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Russell Hobbs product_237 Product User Manual
Read the instructions and keep them safe. Pass them on if you pass the appliance on.
Remove all packaging, but keep it till you know the appliance works.
important safeguards
Follow basic safety precautions, including:
1 The appliance must only be used by or under the supervision of a responsible adult.
Use and store the appliance out of reach of children.
2 Don’t put the appliance in liquid, don’t use it in a bathroom, near water, or
3 Don’t use the appliance unless a complete set of cooking plates are fitted.
4 Don’t touch hot parts – use the handles.
5 Unplug the appliance and let it cool down before changing plates.
6 Sit the appliance on a stable, level, heatproof (not just heat-resistant) surface.
7 Bread, oil, and other foods may burn. Don’t use the appliance near or below curtains
or other combustible materials, and watch it while in use.
8 This appliance must not be operated by an external timer or remote control system.
9 Route the cable so it doesn’t overhang, and can’t be tripped over or caught.
10 Don’t wrap food in plastic film, polythene bags, or metal foil. You’ll damage the
appliance, and you may cause a fire hazard.
11 Cook meat, poultry, and derivatives (mince, burgers, etc.) till the juices run clear.
Cook fish till the flesh is opaque throughout.
12 Keep the appliance and the cable away from hotplates, hobs or burners.
Unplug the appliance when not in use, before moving and before cleaning.
Don’t use the appliance for any purpose other than cooking food.
Don’t fit attachments or accessories unless we supply them.
Don’t use the appliance if it’s damaged or malfunctions.
If the cable is damaged, return the appliance, to avoid hazard.
household use only
before using for the first time
Wipe the non-stick surfaces of the cooking plates with a damp cloth.
which cooking plates to use?
1 The cooking plates must be used in pairs, on both the top and bottom elements.
2 Decide which plates you want to use:
ribbed plates
grill meat, sausages, burgers
sandwich plates make toasted sandwiches/toasties
waffle plates
make waffles
removing the plates
3 Unplug, and let the plates cool down.
4 Remove one plate at a time.
5 Press the release button and lift the plate away from the element.
6 Remove the other plate the same way.
replacing the plates
7 Replace one plate at a time.
8 Put the tabs into the slots on the hinge side of the appliance.
9 Press the other edge of the plate into the handle side, to lock it in place.
10 Replace the other plate the same way.
Sit the appliance on a stable, level, heatproof (not just heat-resistant) surface.
Close the appliance.
Put the plug into the power socket (switch the socket on, if it’s switchable).
The power light (red) will come on, and will stay on as long as the appliance is
connected to the electricity supply.
15 The ready light (green) will come on, then cycle on and off with the thermostat.
16 Wait till the ready light (green) goes out before cooking.
ribbed plates
17 Cut the food to be cooked no more than 10mm thick.
18 Open the appliance, and wipe the plates with a little cooking oil or butter. Don’t use
low fat spread – it may burn on to the plates.
19 Lay the food on the bottom plate with a spatula or tongs, not fingers.
20 Don’t use anything metal or sharp, you’ll damage the non-stick surfaces.
21 Close the appliance, and wait till the food is cooked.
22 Check food is cooked through before serving. If in doubt, cook it a bit more.
23 Cook meat, poultry, and derivatives (mince, burgers, etc.) till the juices run clear.
Cook fish till the flesh is opaque throughout.
24 When cooking pre-packed foods, follow any guidelines on the package or label.
sandwich plates
25 Use about a dessertspoon of filling per sandwich. Too much will ooze out.
26 4 slices of bread makes 4 sandwiches – fresh medium-sliced bread is best.
27 Cut the bread to overlap the plates by 0.5cm all round.
28 Spread butter/margarine thinly on each slice.
29 Don’t use low fat spreads as they may burn and damage the non-stick surfaces.
30 Toasted sandwiches are made buttered side out.
31 Put a slice of bread, buttered side down, on each bottom cooking plate.
32 Press the bread gently into the cooking plates with a wooden spoon.
33 Fill the hollows formed in the bread with the filling.
34 Put a slice of bread, buttered side up, on top of each of the filled slices.
35 Close the appliance, squeeze the handles together, and press in the latch.
36 Cook for 2-4 minutes, or till the outside of the bread turns golden brown.
37 If the toasted sandwiches stick, use a plastic or wooden spatula to release them.
waffle plates
38 If you’re using the waffle plates, prepare the batter and let it rest before cooking.
39 Pour about 40ml of mixture into each side of the bottom plate, and close the
40 Cook till golden brown (check them after 3½ minutes).
41 If the waffles stick, use a plastic or wooden spatula to release them.
care and maintenance
42 Unplug the appliance and let it cool before cleaning and storing away.
43 Open the appliance.
44 Remove one cooking plate at a time.
45 Hand wash the cooking plates in warm soapy water.
46 Dry them thoroughly before replacing them on the appliance.
47 Wipe external surfaces with a clean damp cloth. You may use a paper towel
moistened with a little cooking oil to remove stubborn stains.
