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Philips DVD Recorder/Hard Disk HDRW720/17 Disclaimer Document
Dear Customer,
Some music labels have recently introduced the DualDisc for pre-recorded
audio and video content. The DualDisc bonds DVD content on one side ‘backto-back’ with digital audio content on the other side. However, the digital audio
side does not meet the technical specifications specified in the Compact Disc
Digital Audio standard. For this reason, DualDisc is not permitted to carry the
CD logo. Philips DVD and CD players and disc drives fully comply with the CD
specifications and therefore may not recognize the DualDisc. Attempting to
use DualDisc may lead to playback problems or jamming in the slot loader or
drive. The DVD video content on the DVD side of the DualDisc should play on
Philips DVD players and DVD drives. However, Philips DVD players and
drives do not support DVD Audio, and will not play any DVD Audio content
present on the DVD side of a DualDisc. Philips will further investigate
DualDisc and update this notice accordingly.
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