly into the base unit, which charges it no matter which way it’s docked.
A subtle tone will reassure you that the handset is charging. The smart cable management system
with concealed sockets and an internal cable guide neatly and discreetly keeps wires away from
sight … and keeps your space clutter free.
Sophisticated design with genuine metal highlights
Calibrated, seamlessly integrated keys for precise dialing
Unconventional design of the speaker opening and event LED
Refined graphics
Sophisticated comfort
The M8 boasts a large high-resolution TFT color display
that adds to its sophisticated appeal. Every detail of
the phone’s interactive functions has been carefully
considered even the style of graphics on the keypad
and display. With the M8, design and function go
hand in hand … seamlessly.
The slender architecture and ideal weight of the M8
handset is designed for an exceptionally comfortable
fit in the hand and to the face, making it a dream to
use for long phone calls.
Crafted to perfection
Melding sleek aesthetics with intuitive function is one thing, and elevating it
to an art form is another. Crafting the M8 called for a scrupulous selection of
materials and finishing as well as a commitment to excellence at every stage –
from the initial design and manufacturing process through to its final gorgeous
The M8 is the outstanding result of all our painstaking efforts to achieve
perfection in every single facet. With advanced engineering and manufacturing
techniques, coupled with our keen eye for detail, the humble home phone has
been transformed into a modern work of art.
Best-in-class sound
Tuned to your taste
Such an exceptional design demands only
the very best sound quality. Carefully selected
components and controlled enclosures
underwent precise engineering, resulting in
the M8’s ideal acoustic system. Experience
voice quality so crisp and natural that it’s
almost like being right there in person.
To further enhance the sound experience,
the M8 has a wide range of unique
ring melodies to choose from. All are
professionally recorded and feature real
musical instruments. Whatever your taste
or preference, there’s plenty of qualitative
tunes to choose from.
Digital sound processing
Precise acoustic design
Advanced testing and tuning
• Tuned for natural balance
• Choice of sound profiles
• Eliminates volume fluctuations and echoes
• Carefully selected components
• Built into controlled enclosures
• Optimized acoustic system for excellent sound
• Tested in real environments
• Accuracy attained from high-end
professional equipment
• Clear, untainted and precise sound
Wide range of unique compositions
to suit all tastes
Played using real instruments
and professionally recorded
High resolution codec
for faithful reproduction of ring melodies
Advanced & Sustainable
The Philips M8 is an excellent choice for the obvious reasons, but also for the fact that it’s an environmentally
friendly product. At Philips, your needs as well as Mother Nature’s are important to us. These are just some
of the benefits both you and the environment will benefit from.
Reduced power radiation
Up to 93% reduction in power transmission when the handset is close to the base.
Reduced energy consumption
High-efficiency, switched-mode power supply further reduces energy consumption
by up to 60% compared to conventional linear power supplies.
ECO+ no-emission mode
When the ECO+ mode is activated, you’ll enjoy zero power emissions.
A rich set of features
Large, high contrast 2.0" TFT color display
Hassle-free charging
Easy-to-dial keypad with white backlight
MySound profiles
Silence mode with call filtering
250 name phonebook
Handset speakerphone
Call barring
Answering machine with up to 60 minute recording
Full-duplex echo cancellation
Baby monitor
Up to 18 hours of talk time
High quality VIP ringtones
Low power consumption
Up to 250 hours of standby time
Manual ECO / full ECO+ mode
Redefining the home phone
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