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Hoover PU71/PU01001 User manual
USER Manual
Do not spray with or pick up flammable liquids, cleaning fluids,
aerosols or their vapours.
This appliance should only be used for domestic cleaning, as
described in this user guide. Please ensure that this guide is fully
understood before operating the appliance.
Do not run over the power cord when using your appliance or
remove the plug by pulling on the power cord.
Do not leave the appliance plugged in. Always switch off and
remove the plug from the socket after use, or before cleaning the
appliance or any maintenance task.
Hoover service: To ensure the continued safe and efficient
operation of this appliance we recommend that any servicing
or repairs are only carried out by an authorised Hoover service
Do not continue to use your appliance if it appears faulty.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall
not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall
not be made by children without supervision.
Do not stand on or wrap the cord around arms or legs when using
your appliance.
Do not use the appliance to clean animals or people.
When using the cleaning tools, ensure to always steady the
appliance with your other hand. This will ensure that the appliance
does not fall while in use.
If the power cord is damaged stop using the appliance immediately.
To avoid a safety hazard, an authorised Hoover service engineer
must replace the power cord.
Warning: a thermal cut out switches off the appliance to prevent overheating if
it is used when full or there is a blockage or dirty filters. If this should happen then
switch off, unplug and correct the fault. It will take approximately 45 minutes for
the cut out to automatically reset.
Keep hands, feet, loose clothing and hair away from rotating
Use only attachments, consumables or spares recommended or
supplied by Hoover.
The Environment
The symbol on this appliance indicates that this appliance may not be
treated as household waste. Instead it must be handed over to the applicable
collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental
regulations for waste disposal. For more detailed information about
treatment, recovery and recycling of this appliance, please contact your local
city office, your household and waste disposal service or the shop where you
purchased the appliance.
When using cleaning tools ensure that the appliance is kept in the
upright (parked) position. This will avoid possible damage to the
carpet or floor covering. When cleaning stairs, do not position the
appliance above you.
Static electricity: some carpets can cause a small build up of static
electricity. Any static discharge is not hazardous to health.
This appliance complies with the European Directives 2006/95/EC,
2004/108/EC and 2011/65/EU.
Do not use your appliance out of doors or on any wet surface or
for wet pick up.
Do not pick up hard or sharp objects, matches, hot ashes, cigarette
ends or other similar items.
HOOVER Limited, Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, CF48 4TU, UK
Effortless cleaning with
your new Hoover
Cord storage
swivel hook
Supply cord
Cleaner body
Dusting brush
On/Off switch
Grooming nozzle
Door release
Carrying handle
Flexible hose
Hose retainer
Bag door
Cleaner lock
Hose supports
Exhaust filter cover
Long Crevice Tool
Hose hook
This vacuum cleaner is
supplied with an Energy
Label as required by
European Regulation
(EU) 665/2013.
(*Certain models only)
Carpet Care
Control Selector
Parquet Nozzle*
Pet Hair & Allergen
Carpet care control selector
The carpet care control selector raises and lowers the height of
the nozzle.
Ensure that the cleaner is in the upright
(parked) position and move the selector
to the required setting for the carpet
type or floor covering.
To obtain the best performance and
energy efficiency#1it is recommended
that the adjustment setting position 1 is
used for the main cleaning operations.
The other adjustment settings are for
ease of use, use on longer pile carpets,
or for specialist cleaning tasks.
Insert handle into body
of cleaner. Slide into
Ensure handle is flush
with body of cleaner.
Tighten large screw (prefitted to handle upper
hole). Insert small screw
into handle lower hole
and tighten.
Affix carrying handle to
the back of product
Connect hose to back of
Screw top two provided
screws to affix carrying
handle in place
1. Best performance and energy efficiency, short to medium pile
carpets, hard wooden floors, wooden floor boards with crevices,
ceramic tiles.
2. Medium pile carpets, delicate floor coverings such as vinyl or
linoleum, parquet flooring.
