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GE GCWN5050MWS Quick Reference Guide
GE High-Efficiency Washer Quick Reference
Congratulations on the purchase of your new GE high-efficiency washer!
This HE washer has the new HydroWave™ system with Infusor™ wash technology. This system provides
excellent performance while using less water and energy than a conventional washer. You will notice some
differences during operation. Below is a list of quick tips to better understand your unit during normal
Water level seems low, Not
enough water
This is normal
During the wash cycle water may not entirely cover the top
of clothes. Infusor™ wash technology is at work and will
provide excellent cleaning.
Small Load
Large Load
Super Load
Use High Efficiency detergent
The use of HE detergent will optimize wash performance
and prevent over sudsing.
Fabric Softener
Always use dispenser located on the
top of the Infusor™ when
using Fabric Softener.
Using the dispenser will ensure optimal distribution of
fabric softener and avoid spotting on garments.
1. Lift Infusor™
2. Measure Fabric
Softener and Pour
3. Close Infusor™ Lid
4. Turn OPTIONS Knob on
control panel to FABRIC
SOFTENER setting
“EcoFill” Load Size Option
Washer will not fill with water when
lid is open
Unit will not operate with lid open during "EcoFill". This is
for your safety - basket spins to aid in load sensing – also
allows option to perform properly.
Seems too quiet
This is normal
HydroWave™ system is very quiet during portions of the
wash cycle. This action allows for optimal wash
This is normal
At the beginning of the Cycle (with lid open or closed) the
smart drive system is sensing the load; as a result, there
will not be any noise.
“Swoosh” or “zip” sound
This is normal
The machine uses a (no gear) direct drive system. This is
the sound of the motor rotating back and forth to agitate
your laundry.
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