Manhood Power Foods - Five Foods for Fertility

Manhood Power Foods - Five Foods for Fertility
Manhood Power Foods: Five Foods for
Fertility can be a stressful thing. Men spend so much time trying not to get
pregnant that when it comes time to start making babies, they find they need
a little extra something to beef up their seed. A great place to start is by
adding these five manhood power foods to a man’s daily diet to improve
fertility in a whole range of ways – after all, fertility needs to be developed
from every angle to ensure it’s all systems go when it comes to making a
munchkin. Here are five foods for male organ health that every man should
include in his daily diet, especially when it’s time to make the best baby
Manhood Power Foods for Fertility #1: Tomatoes for Super Seed
Looking for superhero seed? Look no further than this round, juicy fruit. Its
lycopene provides antioxidants in such high and effective amounts that it has
been clinically proven to improve seed concentration, motility, and
morphology (size and shape). As a bonus, it also has been shown to help
prevent prostate cancer.
Get It: Guzzle a healthy portion of salsa at happy hour or a Bloody Mary at
monthly brunch with the parents. On the daily, hit up some V-8, douse some
zoodles in marinara, or enjoy a mozzarella Caprese salad.
Manhood Power Foods for Fertility #2: Spinach for an Androgen Boost
Why was Olive Oyl so into Popeye? That spinach didn’t just pump up his
muscles; it got something else throbbing, too. Spinach contains 66 percent
folate, which boosts blood flow in the body. It also has magnesium, which
stimulates blood flow. This super fuel helps propel hard-ons and keeps
tumescence dysfunction at bay, which can be a real problem fertility-wise.
Get It: Throw a handful or two in your morning smoothie or have a spinach
salad with lunch. The flavor of spinach is very mild when raw, so it’s easy to
sneak it in a lot of places if you aren’t big on the taste of cooked spinach.
Manhood Power Foods for Fertility #3: Oily Fish Gives Seed Some
Oily fish like salmon contain Omega-3s, which improve seed size, motility,
and count. Omega-3s produce DHAs in the body, which is essential to
maintain fertility. DHAs can completely reverse infertility in men who don’t
have adequate amounts of it.
Get It: Get some sushi and sashimi with salmon, white fish, and tuna, or
have a swordfish steak. Sardines and anchovies are also delicious little
fishies that will get seed to superstar stars.
Manhood Power Foods for Fertility #4: A Carrot a Day Keeps Seed
Why are bunnies known for their immense numbers? It could be all those
carrots! Science has shown that carrots contribute to higher seed counts and
improve their swimming due to carotenoids, a chemical found in everyone’s
favorite snack.
Get It: Aside from the easy-to-eat-a-whole-bag baby carrots, try some
ginger carrot juice in the AM or a carrot soufflé with dinner.
Manhood Power Foods for Fertility #5: Avocado Toast and Morning
Acrobatics Are Related
Avocados are a trendy fruit these days, and it’s no wonder why. These
creamy temptresses are full of potassium, vitamins, and healthy fats that
make the love drive hum. They also contain zinc for an androgen boost and
vitamin E to improve seed quality.
Get It: Bake an egg inside it, grab some guac, or just spoon it out on its own
with a little Himalayan pink. Avocados are easy to find and even easier to
Now that you have everything you need on the fertility side, it’s time for the
fun part! In addition to keeping the member healthy through diet, use a
quality member health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man
Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) full of
vitamins and minerals for topical health every day. These special oils
include healthy additions that boost blood flow, keep the manhood fresh, and
rejuvenate it after those long fertility “workouts.”
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