Philips DC1050/12 User manual

Philips DC1050/12 User manual
iPod Docking Cradle for WAC7500, WAS7500
Quick start guide
1 Connect
2 Install
3 Enjoy
What’s in the box
iPod Docking Cradle for WAC7500, WAS7500
Quick start guide
1 Install
2 Connect
3 Enjoy
Docking cradle with
fixed cable
RCA extension cable
8x iPod dock adapter
Quick start guide
Important! For indoor use only!
What else you’ll need.
Only connect one of the following supported devices:
Apple iPod (iPod video, iPod nano, iPod Photo, iPod mini)
1 Connect
Connect the cable of the iPod docking cradle with the Music Center or Music Station (RCA
red & white plugs to red & white Audio IN jacks, DC 9-pins DIN plug to 9-pins DIN jack):
2 Install
1 Insert a dock adapter that fits your iPod 2 Plug your portable player into the
portable player.
1 Dismount the iPod.
2 Pop up the dock adapter.
3 Enjoy
When the connection is established and the iPod is connected, turn on the Music Center or
Press HOME and select [Portable] > [iPod].
Use the remote control of the Center or Station to control the following iPod functions:
Navigation, Volume, Skip/Search, Play/Pause, Repeat, Shuffle.
Press 2; to play.
During play, press 2; to toggle between play and pause.
Adjust volume
Press Volume +/- to increase/decrease the volume.
Skip to previous/next track
Press J( to skip to the previous track.
Press )K to skip to the next track.
You can also use the navigation control 1 234 to navigate the iPod menu and select a track.
When the iPod is connected to the docking cradle and the Music Center or Station is turned
on, the battery of the iPod charges automatically.
No sound
Check if the cable is well connected.
No response from the remote Point the remote control directly towards the Music Center or
Check that the batteries inside the remote control are correctly
inserted and fresh.
Only the buttons Volume +/-, Skip/Search, and Play/Pause are
Sound adjustment impossible Check if the cable is well connected.
RCA red/white audio OUT plus 9-pins DIN: 3.5 mm (fixed cable)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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