Dry Male Organ Woes - Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

Dry Male Organ Woes - Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix It
Dry Male Organ Woes? Here’s What You’re
Doing Wrong and How to Fix It
It’s like a desert in your pants. It’s dry, itchy, and unpleasant. It’s getting
flaky and peely and is not exactly inviting for lovers aside from the
discomfort. So, how does a man fix it? It could be as easy as adjusting a few
things he’s doing that he doesn’t know is causing his dry genital skin. Here
are a few manhood don’ts to turn a dry male organ into a silken member.
Dry male organ Don’t #1: Your shower is too hot, and it’s going too
Ah…the steamy goodness that is a hot shower. It’s misty, it loosens the
muscles, and it dries out your member. Wait; what? Yes, it’s true, hot water
is a no-go on delicate genital skin. The warmer the water, the more the
natural barrier on genital skin is worn down, stripping the skin of essential
oils that protect it. The longer the shower goes on, the more damage to the
skin. This leads to inflammation and irritation, both of which cause dry
genital skin.
The ideal water temperature for a shower is 84 degrees. Understanding that
most men don’t bring a thermometer in the shower, it is like the temperature
of a heated pool. Also, keep showers under ten minutes. It’s good for your
member and the environment.
Dry male organ Don’t #2: You’re washing up too much and not with the
right soap
What’s the number one cause of dry skin – over washing. With all the talk
about smegma and stinky peen, some men are getting a little overzealous
with the washing. The skin has a beautiful barrier system to keep it safe,
consisting of oil, water, and natural moisturizing factors. When a man
washes his skin too often, he strips these natural emollients away, which in
turn, leads to skin irritation and dryness. If he doesn’t use a gentle or mild
cleanser, the chances of dry male organ grow. Now, no one is saying to go
days without a shower. Wash as needed and with a gentle cleanser like an
organic baby wash to keep dry genital skin at bay.
Dry male organ Don’t #3: You’re exfoliating that which should not be
The genital skin is very, very delicate. It’s similar to the skin around the
eyes. Do not exfoliate the member. Under any circumstances. Seriously. Just
don’t do it.
Exfoliating this extra sensitive place can cause small tears in the skin which
can invite bacteria in. Also, as mentioned above, it strips away the barrier on
the skin, but even faster since it’s harsher and often has a gritty exfoliation
agent or even worse, acid!
Can’t stress this enough, don’t exfoliate your member.
Dry male organ Don’t #4: Your H2O is really low
Skimping on those eight glasses of the wet stuff a day can be wreaking
havoc with your skin. Without proper hydration, fluids can’t move
efficiently through the capillaries, leading to dry genital skin, among other
things. If it’s cold outside, it’s even worse because of the one-two-punch of
internal and external dryness.
Get your water in early in the day, so you keep your bodily processes
functioning at optimal levels and keep your member supple. For extra
hydration, incorporate healthy fats into your diet to help lock moisture into
the skin.
Dry male organ Don’t #5: You’re the wrong moisturizer at the wrong
There’s a lot of chatter about how many different moisturizers a man needs,
but for now, let’s focus on the member. Does it need its very own lotion?
Yes, it does.
You need a lotion that is made expressly for delicate, genital skin and one
that provides the necessary nutrients to encourage rejuvenation and soft,
elastic skin. Use a quality male organ health creme (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and
mild for skin) every day. It has all the vitamins and minerals essential to
male organ health that keeps dry genital skin away. Apply this crème after a
shower, while the skin is still moist, but not dripping wet. The dampness will
help crème’s vitamin E lock moisture in the member and give you the silky,
stiff member you’ve always wanted.
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