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Hoover-Helkama HH KTE 300 Manuale utente
HH KTE 300
Important warnings and tips for use
IMPORTANT! This manual constitutes an integral part of the appliance. It must be kept intact
and within easy reach during the entire life of the cooktop. Please carefully read this manual
and all the instructions contained herein before using the appliance. Keep any spare parts
supplied with the appliance. Installation must be carried out by a qualified technician and in
compliance with current regulations. This appliance is intended solely for domestic use and is
designed for the following functions: cooking and reheating food. Any other use is
considered as improper.
The manufacturer declines all liability resulting from poor installation, tampering,
inexpert use and use for purposes other than those specifically stated.
Check that the appliance has not been damaged during transport.
Keep all packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nylon, etc.) away from children,
as they are potentially dangerous.
The packaging material is recyclable, and marked with the recycling symbol
Dispose of the appliance responsibly
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance
Installation and gas/electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified technician in
accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in full compliance with current laws and
safety regulations.
Electrical safety can only be guaranteed if the product is connected to a suitable earth
It is dangerous to modify or attempt to modify the appliance. In the event of a malfunction, do
not attempt to repair the appliance yourself, but contact a qualified technician.
After using the cooktop, ensure the indicator on the knob is turned to the "off" position and
close the mains gas delivery tap or the gas cylinder tap.
Should you decide not to use the appliance any longer, before scrapping it make it unusable in
accordance with current environmental health and safety laws, ensuring any parts which might
constitute a danger to children are rendered harmless.
Warning: in case of disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of the appliance, be careful.
Please use suitable prevention and protection equipment
The appliance data plate, with technical specifications, is positioned at a visible point under the
safety cover and is also enclosed with this manual. The data plate below the safety cover
must under no circumstances be removed.
Illustrations for the use of the appliance are grouped together at the end of this manual.
Declaration of Conformity
This appliance is in compliance with the following European Directives:
"Low voltage" - Replaced from 2006/95/EC and modifications
"Electromagnetic compatibility" - Replaced from 2004/108/EC and modifications
"Materials or objects destined to come into contact with foodstuffs"
Regulation EC N° 1935/2004
"Materials or objects destined to come into contact with
These instructions are valid only for those
countries whose ID initials appear on the
data plate found on the instructions
handbook and on the appliance.
This appliance is intended to be built -in on furniture:
The installation class is type 3 for the gas part and type Y for the electric part.
The furniture must be resistant to temperatures up to a t least 90°C.
For correct installation, see the relative section and the reference drawings.
The use of a cooking appliance leads to the production of heat and humidity in the room in which it
is installed. Make sure the kitchen is well -ventilated: keep the natural airing passages open or
install a mechanical ventilation device (hood). Intensive and extended use of the appliance may
require additional airing, such as opening a window, or more efficient ventilation, such as
increasing the speed of the hood.
This handbook is intended for a single type of cooktop. The typeplate data shown on the back allows
you to verify that it corresponds to your model.
The indications provided in the next sections, along with the figure located at the end of the manual (Fig
1), will help you become familiar with your appliance.
1 Corresponding model
2 Technical code
3 Commercial code
4 Commercial model
5 Serial number
6 Power input
7 Frequency and voltage
Mod: HH KTE 300
(Fig. 1)
Electric normal plate ø180
Electric rapid plate ø145
Power led
Cooking-end timer
NEVER cook food straight on the electric plates;
always use pans or other containers
Turning on the plate
To turn on the electric plate, turn the knob to the setting required and select the cooking time (see
section End-cooking 120 min .
The numbers from 1 to 6, refer to selector switch knobs, indicate the operating positions, with
temperature rising (see table 1).
A pilot light on the control panel indicates that the electric plate is in operation.
Using the electric plate
Once the contents of the pan have come to the boil, adjust the power to the heating level required,
bearing in mind that the plate will keep on emitting heat for a few minutes after it is switched off.
When using the electric plate, bear in mind that:
The plate must never be operated with no pan in place.
Operating the plate without a pan, especially for lengthy periods, may cause fires.
Try to avoid spilling liquids on the plates when hot.
Use only flat-bottomed pans of a diameter which covers the entire surface of the plate.
