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GE JDP40WBWW Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions for Optional Range
Retention “L” Brace
When installing this range onto some smooth countertops, it may be necessary to
install the Range Retention “L” Braces provided, to prevent movement of the range.
Before you begin—Read all of the safety information in your Owner’s Manual.
Note to Installer—Be sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer.
Note to Consumer—Keep these instructions with your Owner’s Manual for future reference.
This optional installation should follow step 8 in the Installation
Instructions of Owner’s Manual JDP40 164D3333P207 49-8980.
Tools Needed
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Drill
3. Drill two 1/8” pilot holes into the cabinet where
you just marked. (Caution should be used to
avoid drilling through the opposite side of
the cabinet.)
Parts Included
• 4 Phillips Head Wood Screws
• 2 “L” Braces
Range Leg
1. Once the range is securely in position in the
cabinet opening, position the “L” brace against
the side of the cabinet and flush with the front
of the range leg.
2. Hold the “L” brace in place and mark the two
holes on the inside of the cabinet.
“L” Brace
4. Attach the “L” brace to the cabinet with the
screws provided.
5. Repeat the procedure on the opposite side.
Part No. 164D3333P218
Pub No. 49-8997
318200027 Rev. A
Printed in Canada
12-99 JR
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