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GE MSWF Installation Instructions
About the GE Appliances MSWF water filter cartridge
Water Filter Cartridge
Operating Specifications
The water filter cartridge is located in the back upper right
corner of the refrigerator compartment.
When to replace the filter on models with a
replacement indicator light
LCD Models: A pop-up screen will appear on the LCD
screen to remind you to replace the water filter. You can
check the status of the water filter manually.
Access By: Home > Options > Dispenser Options > Reset
Water Filter.
Non-LCD Models: There is a replacement indicator light
for the water filter cartridge on the dispenser. This light will
turn orange to tell you that you need to replace the filter
The filter cartridge should be replaced when the
replacement indicator light turns red or if the flow of water
to the dispenser or icemaker decreases.
When to replace the filter on models without a
replacement indicator light
The filter cartridge should be replaced every six months
or earlier if the flow of water to the dispenser or icemaker
• Pressure requirement: 40–120 psi (2.8–8.2 bar), nonshock
• Temperature: 33–100°F (0.6–38°C)
• Flow rate: 0.9 gpm (3.14 lpm)
General Installation/Operation/Maintenance
• Flush new cartridge at full flow for 4 gallons (about five
minutes) to purge trapped air.
• Replace cartridge every six months or sooner if flow
becomes too slow.
• Protect from freezing by removing filter cartridge when
temperatures are expected to drop below 40°F (4.4°C). Do
not install systems in areas where ambient temperatures
may go above 100ºF or below 40°F. Do not install on a hot
water supply.
To reduce the risk associated with choking, do not allow children under 3 years of age to have access to small parts during
the installation of this product.
For the maximum benefit of your filtration system, GE Appliances recommends the use of GE-branded filters only. Using GE-branded
filters in GE Appliances and Hotpoint® refrigerators provides optimal performance and reliability. GE Appliances filters meet rigorous
industry NSF standards for safety and quality that are important for products that are filtering your water. GE Appliances has not
qualified non-GE-branded filters for use in GE Appliances and Hotpoint refrigerators and there is no assurance that non-GE-branded
filters meet GE Appliances standards for quality, performance and reliability.
If you have questions, or to order additional filter cartridges, visit our website at or call
GE Appliances Parts and Accessories, 877.959.8688.
GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. Manufactured under trademark license.
49-6000023 Rev. 2 06-19 GEA
Removing/Installing Replacement Filter Cartridge
Removing the Filter Cartridge
Installing the Filter Cartridge
If you are replacing the cartridge, first remove the old
one by slowly turning it to the left. Pull down gently on the
cartridge. A small amount of water may drip down.
1. On models without a replacement indicator light, apply
the month and year sticker to the new cartridge to
remind you to replace the filter in six months.
CAUTION To reduce the risk associated with
property damage due to water leakage, read and follow
instructions before installation and use of this system.
Installation and use MUST comply with all state and local
plumbing codes. The disposable filter cartridge should be
replaced every six months, at the rated capacity or sooner
if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs.
2. Fill the replacement cartridge with water from the tap to
allow for better flow from the dispenser immediately
after installation.
3. Line up the threads on the filter with corresponding
threads on the holder. Place the top of the new cartridge
up inside the holder. Do not push it up into the holder.
4. Slowly turn it to the right until the filter
cartridge stops. DO NOT
OVERTIGHTEN. As you turn the
cartridge, it will automatically raise itself
into position. The cartridge will move
about a 1/2 turn.
5. Run water from the dispenser for 4-1/2 gallons (about
five minutes) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.
6. LCD Models: Press FILTER REPLACED button to
confirm replacement.
Non-LCD Models: Press and hold the RESET WATER
FILTER pad (on some models) on the dispenser for
three seconds.
NOTE: A newly installed water filter cartridge may cause
water to spurt from the dispenser.
Filter bypass plug
To reduce the risk of property damage due to
water leakage, you MUST use the filter bypass
plug when a replacement filter cartridge is not
available. The dispenser and the icemaker will
not operate without the filter or filter bypass
Performance Data Sheet
SmartWater Filtration System—GE Appliances MSWF Cartridge
This system has been tested and certified in filter model GE Appliances MSWF according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for
reduction of the substances listed below. The concentration of the indicated substances in water entering the system was reduced to a
concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53.*
(Safety factors built in for unmetered usage.) The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment
system are not necessarily in your water.