Table 1
Cooking operation
For melting processes (butter or chocolate)
For keeping foods hot and heating small
amounts of liquid
For heating larger amounts and beating
custards and sauces
Slow boiling, for soups, pasta and risotto,
continuing steaming processes, and cooking
steaks and fried foods in general
Browning meat, roasted potatoes, fried fish,
bringing large amounts of water to the boil
Quick frying, char-grilled steaks, ect.
plate type
The hob is fitted with one normal plate and one rapid plate.
The normal plate is completely black, while the rapid plate has a red dot in the centre. For the technical
specifications, refer to Hob specifications Cooking points section.
The main differences between the rapid plate and the normal equivalent are:
Higher power.
The set temperature is reached more quickly.
There is a safety device which limits the power if the pan is unsuitable.
End-cooking 120 minutes (Timer)
The function of the programming timer is to turn off the cooking for a pre-determinate amount of time.
IMPORTANT: The hob do not work if the timer is not in function.
1° - Set the power switch knob at the desired temperature by turning it anticlockwise (fig. 2)
2° - Turn the timer knob in a anticlockwise direction to the maximum position (120 )
2° - Set the cooking time required by turning the timer knob in clockwise direction
3° - When the timer will return to position STOP a buzzer signal will advise the the hob will
automatically turn-off
NOTE: during the work is possible to change the time and power cooking settings as above.
Suggestions for a safety use
Before switching on, check which knob controls the cooking zone you require. It is best to place
the pan on the cooking zone before switching on, and remove it after the zone is switched off.
Use pans with a smooth, flat bottom (watch out for cast-iron pans). Uneven bottoms may
scratch the ceramic surface. Check that the bottom is clean and dry
Do not use the hob if the surface is broken or damaged.
The cooking zones remain hot for a fairly long time (about 30 min.) after they are switched off.
Never drop heavy or sharp items onto the plates.
As soon as you see a crack in the hob, disconnect the appliance from the mains power supply
immediately and call the Service Centre.
All adjustment, servicing, etc. MUST be carried out with the
appliance disconnected from the electric supply.
The instructions are intended for a skilled installation engineer.
The appliance must be installed correctly, in accordance with the relevant regulations.
All work must be carried out with the appliance disconnected form the electrical supply.
The appliance must be installed by the purchaser. The Manufacturer is not obliged to provide this
service. Any work carried out by the Manufacturer on the purchaser's request further to installation
errors is not covered by the warranty.
If the hob is installed on top of a base unit with oven, suitable precautions must be taken in order to
ensure installation in compliance with safety standards (CEI - UNI - CIG).
Take special care to position the electrical cable in a way that it absolutely does not touch hot parts.
If an oven without cooling fan is installed underneath the hob, openings must be made in the built-in
installation cabinet to allow the air to circulate properly. These openings must ensure an unobstructed
surface of at least 300 cm2 distributed as shown in figure 8.
Installing the hob in the cabinet top
The hob can be installed in any cabinet which withstands a temperature of at least 90°C.
The size of the hole to be made in the cabinet top and the minimum distances from the surfaces
behind, beside and above the appliance are shown in figures 5 and 6.
Bear in mind that:
When the hob is installed in combination with a oven, a separator panel must be installed between
the bottom of the hob and the cabinet below, with a gap of at least 10mm (fig.8)
If the hob is combined with a oven, installa a partition wit a gap of at least 15mm and in all cases
assuring ventilation as specified in fig.8.
In all cases, the electrical connections to the two appliances must be made separately,
both for electrical reasons and to simplify extraction.
Use of an oven with forced-air internal cooling system is recommended.
Fixing the hob
Secure the hob to the cabinet as follows:
Fit the sealing gasket provided (C) around the outside perimeter of the hole in the cabinet as
shown in fig.7, so that the ends of the strips fit perfectly flush without overlapping.
Place the hob in the hole in the cabinet, ensuring that it is centred.
Fix the hob to the cabinet with the brackets (A) ad the screws (B) provided as shown in fig.7.
Fitting the sealing gasket properly provides full guarantees against the penetration of liquids.
When installing multiple hobs side by side, please use a joining strip (fig.4
Installation room
The appliance must be installed and operated in suitable premises, in accordance with
the relevant legislation.
Electrical connection (Fig. 9)
When making the connection to the electrical mains, check that the voltage is the same as the value
stated on the nameplate, and that the electrical system wires are of large enough gauge to withstand
the load also stated on the nameplate.
