Philips | BDP5100/93 | Owner's Manual | Philips 5000 series 蓝光光盘播放机 BDP5100/93 版本注释

Philips 5000 series 蓝光光盘播放机 BDP5100/93 版本注释
Software history
The latest software improves the below:
NOTE: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.
System Software Version: 1.62
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Mozart - Don Giovanni Wiener Philharmoniker.
System Software Version: 1.57
Enhance the video file playability.
Enable subtitle for .mkv playback.
System Software Version: 1.53
This software upgrade* enables you to enjoy Philips NetTV online services.
*: For future software upgrades from ver.1.53, please download the future software versions from site only & upgrade your player via USB.
System Software Version: 1.31
Improve playback of certain BD, DVD discs.
System Software Version: 1.30
Improve playback of ‘AVATAR’ Blu-ray disc.
Improve Wi-Fi wireless performance with Philips Wi-Fi USB adapter, WUB1110.
Improve DLNA performance.
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