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GE RAVRG1 Installation Instructions
Installation instructions
for your new
Access panel with
return air grille
Before you begin—Read these instructions completely and carefully.
Note to Installer—Be sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer.
Note to Consumer—Keep these instructions with your Owner’s Manual for future reference.
Tools Needed
• Ruler or tape measure
• Phillips head screwdriver
• Level
Parts Needed
• Pencil
• Wood saw
• 8 Mounting screws (mounting hole dimension 7⁄32″)
• 20″ x 20″ x 1″ Filter
Install the access panel frame with
return air grille
IMPORTANT: Access panel must be
installed to allow for installation and
removal of the vertical zoneline air
1. Cut and frame a 28″ W x 48″ H opening
in the closet wall panel.
NOTE: Use a level or suitable method to make
sure the cutout is square and plumb. Install the
access panel frame in the orientation shown.
2. Remove the four screws from the grille and
remove the grille from the frame.
3. Fit the access panel frame into the cutout
4. Secure the access panel frame to the
closet wall frame using 8 mounting screws
(field supplied). Mounting hole dimensions
are 7⁄32″.
5. Install a 20″ x 20″ x 1″ filter (field supplied)
in place in the return air grille.
6. Install the grille into the frame and replace
the four screws removed earlier.
Pub No. 31-60913-1
08-02 JR
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