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Garmin GPSMAP 296 FlightBook Quick Start Guide
Getting Started
Installing FlightBook
Minimum System Requirements
• IBM-Compatible PC with Pentium processor or equivalent, 16-32 Megabytes RAM, mouse or other pointing device, and a minimum of 10 Megabytes of
free hard drive space.
• 32-bit operating system such as Windows 98/2000, Windows ME, Windows XP or Windows NT 4.0 (NOTE: Windows NT 4.0 requires Internet
Explorer 4.0 or greater). An available USB or serial port is required for interfacing with a GPS unit.
To install the FlightBook software:
1. Download Setup.exe from the GARMIN web site (
2. Double click the icon to start the InstallShield application.
3. Follow the directions on your computer screen.
NOTE: If you are using Windows® 95, you need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
You are now ready to transfer data from your GPS to FlightBook.
To remove FlightBook from your system:
1. Click Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
2. Double click Add/Remove Programs to view of a list of currently installed programs.
3. Select the FlightBook listing, then click Remove.
For the latest free software updates throughout the life of your GARMIN products, visit the
GARMIN web site at
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March 2004
Part Number 190-00292-00 Rev. B
Thank you for using FlightBook by GARMIN!
FlightBook helps you create, review, manage, and save flight data from your GARMIN GPS handheld for preparation of your logbook. FlightBook also
allows you to export the data to other applications such as MS Excel for tracking or comparisons. Additional information and detailed steps are available
online through the Help Menu or by pressing F1.
FlightBook’s Menu and Toolbars operate like most Windows applications. To help you get acquainted with FlightBook, compare the screen below with
the version on your computer screen:
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Sample data from GPS transfer
Totals section
The easiest way to input flight data is to upload it from your GPS device. You may also manually create a flight record to include flight data from a hardcopy flight logbook. Either way, the use of the flight data is the same once it is entered in FlightBook.
To upload from your GPS device:
1. Connect your GPS device to your computer using the USB or serial port cable provided.
2. Open the FlightBook program.
3. Click on the upload button
or click File, then Get from GPS to display the Get FlightBook dialog box.
4. Click Find Device to establish a connection with the GPS unit, then click OK.
NOTE: If FlightBook fails to “find” your GPS unit, check the cable connections, make sure the unit is on and set to GARMIN data transfer,
and retry.
To create a new flight record:
1. Click the Add new flight button
2. On the Flight Data window, enter the correct information for each flight.
Some changes automatically adjust other entries, for instance:
• Specifying the Total Time: hr, with the Departure Date and Time set correctly, will adjust the Arrival Date and Time.
• Specifying the number of Night Time: hr will lower the number of Day Time: hr accordingly.
• Changing the Total Time: hr adjusts only the Day Time: hr as the Night Time: hr must be adjusted manually.
When finished with the data input, click OK and then click File and Save As to give your FlightBook file a recognizable name and folder location.
NOTE: FlightBook will return to the same file each time you start the application. To choose which file to open, click Edit, Preferences, and
then the File Preferences tab. Uncheck the “Reload last FlightBook at startup” box, then click Apply or OK to continue.
FlightBook allows you to group or sort flights by any column heading such as:
• Date
• Location of departure or arrival
• Aircraft Model or ID
• Single engine, land (SEL) or multiple engine, land (MEL) flight time
• Night or daylight time
• Distance
• Max altitude and Max speed
FlightBook will automatically generate totals for all the flights in the form or a selected set of flights and display them in the Totals section:
To make a hard-copy record, FlightBook will use your default printer and its properties or you can make changes prior to printing.
For additional calculations, presentations, or to print other columns, use the Microsoft® Windows cut-and-paste function or FlightBook’s export option
to use the data in applications such as Microsoft® Word or Excel. For details refer to the online help of FlightBook.
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