The plug used for the connection must comply with standards and be suitable for the appliance's
power absorption.
If the the appliance is connected directly to the mains, an omnipolar circuit breaker with contact gap of
at least 3 mm, rated for the load and compliant with the relevant regulations, must be installed between
the appliance and the mains.
Never user reducers, adapters or divertes for the mains connection, since they may
overheat and cause burns.
The appliance must be earthed. The manufacturer declines all liability for failure to
comply with this requirement.
When replacing the power lead, use a cable with the same characteristics as the original, suitable for
the load and the temperature (such as T90°C) involved; the replacement must be ordered from the
service centre. At the end of the cable for connection to the appliance, the green-yellow earth wire
must be 20 mm longer than the other wires.
should it be necessary to replace the supply cord, connect the wire in accordance with the
following colours/codes:
Refer to the table below for power lead dimensions:
Hob type
Electric plate Ø145 mm
Power 1500W
220-240V 50/60Hz
Electric plate Ø180 mm
Power 1500W
220-240V 50/60Hz
3 X 1,5 mm2
H05 V2V2-F
In order to keep the hob in peak condition, clean it properly each time it is used, first allowing it to cool
Never remove the knobs.
Enamelled parts
All enamelled parts must only be washed with a sponge and soapy water or other, specific, nonabrasive
products. On completion, dry thoroughly.
Stainless steel parts
Stainless steel hobs must be cleaned with a damp cloth and specific commercial products.
After rinsing, dry, using a chamois leather if possible.
Electric plates
The electric plates must be cleaned when they are just slightly warm. Clean with a damp rag and
finish with a cloth dipped in mineral oil.
If the knobs become stiff, call the after-sales service.
If the hob has a glass lid, the following precautions must be adopted:
Never place hot pans on the lid when closed
Remove any liquid spills before opening the lid
The lid may break if heated, turn off all electric plates and wait for them to cool before closing it.
If the hob is not working, we recommend that:
you check that the hob is properly plugged into the power supply.
If you cannot identify the cause of the operating anomaly, switch off the appliance (do not subject it to
rought treatment) and contact the Assistance Service.
PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER. Where can I find it?
It is important you to inform the Assistance Service of your product code and its serial number (a 16
character code which begins with the number 3); this can be found on the guarantee certificate or on
the data plate located on the appliance.
It will help to avoid wasted journerys to technicians, thereby (and most significantly) saving the
corresponding callout.
HH KTE 300
Joining strip
Apply a thin coat of
silicone to the bottom
of the connection
A = (N-1) 290+270
N = number of hobs to be combined
In Übereinstimmung mit den Anforderungen der Europäischen
Richtlinie 2002/96/EG über Elektro- und Elektronik-Altgeräte
(WEEE) ist vorliegendes Gerät mit einer Markierung versehen.
Sie leisten einen positiven Beitrag für den Schutz der Umwelt und die
Gesundheit des Menschen, wenn Sie dieses Gerät einer gesonderten
Abfallsammlung zuführen. Im unsortierten Siedlungsmüll könnte ein
solches Gerät durch unsachgemäße Entsorgung negative
Konsequenzen nach sich ziehen.
Auf dem Produkt oder der beiliegenden Produktdokumentation ist
folgendes Symbol
einer durchgestrichenen Abfalltonne
abgebildet. Es weist darauf hin, dass eine Entsorgung im normalen
Haushaltsabfall nicht zulässig ist Entsorgen Sie dieses Produkt im
Recyclinghof mit einer getrennten Sammlung für Elektro- und
Die Entsorgung muss gemäß den örtlichen Bestimmungen zur
Abfallbeseitigung erfolgen.
Bitte wenden Sie sich an die zuständigen Behörden Ihrer
Gemeindeverwaltung, an den lokalen Recyclinghof für Haushaltsmüll
oder an den Händler, bei dem Sie dieses Gerät erworben haben, um
weitere Informationen über Behandlung, Verwertung und
Wiederverwendung dieses Produkts zu erhalten.
El símbolo
en el producto o en los documentos que se incluyen
con el producto, indica que no se puede tratar como residuo
doméstico. Es necesario entregarlo en un punto de recogida para
reciclar aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos.
Deséchelo con arreglo a las normas medioambientales para
eliminación de residuos.
