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Electrolux GK78TSIBO Quick start guide
Brief instructions
Let’s help you get
started. Use the
recipe overleaf to
discover the various
features of your
Warning: Do not let the
appliance stay unattended
during operation.
Use the sensor fields to operate
the appliance. The displays,
indicators and sounds tell which
functions operate.
Sensor field Function
To activate and deactivate the hob.
Lock / The Child Safety Device
To lock / unlock the control panel.
To activate and deactivate the function. The
indicators above the symbol show the progress of the
To activate and deactivate the function.
Heat setting display
Timer indicators of cooking zones
Timer display
To show the heat setting.
To show for which zone you set the time.
To show the time in minutes.
To activate and deactivate the manual mode of the
To select the cooking zone.
To increase or decrease the time.
To activate the function.
Control bar
To set a heat setting.
The function automatically adjusts the temperature of
water so that it does not boil over once it reaches the
boiling point.
If there is any residual heat (
) on the
cooking zone you want to use, an acoustic signal is
emitted and the function does not start.
Activating and deactivating the SenseBoil® function.
To activate the function.
To deactivate the function:
1. Touch
• touch
(the function deactivates and the heat
setting goes down to 0);
to activate the hob.
to activate the function. A blinking
2. Touch
appears for cooking zones on which you can presently
use the function.
3. Touch the control bar of any available cooking zone
(between the heat setting 1-14) for which you want to
start the function.
The function starts.
If you do not choose any cooking zone within 5 seconds
the function does not activate.
Once the function starts the indicators above the
symbol come on one after another until the
water reaches the boiling point.
When the function detects the boiling point the hob
emits an acoustic signal and the heat level automatically
changes to 8.
If all cooking zones are already in use or there is
some residual heat on all of them, the hob emits a
beep sound, the indicators above
blink and the
function does not start.
• or touch the control bar and adjust the heat
setting manually.
The Pause function and lifting of the pot
deactivate the SenseBoil® function.
Hints & Tips
For induction cooking zones a strong
electro-magnetic field creates the heat in the
cookware very quickly.
Cookware for induction cooking zones
Use the induction cooking zones with correct
Cookware material
Cast iron*, steel, enamelled steel,
stainless steel, the bottom made of
multi-layer (with correct mark from a
Aluminium, copper, brass, glass,
ceramic, porcelain.
Cookware is correct for an induction
hob if:
• some water boils very quickly on a zone set to
the highest heat setting.
• a magnet pulls on to the bottom of the cookware.
The bottom of the cookware must be as thick
and flat as possible.
* SenseBoil® may not work properly with cast iron
Hints & Tips for SenseBoil®
The function works best for boiling water and
preparing potatoes. It does not work with
nonstick cookware, e.g. with a ceramic coating. It
might not work with cast iron cookware.
Enamelled steel pots are recommended for
achieving the best results while boiling potatoes.
Other pot types as well as cut, peeled or
different-sized potatoes may influence the
Make sure the surface of the hob is dry. Use only
pots with a dry and clean bottom.
Check if the pot you chose is suitable for SenseBoil®
by monitoring the first cooking session.
To use SenseBoil® efficiently follow the advice below:
Use only cold tap water.
• Fill between half to three
quarters of the pot with cold
tap water leaving 4 cm from
the rim of the pot empty.
max. 5l / 5kg / 75%
Do not use less than 1 or
min. 1l / 1kg / 50%
more than 5 litres of water.
Make sure the total weight
of the water (or the water
and potatoes) ranges between 1-5 kg.
• If you want to cook potatoes, make sure they are
completely covered with water, but remember to
leave at least one quarter of the pot empty.
• To achieve the best results cook only whole,
unpeeled, medium-sized potatoes.
• Avoid producing external vibrations (e.g. from using
a blender or placing a mobile phone next to the
appliance) when the function is running.
• If you want to use salt, add it after the water reaches
the boiling point.
• The function may not work properly for water kettles
and espresso pots.
Energy saving
You can save energy during everyday
cooking if you follow below hints.
• When you heat up water, use only the amount you
• If it is possible, always put the lids on the cookware.
• Before you activate the cooking zone put the
cookware on it.
• Put the smaller cookware on the smaller cooking
• Put the cookware directly in the centre of the cooking
• Use the residual heat to keep the food warm or to
melt it.
Quickly find the solution to keep cooking with ease.
You hear a beep sound, the
indicators above
blink and the
SenseBoil® function does not start.
Possible cause
None of the cooking zones is ready to be used with the
SenseBoil® function. There is some residual heat on the
cooking zones you want to choose or they are still in use.
Finish your previous cooking activities and choose a free
cooking zone without any residual heat.
There is too much or too little water in the pot.
You boiled some food other than water and potatoes. The
boiling point was moved in time and the SenseBoil® function
could not work properly.
The pot is empty or contains some liquid other than water.
Use the right kind of cookware. You can find the exact
measurements of the pots suitable for your appliance in the
The power is too low due to unsuitable cookware or an empty
“Technical data” chapter of the User Manual. For the right kinds
of cookware check out the hints and tips.
Do not activate any zone with an empty pot on it.
There is no cookware on the cooking zone you want to start
using or the pot is unsuitable.
Put a pot on the cooking zone. Make sure you use a pot of the
right type and size.
Avoid using the function with liquids other than water.
Make sure you fill between half to three quarters of the pot
with cold tap water. Do not use less than 1 or more than 5
litres of water. Only boil water and potatoes with the use of
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