Substance Tested
for Reduction
Chlorine, Taste and
Capacity 300 Gallons
NSF specified
Particulate Class I
Cyst (Microspheres)
1.96 mg/L
59,098 cysts/L
Lead 8.5 pH
Lead 6.5 pH
Mercury 6.5 pH
Mercury 8.5 pH
2, 4-D
115 MF/L
0.009 mg/L
0.013 mg/L
0.08 mg/L
0.15 mg/L
0.15 mg/L
0.002 mg/L
0.006 mg/L
0.006 mg/L
0.015 mg/L
0.232 mg/L
0.205 mg/L
2.0mg/L ± 10%
At least 10,000 particles/
Minimum 50,000 cysts/L
107 to 108 fibers/L; fibers
greater than 10 μm in
0.009mg/L ± 10%
0.015 mg/L ± 10% ±
0.08 mg/L ± 10%
0.15 mg/L ± 10%
0.15 mg/L ± 10%
0.002 mg/L ± 10%
0.006 mg/L ± 10%
0.006 mg/L ± 10%
0.015 mg/L ± 10%
0.210 mg/L ± 10%
0.225 mg/L ± 10%
Avg %
Product Water
Product Water
NSF Reduction
0.09 mg/L
18167 particles/mL
26 cysts/L
<1 MF/L
.0005 mg/L
0.001 mg/L
.005 mg/L
0.001 mg/L
0.004 mg/L
0.0001 mg/L
0.0002 mg/L
0.0008 mg/L
0.006 mg/L
0.01 mg/L
<0.01 mg/L
0.003 mg/L
0.005 mg/L
0.04 mg/L
0.010 mg/L
0.010 mg/L
0.0002 mg/L
0.002 mg/L
0.002 mg/L
0.003 mg/L
0.07 mg/L
0.075 mg/L
Application Guidelines/Water Supply Parameters
Service Flow
Water Supply
0.9 gpm (3.4 lpm)
Potable Water
Water Pressure
Water Temperature
40-120 psi (2.8-8.2 bar)
33°F-100°F (0.6°C-38°C)
It is essential that the manufacturer’s recommended installation, maintenance and filter replacement requirements be carried out for the
product to perform as advertised. See Installation Manual for Warranty information.
Special Notices
• This drinking water system must be maintained according to
manufacturer’s instructions, including replacement of filter
Do not use with water that is
microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without
adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems
certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water
that may contain filterable cysts.
• Check for compliance with the applicable state and local laws
and regulations.
• Note that while the testing was performed under standard
laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.
Systems must be installed and operated in accordance with
manufacturer’s recommended procedures and guidelines.
• Installation and use MUST comply with all state and local
plumbing codes. Do not install if water pressure exceeds 120
psi. If your water pressure exceeds 80 psi (552 kPa), you should
install a pressure-limiting valve. Contact a plumbing professional
if you are uncertain how to check your water pressure.
• Do not install where water hammer conditions may occur. If
water hammer conditions exist you must install a water hammer
arrester. Contact a plumbing professional if you are uncertain
how to check for this condition.
• Where a backflow prevention device is installed on a water
system, a device for controlling pressure due to thermal
expansion must be installed.
• Product certified by IAPMO R&T, which reviews product for
material safety, structural integrity, and performance claims on an
ongoing basis.
Model MSWF is certified by IAPMO R&T against
NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53 for the reduction of
the claims specified on the Performance Data Sheet.
MSWF Water Filter Cartridge Limited Warranty
Contact GE Appliances at, or call 800.GE.CARES.
For the period of
GE Appliances will replace
Thirty Days
From the date
of the original
Any part of the water filter cartridge which fails due to a defect in materials
or workmanship during this limited thirty-day warranty.*
What GE Appliances will not cover:
Ŷ Service trips to your home to teach you how to use
the product.
Ŷ Improper installation.
Ŷ Failure of the product if it is abused, misused, used for
other than the intended purpose or used commercially.
Ŷ Replacement of house fuses or resetting of circuit
Ŷ Replacement of water filter cartridge due to water
pressure that is outside the specified operating range
or due to excessive sediment in the water supply.
Ŷ Damage to the product caused by accident, fire,
floods, or acts of God.
Ŷ Incidental or consequential damage caused by
possible defects with this appliance.
Your sole and exclusive remedy is part exchange as provided in this Limited Warranty. Any implied warranties,
including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to six months or
the shortest period allowed by law.
This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for home use
within the USA. In Alaska, the warranty excludes the cost of shipping or service calls to your home.
For Purchases Made In Iowa: This form must be signed and dated by the buyer and seller prior to the consummation of
this sale.
This form should be retained on file by the seller for a minimum of two years.
*If your GE Appliances part fails because of a manufacturing defect within thirty days from the date of original purchase for use, we will give you
a new or, at our option, a rebuilt part without charge. Return the defective part to the parts supplier from whom it was purchased together with a
copy of the “proof of purchase” for the part. If the part is defective and shows no signs of abuse, it will be exchanged. The warranty does not
cover the failure of parts which are damaged while in your possession, are abused, or have been installed improperly. It does not cover the cost
of returning the part to the supplier from whom it was purchased nor does it cover the cost of labor to remove or install it to diagnose the fault. It
does not cover parts used in products in commercial use except in the case of air conditioning equipment. In no event shall GE Appliances be
liable for consequential damages. Warrantor: GE Appliances
GE is a trademark of the General Electric Company. Manufactured under trademark license.
Staple your receipt here. Proof of the original purchase
date is needed to obtain service under the warranty.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. To know what your legal rights are,
consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state’s Attorney General.
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