Para obtener información más detallada sobre el tratamiento,
recuperación y reciclaje de este producto, póngase en contacto con
el ayuntamiento, con el servicio de eliminación de residuos urbanos o
la tienda donde adquirió el producto.
Este aparelho está classificado de acordo com a Directiva Europeia
2002/96/EC sobre Resíduos de equipamento eléctrico e electrónico
Ao garantir a eliminação adequada deste produto, estará a ajudar a
evitar potenciais consequências negativas para o ambiente e para a
saúde pública, que poderiam derivar de um manuseamento de
desperdícios inadequado deste produto.
O símbolo
no produto, ou nos documentos que acompanham
o produto, indica que este aparelho não pode receber um tratamento
semelhante ao de um desperdício doméstico.
Pelo contrário, deverá ser depositado no respectivo centro de
recolha para a reciclagem de equipamento eléctrico e electrónico.
A eliminação deverá ser efectuada em conformidade com as normas
ambientais locais para a eliminação de desperdícios.
Para obter informações mais detalhadas sobre o tratamento, a
recuperação e a reciclagem deste produto, contacte o Departamento
na sua localidade, o seu serviço de eliminação de desperdícios
domésticos ou a loja onde adquiriu o produto.
Questo apparecchio è contrassegnato in conformità alla Direttiva Europea
2002/96/EC, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
Assicurandosi che questo prodotto sia smaltito in modo corretto,
l'utente contribuisce a prevenire le potenziali conseguenze negative
per l'ambiente e la salute.
Αυτή η συσκευή φέρει σήµανση σύµφωνα µε την Ευρωπαϊκή οδηγία
2002/96/ΕΕ σχετικά µε Απορριπτόµενα ηλεκτρικά και ηλεκτρονικά
εξαρτήµατα (WEEE).
Εξασφαλίζοντας ότι το προϊόν αυτό απορρίπτεται σωστά, θα βοηθήσετε
στην πρόληψη πιθανά αρνητικών επιπτώσεων για το περιβάλλον και
την ανθρώπινη υγεία, οι οποίες θα µπορούσαν να δηµιουργηθούν από
τον ακατάλληλο χειρισµό αυτού του προϊόντος ως απόρριµµα.
Το σύµβολο
πάνω στο προϊόν, ή στα έγγραφα που συνοδεύουν
το προϊόν, υποδεικνύει ότι αυτή η συσκευή δεν µπορεί να θεωρηθεί
οικιακό απόρριµµα. Αντί γι αυτό θα πρέπει να παραδοθεί στο κατάλληλο
σηµείο περισυλλογής για την ανακύκλωση των ηλεκτρικών και
ηλεκτρονικών εξαρτηµάτων.
∆ιαλύστε το τηρώντας την τοπική νοµοθεσία για τη διάθεση των
Για πιο λεπτοµερείς πληροφορίες σχετικά µε την επεξεργασία, την
περισυλλογή και την ανακύκλωση αυτού του προϊόντος, παρακαλούµε
επικοινωνήστε µε το αρµόδιο γραφείο της τοπικής σας αυτοδιοίκησης,
την τοπική σας υπηρεσία αποκοµιδής οικιακών απορριµµάτων ή το
κατάστηµα όπου αγοράσατε αυτό το προϊόν.
Dit apparaat is voorzien van het merkteken volgens de Europese
richtlijn 2002/96/EG inzake Afgedankte elektrische en elektronische
apparaten (AEEA).
Door ervoor te zorgen dat dit product op de juiste manier als afval
wordt verwerkt, helpt u mogelijk negatieve consequenties voor het
milieu en de menselijke gezondheid te voorkomen die anders zouden
kunnen worden veroorzaakt door onjuiste verwerking van dit
product als afval.
Het symbool
op het product of op de bijbehorende
documentatie geeft aan dat dit product niet als huishoudelijk afval mag
worden behandeld. In plaats daarvan moet het worden afgegeven bij
een verzamelpunt voor recycling van elektrische en elektronische
Afdanking moet worden uitgevoerd in overeenstemming met de
plaatselijke milieuvoorschriften voor afvalverwerking.
Voor nadere informatie over de behandeling, terugwinning en
recycling van dit product wordt u verzocht contact op te nemen met
het stadskantoor in uw woonplaats, uw afvalophaaldienst of de winkel
waar u het product heeft aangeschaft.
