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Philips Portable Radio AE1500S/37 Eco passport
Portable Radio AE1500
Eco passport
You can enjoy loud, good quality sound wherever you go with this pocket-size
Philips AE1500 AM/FM pocket radio.
The light weighted portable product, with reduced use of PVC and brominated
flame retardants, in packaging made of recycled paper improve the total
environmental performance of this product compared to predecessors.
Our eco passport
Philips wants to make the world healthier and
more sustainable. To make this a reality, we have
to keep thinking differently; pushing the
boundaries of what is currently believed possible.
We continuously innovate and deliver products
and technologies that are positive for people and
the environment. At Philips we call this Green
• Work with 2 AAA batteries
We know this is important to you too. So we have
developed an eco passport which explains the
environmental performance of our products in the
six Philips Green Focal Areas, developed through
our eco design process since 1994, enabling you
to make conscious, informed decisions. An eco
passport will explain the Green Focal Areas
considered and applied in the specific product.
• Light weighted product 63 grams, of
which 50 grams of plastic,13 grams
Philips Green Award
Further reading at:
• Minimal of 80% recycled paper
• Non recycled paper parts originates
from FSC certified forests Used
FSC Paper in DFUs, warranty cards
• 34 grams cardboard, 1 gram plastic
• No PVC, EPS, PET used in
• All internal and external housing
parts are PVC free
• All internal and external housing
parts are BFR free
• REACH SVHC < 0.1%
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