Philips BHH880/10 Owner's manual

Philips BHH880/10 Owner's manual
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User manual
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WARNING: Do not use this
appliance near water.
When the appliance is used in
a bathroom, unplug it after use
since the proximity of water
presents a risk, even when the
appliance is switched off.
WARNING: Do not use this
appliance near bathtubs,
showers, basins or other
vessels containing water.
Always unplug the
appliance after use.
If the main cord is damaged,
you must have it replaced
by Philips, a service centre
authorised by Philips or similarly
qualified persons in order to
avoid a hazard.
This appliance can be used
by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge
if they have been given
supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved. Children
shall not play with the
appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made
by children without supervision.
Before you connect the
appliance, ensure that the
voltage indicated on the
appliance corresponds to the
local power voltage.
Do not use the appliance
for any other purpose than
described in this manual.
Do not use the appliance on
artificial hair.
When the appliance is
connected to the power, never
leave it unattended.
Never use any accessories or
parts from other manufacturers
or that Philips does not
specifically recommend. If
you use such accessories or
parts, your guarantee becomes
Do not wind the main cord
round the appliance.
Only use the appliance on dry
Wait until the appliance has
cooled down before you store it.
Pay full attention when using
the appliance since it could be
extremely hot. Only hold the
handle as the bristles are hot
and avoid contact with the skin.
Always place the appliance
on a heat-resistant, stable flat
surface. The hot brush should
never touch the surface or other
flammable material.
Avoid the main cord from
coming into contact with the
hot parts of the appliance.
Keep the appliance away from
flammable objects and material
when it is switched on.
Never cover the appliance
with anything (e.g. a towel or
clothing) when it is hot.
Do not operate the appliance
with wet hands.
Keep the brush clean and free
of dust and styling products
such as mousse, spray and
gel. Never use the appliance
in combination with styling
The metal bristles have coating.
This coating might slowly wear
away over time. However, this
does not affect the performance
of the appliance.
If the appliance is used on
color-treated hair, the brush
may be stained.
Always return the appliance to
a service centre authorized by
Philips for examination or repair.
Repair by unqualified people
could result in an extremely
hazardous situation for the user.
Do not insert metal objects
into openings to avoid electric
Do not pull on the power cord
after using. Always unplug the
appliance by holding the plug.
Place selected hair as close as possible to the heated
base of the brush to ensure there is good contact with
hair for better styling results.
After use:
1 Switch off the appliance and unplug it.
2 Place it on a heat-resistant surface until it cools down.
3 Clean the appliance and bristles by damp cloth and use
your fingers to remove hair or dust on the brush.
4 Keep it in a safe and dry place, free of dust. You can also
hang it with the hanging loop ( d ).
If you need information e.g. about replacement of an
attachment or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips
website at or contact the Philips
Consumer Care Center in your country.The phone number is
in the worldwide guarantee leaflet. If there is no Consumer
Care Centre in your country, go to your local Philips dealer.
3 CM
Guarantee and service
Do not clean any part of the
brush under tap water as it is
extremely dangerous.
For additional protection, we
advise you to install a residual
current device (RCD) in the
electrical circuit that supplies
the bathroom. This RCD must
have a rated residual operating
current not higher than 30mA.
Ask your installer for advice.
Burn hazard. Keep appliance
out of reach from young
children, particularly during use
and cool down.
Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
This Philips appliance complies with all applicable
standards and regulations regarding exposure to
electromagnetic fields.
-Do not throw away the appliance with the normal
household waste at the end of its life, but hand it in
an official collection point for recycling. By doing this,
you help to preserve the environment.
- Follow your country’s rules for the separate collection of
electrical and electronic products. Correct disposal helps
prevent negative consequences for the environment and
human health.
How to use
Before use:
•• Only use the brush on dry hair.
•• Bristles are hot. Do not touch the bristles nor put the
bristles too close to your hair roots or scalp, to avoid
unintended burns.
•• Some parts of the brush may be hot. Hold the product
by its handle.
•• Remove your fingers when the brush is close to hair
ends to avoid touching the bristles.
•• Do not wash the brush under running water.
1 Connect the plug to a power supply socket.
2 Comb your hair thoroughly and divide them into small
3 Slide the temperature switch ( a ) to select your desired
setting according to the table as below.
Hair Type
Temperature Setting
Thin / Medium hair
- 170℃
Thick hair
- 200℃
»» The indicator ( b ) will keep blinking until the appliance
is ready for use.
To straighten your hair ( Fig.3 )
Use a round brush or comb to detangle your hair before
2 Select one section of hair and put the heated brush ( c )
underneath the hair strand with bristles facing upwards,
about 3cm away from your hair roots.
3 Hold the selected hair section taut. Slide down the brush
slowly to your hair ends in a single motion and slightly
turn in the brush as you reach the ends to give soft flicks
to the ends.
4 Allow the section of hair to cool for 2-3 seconds. On the
same hair with brush facing downwards, hold the hair
taut and slowly slide down to your hair ends in a single
motion without stopping.
5 Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary until you get your desired
6 To turn off the appliance, slide the switch ( a ) to O.
7 Let the hair sections cool down before you finger-comb
the hair into its final style. For long lasting results, mist
with hairspray.
Tips and Tricks
• Flatten the selected section of hair between your fingers
before placing hair on the brush so that hair is spread
evenly across the brush.
does not
work at all.
The power socket
to which the
appliance has been
connected may be
Check the appliance is
plugged in correctly.
Check the fuse for this
power socket in your
The hair
Temperature setting
strand is
is too low to reach
not straight the desired style.
Brush your hair when
the indicator stops
Change temperature
setting to .
Put the selected hair
strand close to the
heating base of the
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