Este aparato lleva el marcado CE en conformidad con la Directiva
2002/96/EC del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo sobre residuos de
aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos (RAEE).
La correcta eliminación de este producto evita consecuencias
negativas para el medioambiente y la salud.
Il simbolo
sul prodotto, o sulla documentazione di
accompagnamento, indica che questo prodotto non deve essere
trattato come rifiuto domestico ma deve essere consegnato presso
l'idoneo punto di raccolta per il riciclaggio di apparecchiature
elettriche ed elettroniche.
Disfarsene seguendo le normative locali per lo smaltimento dei rifiuti.
Per ulteriori informazioni sul trattamento, recupero e riciclaggio di
questo prodotto, contattare l'idoneo ufficio locale, il servizio di
raccolta dei rifiuti domestici o il negozio presso il quale il prodotto è
stato acquistato.
Cet appareil porte le symbole du recyclage conformément à la
Directive Européenne 2002/96/CE concernant les Déchets
d'Équipements Électriques et Électroniques (DEEE ou WEEE).
En procédant correctement à la mise au rebut de cet appareil, vous
contribuerez à empêcher toute conséquence nuisible pour
l'environnement et la santé de l'homme.
Le symbole
présent sur l'appareil ou sur la documentation qui
l'accompagne indique que ce produit ne peut en aucun cas être traité
comme déchet ménager. Il doit par conséquent être remis à un centre
de collecte des déchets chargé du recyclage des équipements
électriques et électroniques.
Pour la mise au rebut, respectez les normes relatives à l'élimination
des déchets en vigueur dans le pays d'installation.
Pour obtenir de plus amples détails au sujet du traitement, de la
récupération et du recyclage de cet appareil, veuillez vous adresser au
bureau compétent de votre commune, à la société de collecte des
déchets ou directement à votre revendeur.
This appliance is marked according to the European directive
2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potential negative consequences for the environment and human
health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste
handling of this product.
The symbol
on the product, or on the documents
accompanying the product, indicates that this appliance may not be
treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the
applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic
Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental
regulations for waste disposal.
For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and
recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your
household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased
the product.
Denna produkt är märkt enligt EG-direktiv 2002/96/EEC beträffande
elektriskt och elektroniskt avfall (Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment, WEEE).
Genom att säkerställa en korrekt kassering av denna produkt bidrar
du till att förhindra potentiella, negativa konsekvenser för vår miljö
och vår hälsa, som annars kan bli följden om produkten inte hanteras
på rätt sätt.
på produkten, eller i medföljande dokumentation,
indikerar att denna produkt inte får behandlas som vanligt
hushållsavfall. Den skall i stället lämnas in på en lämplig
uppsamlingsplats för återvinning av elektrisk och elektronisk
Produkten måste kasseras enligt lokala miljöbestämmelser för
För mer information om hantering, återvinning och återanvändning av
denna produkt, var god kontakta de lokala myndigheterna, ortens
sophanteringstjänst eller butiken där produkten inhandlades.
Dette apparatet er merket i samsvar med EU-direktiv 2002/96/EC
om avhending av elektrisk og elektronisk utstyr (Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment - WEEE).
Forsikre deg om at dette produktet blir avhendet på korrekt vis, slik
at det ikke kan utgjøre noen helse- eller miljørisiko.
på produktet eller på dokumentene som følger med
det, viser at dette produktet ikke må behandles som
husholdningsavfall. Lever det til et autorisert mottak for resirkulering
av elektrisk og elektronisk utstyr.
Avhending må skje iht. de lokale renovasjonsforskriftene.
For nærmere informasjon om håndtering, kassering og resirkulering
av dette produktet, kontakt kommunen, renovasjonsvesenet eller
forretningen der du anskaffet det.
Dette produkt er mærket i henhold til EU-direktiv 2002/96/EF om
Kasseret elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr (WEEE).
Ved at sikre, at dette produkt bliver skrottet korrekt, hjælper man
med til at forhindre potentielle, negative konsekvenser for miljøet og
folkesundheden, der kunne opstå gennem uhensigtsmæssig
bortskaffelse af dette produkt.
på produktet eller på dokumenterne, der ledsager
produktet, angiver, at produktet ikke må bortskaffes sammen med
husholdningsaffaldet. Det skal i stedet afleveres på en genbrugsstation
for elektrisk og elektronisk udstyr.