3. For longer pile carpets the motion resistance may increase.
Use these intermediate settings to reduce the force required to
push the vacuum cleaner.
4. Luxury carpet and Tool mode
Important: Using this cleaner for loop pile carpets with
pile greater than 30mm is not recommended. Please consult
the floorcare/carpet manufacturer’s recommended cleaning
instruction before vacuuming.
Important: When cleaning delicate hard floors such as vinyl or
linoleum the selector switch must be moved to position 2. Failure
to do so may cause damage to the floor surface.
Latch hose retainer
to hose support.
Switching on and off
Push bottom of the On/Off switch to switch on.
Push top of the On/Off switch to switch off.
This vacuum cleaner is supplied with an Energy Label as required
by European Regulation (EU) 665/2013. If the label shows a red
prohibition circle on the right covering the hard floor symbol, then
this indicates that the vacuum cleaner is not suitable for use on
hard floors.
Unlock the cleaner by pressing down on pedal
with foot. For floor cleaning under low
furniture and some maintenance tasks
simply press the pedal again and
lower handle to the floor.
Note: Dust pick up ability carpet, dust pick up ability hard floor,
and energy efficiency in accord with Commission Regulations
(EU) 665/2013 and (EU) 666/2013.
IMPORTANT: When using cleaning tools, the cleaner must be kept
in the upright (parked) position, particularly when cleaning stairs.
The carpet height selector should also be set to tool mode:
Pet Hair & Allergen Remover *
Ideal for removing pet hairs.
Do not touch the rotating brush.
To remove bag:
Parquet Nozzle*
Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces.
For use combine with the Rigid Extension tube.
Extension Tube*
Fitted on the flexible hose and with accessories
at its end, it is ideal for stair cleaning.
Press down on the door release pad
and remove door.
Gently pull bag collar retainer from the
hose inlet by pulling off the stiff cardboard at the top of the bag.
All accessories can fit on the end of the flexible
hose or at the end of the extension tube*.
Combine accessories depending on use.
IMPORTANT: Switch cleaner off and remove plug
from electricity supply before changing the bag. Your
cleaner is supplied with a bag already fitted. This bag
must not be re-used.
Slide bag from bag collar retainer by
pulling on stiff cardboard at top of the
bag collar. A shutter will automatically
seal off bag opening.
Discard full bag.
ALWAYS attach hose retainer to hook when using cleaning
Unhook after use.
Push the tab on the cardboard collar
into the slot beneath the hose inlet.
Push the bag collar over the hose inlet
until it is firmly in place.
It is dangerous to place the cleaner above you whilst
cleaning the stairs.
Open out the folds in the bag and refit
bag door.
ALWAYS work with the cleaner below you. Ensure it is
positioned up against the bottom step.
DO NOT attach hose retainer when cleaning the stairs.
* Certain models only
To fit new bag:
IMPORTANT: For optimum cleaning performance, always keep
your filters clean.
Pre- motor filter
Exhaust filter
The pre-motor filter should be washed every three months.
The exhaust filter should be washed every month.
The Carbon filter is normally maintenance free, this component should not be
washed. If a replacement is required please contact our spares department.
HEPA exhaust filter*
Microfilter exhaust filter*
Press down on latch and
remove the exhaust filter cover.
Remove bag door and lift out filter.
Lift out the exhaust filter.
Wash filter under hand warm water.
Wash filter under hand warm
Remove excess water by shaking and leave to
dry for 24 hours. Refit filters only when completely
Remove excess water by
shaking and leave to dry for
24 hours. Refit filters only
when completely dry.
* Certain models only
IMPORTANT: Switch cleaner off and
remove plug from electricity supply
before checking the brushes or removing hood.
If your cleaner is not picking up efficiently, the belt or
brushes (or both) may need replacing, but first make
sure you have:
• Emptied the dust container
• Cleaned filters
• Checked for blockages
Remove hood
• Prise off the carpet care control selector.
• Remove hood screws A and B.
