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Garmin VHF 110/110i Marine Radio Flush Mount Template
Printing a Mounting Template
It is not recommended that you print a mounting template on your own. Use the template that came in the product box.
If you do print the template, you must follow these instructions for printing a mounting template precisely. To print large templates,
you need large enough paper and printer. Failure to have the correct sized paper and printer, or a failure to follow these instructions,
may result in an incorrectly sized template and therefore an incorrect cutout (too large or too small) on the mounting surface of your
1 Select File > Print.
Select None for Page Scaling ➊.
Ensure the check mark is next to Auto-Rotate and Center ➋.
Drag the arrow ➌ to the right, to view page 2 in the window below.
Verify that the paper size is larger than the template ➍.
In this example, the paper is not larger than the template.
5 If the paper size is not large enough, select Properties ➎ and select a Page Size that is larger than the template.
Garmin is not responsible for any damages or expenses resulting from a miscut mounting surface arising from a failure to follow
these instructions.
VHF 110/115 Flush Mount Template
149 mm (5.87 in.)
Max. Ø
3.2 mm
(1/8 in.)
60 mm
(2.36 in.)
June 2018
Max. Ø
9.5 mm
(3/8 in.)
Printed in China
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