Det skal skrottes i henhold til gældende lokale miljøregler for
bortskaffelse af affald.
For yderligere oplysninger om håndtering, genvinding og genbrug af
dette produkt bedes man kontakte de lokale myndigheder,
renovationsselskabet eller forretningen, hvor produktet er købt.
Tämä laite on merkitty WEEE-direktiivin (Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment) 2002/96/EC mukaisesti.
Varmistamalla, että tuote poistetaan käytöstä asianmukaisesti, voidaan
auttaa estämään sellaiset ympäristö- ja terveyshaitat, jotka saattaisivat
aiheutua jätteiden asiattomasta käsittelystä.
na výrobku alebo na sprievodných dokumentoch
znamená, že s týmto výrobkom sa nesmie zaobchádzat' ako s
domovým odpadom. Naopak, treba ho odovzdat' v zbernom stredisku
na recykláciu elektrických alebo elektronických zariadení.
Likvidácia musí byt' vykonaná v súlade s predpismi na ochranu
životného prostredia pre likvidáciu odpadov.
Podrobnejšie informácie o zaobchádzaní, regenerácii a recyklácii tohto
výrobku si vyžiadajte na Vašom miestnom úrade, v zberných surovinách
alebo v obchode, kde ste výrobok kúpili.
Данное изделие промаркировано в соответствии с Европейской
RUS директивой 2002/96/EC по утилизации электрического и
электронного оборудования (WEEE).
Обеспечив правильную утилизацию данного изделия, Вы
поможете предотвратить потенциальные негативные
последствия для окружающей среды и здоровья человека,
которые могли бы иметь место в противном случае.
на самом изделии или сопроводительной
документации указывает, что при утилизации данного изделия
с ним нельзя обращаться как с обычными бытовыми отходами
Вместо этого, его следует сдавать в соответствующий пункт
приемки электрического и электронного оборудования для
последующей утилизации.
Сдача на слом должна производиться в соответствии с
местными правилами по утилизации отходов.
За более подробной информацией о правилах обращения с
такими изделиями, их утилизации и переработки обращайтесь
в местные органы власти, в службу по утилизации отходов или
в магазин, в котором Вы приобрели данное изделие.
Niniejsze urządzenie posiada oznaczenia zgodnie z Dyrektywą
Europejską 2002/96/EC w sprawie zużytego sprzętu elektrycznego i
elektronicznego (WEEE).
Zapewniając prawidłowe złomowanie niniejszego urządzenia
przyczynią się Państwo do ograniczenia ryzyka wystąpienia
negatywnego wpływu produktu na środowisko i zdrowie ludzi, które
mogłoby zaistnieć w przypadku niewłaściwej utylizacji urządzenia.
umieszczony na produkcie lub na dołączonych do niego
dokumentach oznacza, że niniejszy produkt nie jest klasyfikowany jako
odpad z gospodarstwa domowego.
Urządzenie, w celu jego złomowania, należy zdać w odpowiednim
punkcie utylizacji odpadów w celu recyklingu komponentów
elektrycznych i elektronicznych.
Urządzenie należy złomować zgodnie z lokalnymi przepisami dot.
utylizacji odpadów.
Dodatkowe informacje na temat utylizacji, złomowania i recyklingu
opisywanego urządzenia można uzyskać w lokalnym urzędzie miasta,
w miejskim przedsiębiorstwie utylizacji odpadów lub w sklepie, w którym
produkt został zakupiony.
Този уред е маркиран в съответствие с Европейска директива
2002/96/ЕО "Електрическо и електронно оборудване за
отпадъци" (WEEE).
Като се погрижите това изделие да бъде изхвърлено по
правилен начин, вие ще помогнете за предотвратяване на
възможните негативни последствия за околната среда и
здравето на хората, което в противен случай може да бъде
предизвикано от неправилно изхвърляне на това изделие.
върху изделието или върху документите,
приложени към изделието, показва, че това изделие не бива да
се третира като битови отпадъци. Вместо това, то трябва да се
предава в специализиран пункт за рециклиране на
електрическо и електронно оборудване.
При изхвърлянето му спазвайте местните норми за изхвърляне
на отпадъци.
За по1подробна информация за третирането, възстановяването и
рециклирането на това изделие се обърнете към вашата местна
градска управа, към вашата служба за изхвърляне на битови
отпадъци или към магазина, откъдето сте закупили изделието.