48 Don’t put the appliance itself in water or any other liquid.
49 Don’t put any part of the appliance in a dishwasher.
50 Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.
51 Don’t use scourers, wire wool, or soap pads.
52 At the places where the top and bottom plates make contact, the non-stick surfaces
may show signs of wear. This is purely cosmetic, and will not affect the operation of
the appliance.
cooking times & food safety
53 Use these times purely as a guide – they’re for fresh or fully defrosted food.
54 This appliance is not suitable for cooking frozen food.
55 Check food is cooked through before serving. If in doubt, cook it a bit more.
56 Cook meat, poultry, and any derivatives (mince, burgers, etc.) till the juices run clear.
57 Cook fish till the flesh is opaque throughout.
58 When cooking pre-packed foods, follow any guidelines on the package or label.
ribbed plates – cooking times
burger, 50g
round steak
sausages (thin)
chicken breast, thinly sliced
turkey breast, thinly sliced
chop, boneless, 10-12mm thick
bacon/gammon, 10-12mm thick
tenderloin, 10-12mm thick
chop, boneless, 10-12mm thick
fillet, 10-12mm thick
apple, sliced
banana, sliced lengthwise
peach/nectarine, sliced
pineapple, sliced
onion, thinly sliced
pepper, thinly sliced
potato, thinly sliced
sandwich plates – toasties
savoury fillings
ham and pineapple
cheese and onion/celery/apple
ham, cheese and tomato
mixed veg and grated cheese
cheese, apple and sultanas
leftover ratatouille/curry
cold roast beef and onion
sausage (cooked) and baked beans
pizza-type (ham, cheese, tomato)
ham and mushroom
salami and tomato
cream cheese and broccoli
cheese, onion and mashed potato
smoked ham and gouda
mince (cooked) and onion
cold roast pork and apple sauce
chicken (cooked) and ham/mushroom
bacon (cooked), lettuce and tomato
sweet fillings
apple and sultanas/raspberries
banana and butterscotch sauce
mincemeat (sweet mince)
date, walnut and honey
banana and honey
cherry and almonds
apple and cinnamon
apple and blackcurrant
cherry pie filling
mandarin orange
fruits of the forest
peaches and custard (thick, not runny)
Use pastry, pizza base, or Italian ciabatta instead of ordinary bread; try fruit loaf with a
sweet filling; try garlic or herb butter.
The product must be earthed. It has a 13A BS1362 fuse in a 13A BS1363
plug. To replace the plug, fit the green/yellow wire to E or E, the blue wire
to N, and the brown wire to L. Fit the cord grip. If in doubt, call an
electrician. Don’t use a non-rewireable plug unless the fuse cover is in
place. If you remove the plug, dispose of it.
wheelie bin symbol
To avoid environmental and health problems due to hazardous substances in
electrical and electronic goods, appliances marked with this symbol mustn’t be
disposed of with unsorted municipal waste, but recovered, reused, or recycled.
If you ring Customer Service, please have the Model No. to hand, as we won’t be able
to help you without it. It’s on the rating plate (usually underneath the product).
The product isn’t user-serviceable. If it’s not working, read the instructions, check the
plug fuse and main fuse/circuit breaker. If it’s still not working, consult your retailer. If
that doesn’t solve the problem:
Pack carefully, with a note of your name, address, day phone number, and what’s
wrong. If under guarantee, say where and when purchased, and include proof of
purchase (till receipt). Send it to Customer Returns (address below right).
Customer Service
Customer Returns
(correspondence only)
Salton Europe Ltd
Salton Europe Ltd
Heath Mill Road
M35 0HS
Customer Service (
telephone 0845 658 9700 (local rate number)
Defects affecting product functionality appearing within one year of purchase will be
corrected by replacement or repair provided the product is used and maintained in
accordance with the instructions. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Documentation, packaging, and product specifications may change without notice.
550-016 for more products
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