• Lift off hood.
Refit brush assembly
• Hold the brush assembly
and stretch the belt until
brush mountings slot
down into the cleaner
housing. Rotate the
brush to ensure free
movement of the belt.
Refit hood
• Refit hood, ensuring the
lugs along the front of
hood are located in the
slots along the front edge
of baseplate.
• Secure hood, using
screws A and B.
Refit carpet care control
• Ensure the raised face
(T) is towards the front of
the cleaner.
Remove brush assembly
• Inspect belt for signs of wear.
• To remove, pull brush cleaner assembly upwards
out of cleaner housing. Remove belt from motor
spindle then from brush assembly.
Replace belt
• Loop the new belt around the motor spindle then
around the brush channel.
* Certain models only
Removing a blockage from the
Pet Hair & Allergen Remover*
Open clip and lift cover to remove
IMPORTANT: Switch the cleaner off
and remove the plug from the electricity supply before dismantling
This cleaner is unlikely to become blocked, except
by over filling of the dust bag or accidentally picking
up large solid objects. Clearing a blockage is simple.
If cleaning tools were in
use, check cleaning tool
and extension tube first.
Next check hose handgrip;
to remove grip ribbed ring
as shown, turn in direction
of arrow and ease apart.
To check the hose, stretch it
to full length and switch on
the cleaner; the suction will
dislodge most obstructions.
If this is unsuccessful,
switch off and unplug the
cleaner. Remove the hose
by turning it anti-clockwise
as shown. Detach hose and
remove blockage.
For blockages in cleaner base:
1. Turn the cleaner over
and check that the brushes
are free to rotate.
2. Check for a blockage in
hose socket. Use a piece of
wire or a blunt flexible rod
to remove any obstructions.
User checklist
Hoover Service
If your cleaner is not working properly run through the following checklist.
Important information
1 Is there a working electricity supply to the cleaner?
Check with another electrical product.
Should you require service at any time, please contact your local Hoover
Service Office.
2. Is the bag full or choked with fine dust?
To replace the bag, see the instructions on page 5.
Hoover spares and Consumables
3. Is the hose blocked?
To clear a blockage, see the instructions on page 7.
Always replace parts with genuine Hoover spares. These are available from
your local Hoover dealer or direct from Hoover. When ordering parts always
quote your model number.
4. Is there a blockage in the cleaner base?
To clear a blockage, see the instructions on page 7.
5. Are the filters blocked?
To clear the filters, see the instructions on page 6.
6. Is the nozzle height set correctly?
To set the carpet care control selector, see the instructions on page 4.
Paper Bag
7. Are the brushes rotating correctly?
To check the brushes, see the instructions on page 7.
H20 - 09173717
8. Has the cleaner overheated?
If so, it will take about 30 minutes to reset itself.
If there is any doubt call the Hoover Service Office for advice. They may be able
to assist you over the telephone. A service charge will be made if the cleaner is
examined and found to be in working order, has not been assembled in accordance
with these instructions or has been used incorrectly. working order, has not been
assembled in accordance with these instructions or has been used incorrectly.
Y202E - 35601613
V17 - 09161985
D1 - 04345084
U19 - 09186941
U25 - 09199050
J21 - 04845086
Hoover’s factories have been independently assessed for quality. Our products
are made using a quality system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001
A thermal cut out switches off the cleaner to prevent overheating if it is used
when full or there is a blockage or dirty filters. If this should happen switch off,
unplug and correct the fault.
It will take about 45 minutes for the cut out to automatically reset.
The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by our representative in
the country in which it is sold. Details regarding these conditions can be obtained
from the dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt
must be produced when making any claim under the terms of this guarantee.
Subject to change without notice.
IMPORTANT: Do not run cleaner over the supply cord as this could damage
the supply cord insulation.
- 8- -8 -
Hoover Limited
Merthyr Tydfil
Mid Glamorgan
CF48 4TU
08444 995 599
© 2014
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