Tento spotřebič je označený v souladu s evropskou směrnicí 2002/96/
ES o likvidaci elektrického a elektronického zařízení (WEEE).
Zajištěním správné likvidace tohoto výrobku pomůžete zabránit případným
negativním důsledkům na životní prostředí a lidské zdraví, ke kterým by
nevhodnou likvidací tohoto výrobku mohlo dojít.
na výrobku nebo na dokumentech přiložených k výrobku
udává, že tento spotřebič nepatří do domácího odpadu. Spotřebič je
nutné odvézt do sběrného místa pro recyklaci elektrického a
elektronického zařízení.
Likvidace musí být provedena v souladu s místními předpisy o ochraně
životního prostředí, které se týkají likvidace odpadu.
Podrobnější informace o zpracování, rekuperaci a recyklaci tohoto
výrobku zjistíte u příslušného místního úřadu, služby pro likvidaci
domovního odpadu nebo v obchodě, kde jste výrobek zakoupili.
A készüléken található jelzés megfelel az elektromos és elektronikus
berendezések hulladékairól szóló 2002/96/EK európai irányelvben
(WEEE) foglalt előírásoknak.
A hulladékká vált termék szabályszerű elhelyezésével Ön segít elkerülni
a környezettel és az emberi egészséggel kapcsolatos azon esetleges
negatív következményeket, amelyeket a termék nem megfelelő
hulladékkezelése egyébként okozhatna.
A terméken vagy a termékhez mellékelt dokumentumokon feltüntetett
jelzés arra utal, hogy ez a termék nem kezelhető háztartási
hulladékként. Ehelyett a terméket a villamos és elektronikus
berendezések újrahasznosítását végző telephelyek valamelyikén kell
Kiselejtezéskor a hulladékeltávolításra vonatkozó helyi
környezetvédelmi előírások szerint kell eljárni.
A termék kezelésével, hasznosításával és újrahasznosításával
kapcsolatos bővebb tájékoztatásért forduljon a lakóhelye szerinti
polgármesteri hivatalhoz, a háztartási hulladékok kezelését végző
társasághoz vagy ahhoz a bolthoz, ahol a terméket vásárolta.
tuotteessa tai sen dokumentaatiossa tarkoittaa, ettei
laitetta saa hävittää kotitalousjätteiden mukana. Sen sijaan tuote on
toimitettava sähkö- ja elektroniikkakomponenttien keräys- ja
Laitteen käytöstäpoiston suhteen on noudatettava paikallisia
Lisätietoja tuotteen käsittelystä, talteenotosta ja kierrätyksestä saa
kaupungin- tai kunnanvirastosta, paikallisesta jätehuoltoliikkeestä tai
liikkeestä, josta tuote ostettiin.
Tento spotrebič je označený v súlade s Európskou smernicou
2002/96/ES o likvidácii elektrických a elektronických zariadení (WEEE).
Zabezpečením, že tento výrobok bude zlikvidovaný správnym spôsobom,
pomôžete predchádzat' potenciálnym negatívnym dopadom na životné
prostredie a ľudské zdravie, ktoré by sa v inom prípade mohli vyskytnút' pri
nevhodnom zaobchádzaní pri likvidácii tohto výrobku.
Acest aparat este marcat în conformitate cu Directiva Europeană 2002/96/
CE referitoare la Deșeurile de Echipament Electric și Electronic (WEEE).
Asigurându-vă că acest produs este eliminat în mod corect, contribuiţi la
prevenirea potenţialelor consecinţe negative asupra mediului înconjurător
și sănătăţii persoanelor, consecinţe care ar putea fi provocate de aruncarea
necorespunzătoare la gunoi a acestui produs.
de pe produs, sau de pe documentele care însoţesc
produsul, indică faptul că acesta nu poate fi aruncat împreună cu deșeurile
menajere. Trebuie predat la punctul de colectare corespunzător, pentru
reciclarea echipamentului electric și electronic.
Aruncarea la gunoi a aparatului trebuie făcută în conformitate cu
normele locale pentru eliminarea deșeurilor.
Pentru informaţii mai detaliate privind eliminarea, valorificarea și
reciclarea acestui produs, vă rugăm să contactaţi administraţia locală,
serviciul de eliminare a deșeurilor menajere sau magazinul de unde aţi
cumpărat produsul.
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