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Sharp LC-32HG5141K Smart LED TV Quick start guide
Quick Start Set Up Guide. For full instructions please refer to the user guide (available to download from the website).
For stand installation, there is one type of screw
provided as shown below.
TV panel must be facing downwards.
TV panel must be facing downwards.
TV panel must be facing downwards.
To complete the stand installation you will require a
cross head screw driver.
Place the TV set on a flat and clean surface with the
panel facing downwards to avoid damage.
Used for attaching the stand
to the TV set (fig.2)
1. (fig.1) Place the TV set on a flat and clean surface with the panel facing downwards to avoid damage. (fig.2) When the stand feet are installed correctly the stand feet will be longest at the front of the TV and shortest at the back with the feet
pointing away from each other. (fig.3) When the stand feet are in the correct position, secure the stand feet to the underside of the TV set using the 4 screws provided.
If you wish to use your Sky remote to
operate the TV’s functions, you will need
a Sky remote control (Revision 9 or later)
and you will need to program it with the
code 2134.
Standby button
2. Using the RF cable (sold separately) connect the
TV to the TV Aerial wall socket. Connect the power
cable to the electrical outlet.
3. Switch on the television using the standby button
located on the side/underside of the TV set.
4. Insert the batteries supplied into the remote
control. When the TV is in standby mode, press the
standby button to power on the TV.
HOME MODE is the mode for end users, by default
it is set to a power saving mode which reduces the
energy used by up to 25% (by reducing the power
to the LED/LCD panel). This can be changed in the
picture mode settings in the TV operation menu.
To receive Freeview channels, in particular Freeview HD
channels, you will need a Digital TV aerial and be in a good
Freeview coverage area. You can check coverage for your
postcode at
When in STORE MODE the picture is adjusted to
a brighter setting. The shop demonstration will
appear on the screen automatically after 2 minutes.
NOTE: In Home Mode, the TV will switch itself to Standby mode after 4-5 hours in the event that the
TV buttons or remote control buttons are not pressed.
5. You will be welcomed with the first time installation screen. Select your
chosen options and press OK on the remote control and tuning will begin.
For further information please refer to
the user guide section ‘Using your TV
with a Sky Digital set top box’.
6. If the TV finds some, but not all of the channels you would expect to receive, the signal
being received by the TV is inadequate. In most circumstances this can be corrected with
the simple addition of a Signal Booster between the TV and the TV aerial wall socket, as
shown. Once the signal booster is connected, retune the TV in order to receive all of the
Please note that any Freeview HD channels found during
tuning will be placed in channel positions above 100.
For example, 101 (BBC1 HD) 102 (BBC2 HD) etc.
Hotline: UK. 0871 097 1163 ROI. 01443 3940 | Internet:
Model Number: LC-32HG5141K, LC-32HG5142K, LC-40FG5141K, LC-40FG5142K
UK: Calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. ROI: Calls are charged at a local rate.
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