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Hoover HMN7182W UK User manual
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Before using your refrigerator, please carefully read this instruction
manual in order to maximize its performance. Store all documentation
for subsequent use or for other owners. This product is intended solely for
household use or similar applications such as:
- the
kitchen area for personnel in shops, offices and other working
- on farms, by clientele of hotels, motels and other environments of a residential
- at bed and breakfasts (B & B)
- for catering services and similar applications not for retail sale.
This appliance must be used only for purposes of storage of food, any other
use is considered dangerous and the manufacturer will not be responsible for
any omissions. Also, it is recommended that you take note of the warranty
Do not use extension cords or adapters.
Do not excessively pull or fold the power cord or
touch the plug with wet hands.
Do not damage the plug and/or the power cord; this
could cause electrical shocks or fires.
It is recommended to keep the plug clean, any
excessive dust residues on the plug can be the
cause fire.
Do not use mechanical devices or other equipment
to hasten the defrosting process.
Absolutely avoid the use of open flame or
electrical equipment, such as heaters, steam
cleaners, candles, oil lamps and the like in order to
speed up the defrosting phase.
Do not use or store inflammable sprays, such as
spray paint, near the Wine Coolers. It could cause
an explosion or fi re.
Do not use electrical appliances inside the food
storage compartments, unless they are of the type
recommended by the manufacturer.
Do not place or store inflammable and highly
volatile materials such as ether, petrol, LPG,
propane gas, aerosol spray cans, adhesives, pure
alcohol, etc. These materials may cause an
Do not store medicine or research materials in the
Wine Coolers. When the material that requires a
strict control of storage temperatures is to be
stored, it is possible that it will deteriorate or an
uncontrolled reaction may occur that can cause
Maintain the ventilation openings in the appliance
enclosure or in the built-in structure, free of
Do not place objects and/or containers filled with
water on the top of the appliance.
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